Game of thrones. White walkers

One of the world’s greatest Movie series ever, Game Of Thrones, is among the most watched movies online today. In this movies are stuff like magic, dragons and white walkers.

Packed with suspense, romance, action, and incredible acts of magic, hatred medieval politics, this series keeps your captivated from the beginning of every episode to the end.

Yes, indeed, most wonderfully interesting TV series come and go pretty quick but this one has stayed on from one year to the other and boy! Does it get better!

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This is the story of Zombies or white walkers with incredible magical powers ruled over by a king of all the original white walkers. This is a story of fire breathing dragons, of Armies, of 7 kingdoms and of the greed of so many people seeking to set on just one throne. But there is only one natural ruler and she’s a woman.

Exiled from the 7 kingdoms as a girl, Daenerys is forced to marry a horse Lord kills her brother before losing his life to a minor injury in a duel. Daenerys only possession is an inheritance from her king father …. three dragon eggs which eventually hatch in her possession and she becomes known as “Mother of dragons’.


Game Of Thrones The Unending Movie Series Of Magic And Adventure – White walkers return

Of course, this series has progressed very far and the video above is the latest episode.

The Story So Far

In this episode, fresh trouble broke out between the principal parties following the betrayal of the Queen Mother of the 7 kingdoms, Teams Cersei.

Cersei, Daenerys, and the unkillable Lord of the Nightwatch, Jon Snow met in the Dragonpit in King’s Landing. Cersei made a pact to commit royal forces to fight the White Walkers (the snow zombies of the north) and wights, and her brother and lover, Jaime, commander of the king’s bodyguards was ready to march north with the army. But then Cersei revealed that she had lied at the Dragonpit, and had no intention of keeping her promise. She wanted the White Walkers to take care of her enemies before she would bring in the elite Golden Company to pick them off, but this went down wrongly with her brother who had had enough of her evil ways.

Jaime snapped and walked out of the Red Keep map room and right out of his relationship with his sister. A relationship that had produced four children one of whom was the child king.

Watching her brother go, evil Cersei looked like she might order her monster of a personal bodyguard the Mountain to kill him, but she stayed her hand and did nothing.

The relationship between brother and sister has been volatile from the very beginning, and the end had to come soon enough. From here on, let’s hope Jaime will now be able to think straight and use his instinct better.

Game Of Thrones The Unending Movie Series Of Magic And Adventure – White walkers return

Stay tuned for more…my own magical series is on the way and it will break only on this blog.


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