How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory – Ten Medically Proven Ways

Mankind is ever on the search for ways to live longer if not forever, but he’s also after something else, how to improve intellect i.e how to become smarter and improve memory or brain power as a whole to avoid mental aging.

Incredibly, these seemingly impossible objectives are so easily attainable by simple adjustments to lifestyle. Indeed, the question of how to become smarter and improve memory can be answered or rather actualized, by following certain strategies. In the long run, the entire intelligence levels will definitely improve.

How To Become Smarter and Improve Memory – Ten Medically Proven Ways – Brain Enhancement

Below are some natural and medically proven way that give amazing results on the question of how to become smarter and improve memory.

1. Exercise (Physical Health)

Nothing ages the body as fast as inactivity, it wastes the brain away too quickly. Exercise promotes blood flow up to the brain, stimulating it to work at maximum capacity by triggering the multiplication of nerve cells, strengthening their interconnections and improving their resistance to damage. The protein group, neurotrophic factors, are released by nerve cells in the brain during exercise and one in particular – brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), is responsible for setting off production of several other chemicals that enhance neural health and benefit cognitive functions, including learning abilities and memory.

Now you know why schools always take holidays and break hours seriously. Indulge in an exercise that increases heart beat rates and it will yield protective benefits to your brain through the following process:

  • *Production of nerve cell-protecting compounds
  • *Increased blood flow to the brain
  • *Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks & stroke)
  • *Enhanced development and survival rates of neurons

Researchers believe that regular exercise improves blood flow to the brain, making it healthier and improving learning ability by over 100%. We learn twice as quick!

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory – Ten Medically Proven Ways

Research also shows that any form of healthy exercise boosts mitochondria, energy-producing organelles within every cell of the body. This simply means that exercise helps your brain work faster, better and way more efficiently.

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

Natural Brain Enhancement 

Whatever is Good for the Heart is also good for the Brain and overall health. Exercise increases your lifespan, boosts weight lose weight, improves moods and sleep patterns, reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke. It also helps with healthy bones, but most importantly here, it boosts brain health.

Any manner of physical activity is a lot better than none at all, so if nothing else, just take a walk!

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

How To Exercise Your Brain

The question of how to exercise your brain is a strange but very genuine one that is the worry of people with the right knowledge of brain health. With brain health, you need to adopt some really weird ways of exercising in addition to the normal routine. Fitness exercise, high-intensity exercise routines, stretching, strength training, and core workouts.

1. Aerobics

Regular endurance exercise such as fast walking, jogging, running, biking, playing tennis, simply throwing and catching balls or swimming, can trigger the production and healthy growth of new brain cell, even as it preserves pre-existing ones.

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

2. Strength Training Exercise

Bodybuilders are not the only ones entitled to strength training exercise. Using a resistance band or lifting weights, in addition to building muscle mass and strengthening bone, can actually boost brain power, improve mood, enhance decision-making skills and improve concentration.

Triceps press-down, squats, lunges, bench press, hand weights, etc.…whcihever just endeavor to exercise all main muscle groups with a 2-day rest interval.

3. Flexibility and Balance Training

With age comes a decline in body flexibility. Better flexibility means more overall energy both in the brain and elsewhere in the body, so it’s important to preserve your flexibility all through life, your balance too, which also diminishes as you get older. Simple exercises, like sitting and standing rapidly, standing and hopping on one leg, even walking backward will do. For flexibility, yoga is key. 10 minutes daily, hold each posture for at least 50 seconds.

Try to alternate through all these exercise 5 days a week. Just going 30 minutes a day is fine for moderate intensity exercise (you may talk but do not sing while exercising, let your brain work). But whatever you do, be sure to pump up your heartbeat!

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

Strange But Very Effective Brain Exercise Routines

1. Stand on your head with your legs up in the air. Stay so for at least 1 minute or more and you should feel the blood rush straight to your brain.

2. Cross your arms and legs over the middle section of your body. Aging brings about a deterioration in the link between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, located on either side of the brain, causing “brain delays” due to communication problems, Studies show that crossing your limbs this way forces the two sides of your brain to interact with one another.

3. Count your steps. Now here is the best health trick ever! To boost both brain and body health at the same time just count your steps as you walk. Watching where you’re going and tracking your steps all the way by giving each one a number very fast will have you making a lot of mistakes, and so your brain will upgrade its work rate to cope.

On average, just 2,000 steps per day are what Americans take, but medical research has clearly shown that no less than 7,000 steps are required daily for good health.

Time to go get new walking shoes and get on the move. If you are over 40 years of age you may want to read this article before you get going… HOW TO BRING BACK REGULAR EXERCISE INTO YOUR LIFE

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

2. Healthy Animal-Based Fats For Brain Enhancement

The omega-3 fat, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is a vital structural component of both your retina (eyes) and brain. Your brain is actually made up of 60 percent fats, and 25 percent of that is DHA. This fat is so important to the brain that nature has made it an important structural constituent of breast milk – a lot of health experts believe that this is exactly why breastfed babies are smarter and sharper sighted than formula fed ones.

Unfortunately, the body cannot produce Omega-3 fats in any way and it’s not even that common in natural foods. The only foods rich in omega-3 (DHA) are a certain group of oily fishes. The body can also source DHA through the consumption of rich animal liver and brain. Unfortunately, Americans, Britons, and Canadians do not consume much of these foods.

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

The neurons — important cells of the central nervous system which provide structural support – contain high levels of DHA. In the event of a deficiency of omega-3 (DHA), your nerve cells all get stiff and become highly prone to inflammation as the body fills up the vacuum created by the omega-3 fats with less worthy omega-6 and cholesterol. Once this happens, proper neurotransmission within the cells and from cell to cell becomes compromised.

While medical experts have struggled for nearly five decades to ascertain the influence of omega-3 fat on mental and physical health, there is clear evidence that omega-3 fats lessen the symptoms of degenerative brain disorders and a variety of psychiatric illnesses. For example, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease are directly linked to low DHA levels.

Luckily enough, these degenerative conditions can be prevented and even reversed. The direct consumption of DHA supplements can do this. (just 900 mg of DHA per day for 24 weeks – showed one research with a group of subjects in the United States). With the consumption of 800 mg of DHA and 12 mg of lutein per day for four months, came a marked improvement in memory, verbal fluency, and rate of learning in the patients.

Another research indicates that the unsaturated fatty acid makeup of normal brain tissue is age-specific. This means that with age comes a greater need in the body for animal-based omega-3 fat to prevent brain degeneration and overall mental decline.

Regular consumption of foods rich in first-class omega-3 fats is strongly recommended for everyone, particularly pregnant or breastfeeding women and older people, to compensate for integrally low omega-3 diets. Though walnuts and some other foods have some omega 3 fats, it is below second class and the body can not absorb it well. Fish oils are the richest and only sources of first-class omega-3 fats but it’s not just any fish. There are a specific group of oily fishes with homes in the Atlantic Ocean, these are the ones to eat – salmon, Atlantic mackerel, fresh tuna, and herring. Supplements of fish oils do exist too – krill oils and cod liver oils etc, – but it’s always better, healthwise, to take the food rather than the pill.


There are actually other foods worth mentioning here. Fruits such as Avocados and its super oil derivative have the ability to penetrate deeply into all body cell structures, entering the mitochondria and triggering energy production so the cells function much better even under constant attack by toxins or radicals. Eggs, Onions, Tomatoes, Green leafy vegetables, these all contain important calcium, B complex Vitamins, and even Chlorine which is somewhat rare — all these elements are super for optimal brain performance, development, and preservation.

Here are 10 Anti-aging Super-Foods that also work wonders on the brain. Also, read Best Sources Of Vitamins.

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory


Ever wonder why we get headaches when we are critically lacking in sleep? Or why we feel so refreshed after a good sleep?

“I personally define sleep as the natural mind and brain reset button people are completely ignorant of.”
– Dr. Danielle McMahon

Sleep is a complete mental and physical body reset. It regenerates the entire body, particularly the brain, setting new or fresh mental insights into old problems. We simply see old problems in a new light (perspective) after a good sleep, and this is crucial to creativity

A single night of deep sleeping for just four to six hours can enhance your mental and creative ability incredibly the next day. One hour of deep sleep in the afternoon particularly improves brain power but not many people take notice of this; how their overall performance has improved. (I attest to this with respect to my creative writing skills. A good sleep lights up a new light bulb in the brain and opens new windows to old problems).

Plasticity, the complex process of growth in the body, stimulates the brain’s capacity to control behaviors such as learning and memory functions. Normally, plasticity occurs with the stimulation of neurons by information, events or the environment but sleep, or lack of it, modifies how several genes and gene products are expressed, which is important for synaptic plasticity. Also, long-term potentiation of certain forms, another neural process linked to the laying down of learning and memory skills, can be triggered by sleep. Basically, you get smarter while you sleep!

Research shows that sleeping in the afternoons boosts brainpower in both adults and infants. Children who slept in between testing and learning sessions had a better ability to recognize new information patterns, which indicates a vital change in memory that plays an important role in cognitive development.

5. Coconut & Avocado Oil

Glucose, the primary fuel of the brain, is already present in the bloodstream. The brain manufactures its own special insulin to convert glucose into the special foods it requires to survive.

Any decrease in the brain’s production of insulin leads to brain starvation because it’s deprived of the ability to convert glucose to the food it requires to function normally. This is exactly the case of patients with Alzheimer’s disease — portions of their brain start to waste away, leading to the reduced functioning and eventual loss of speech, movement, memory, and personality.

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Thankfully, the brain can run on more than one type of ‘fuel’ or energy supply, and this is where coconut oil and, to some extent, Avocado oil come in.

Avocado oil intervenes by penetrating brain cells and lighting them up with energy from within. But this never works right and that is why coconut oil is considered a champion here.

Ketone bodies or keto acids is one substance that can halt brain waste away. It even restores and renews neuron and nerve function in the brain after the damage is done.

Ketones are produced when the body converts fat (instead of glucose) into energy. The primary source of ketone bodies are Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) found only in coconut oil!

Coconut oil has a composition of about 66 percent MCTs! Just two tablespoons of coconut oil (7 level teaspoons or 35 ml) would supply your body with the rough equivalent of 20 grams of MCT, which research has designated as either a preventative measure against (to ward off) degenerative neurological (brain) diseases or a cure for one already established.

People react differently to coconut oil, so start slowly and build up to therapeutic levels. Begin with one teaspoon, take with food each morning (to avoid stomach upset) and then gradually add more coconut oil every few days until you are able to tolerate four tablespoons straight.

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

6. Vitamin D

Nerve growth in the brain is increased by activated vitamin D receptors. New research shows that metabolic pathways for vitamin D exist in the hippocampus and cerebellum of the brain, these are areas that are actively involved in information processing, planning, and the formation of new memories.

Also, read Best Sources Of Vitamins.

In this light, it’s important that people, particularly pregnant and breastfeeding women, get enough vitamin D for optimal brain performance and development. Heightened levels of Vitamin D keep older people brain fit. (The American National Institutes of Mental Health supports this).

The exposure of the skin to direct sunlight is the primary source of Vitamin D – the best! It stimulates the body’s ability to produce all the Vitamin D it needs.

In certain cold lands where sunlight is not an option, a safe tanning bed or vitamin D supplements are used. But then, the worry of ‘adequate vitamin D levels’ in your blood becomes a problem. Adults need close to 8,000 IU’s of vitamin D a day to get their serum levels high enough to fight off diseases like cancer and heart disease.

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

7. Optimize Your Gut Flora

Your “second brain,” is your gut or stomach and the bacteria within transmits information to your brain through the vagus nerve – the tenth cranial nerve which runs from the brain stem into the enteric nervous system (ironically called the nervous system of the gastrointestinal tract). There is a close relationship between abnormal gut flora and abnormal brain function and development: In that way we’ve got neurons in the brain, so also have we neurons in the gut, including neurons that produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin (also found in the brain and directly linked to moods).

Simply put, gut health influences brain function, behavior, and psyche being interconnected and interdependent the way they are in many different ways.

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Gut bacteria are an active and unified part of the body, which are heavily dependent on your diet and susceptible to your lifestyle. If you prioritize consumption of processed foods and sweetened drinks, which destroy healthy microflora in the gut, you are killing off your brain! Bad bacteria and yeast, like cancerous cells, thrive on sugar. Curtailing processed foods and sugar intake while consuming a high amount of traditionally fermented foods rich in probiotics is key to health. For adults, probiotic foods like Kefir is wonderful, but for infants, breastfeeding! Mothers, you now know why doctors’ strongly advise you breastfeed your baby. It the best ways to enhance gut flora and subsequently support optimal brain health.

You can read more on this: HERE

How To Get Smarter and Improve Memory

8. Vitamin B12

Numerous research has shown that Vitamin B12 is important in the preservation of intelligence and sharpness of the mind as people age. One research showed that people with a critical deficiency of the vitamin B12 are more likely to score lower on cognitive tests, in addition to having smaller brain volume. This suggests that a lack of this vitamin contributes to dullness and brain shrinkage.

Also, read Best Sources Of Vitamins.

Two early symptoms of a deficiency in vitamin B12 are mental fogginess (confusion) and problems with memory. This is indication enough of the great importance of vitamin B12 for brain health.

According to studies by researchers in Finland, people who consume foods high in B12 may reduce risks of Alzheimer’s disease in later years. For every single unit increase in the marker of vitamin B12 (holo-transcobalamin), came a 2% decrease in the risk of developing Alzheimer’s diseases. Supplements of the entire B Vitamin range helps to cut back brain atrophy (waste away of the brain) in elderly or older people with mild cognitive damages (impairment). Brain atrophy, or waste away, is a well-established characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is quite common as many people have trouble absorbing the vitamin properly from food sources. Watching for symptoms of B12 deficiency and increasing your dietary and supplemental intake is advised as blood tests are not particularly reliable.

Only animal food offer vitamin B12 in rich and natural form – beef, seafood, chicken, pork, eggs, and milk. If you do not eat well of these foods to ensure an adequate supply of B12, or if your body has problems absorbing the vitamin from food, then vitamin B12 supplementation is fine.

Watch out for seafood from contaminated waters. With supplements, opt for an under-the-tongue fine mist spray, this technology ensures that the vitamin is readily absorbed into the fine capillaries under the tongue.

How To Become Smarter and Improve Memory

9. Just Listen to Classical Music (recreation)

Ever heard of the “Mozart Effect,”? Then you’ve probably heard of the age-old theory that listening to classical music boosts brain power; makes you smarter. Research has shown clearly that when we listen to music while exercising, it boosts cognitive levels and verbal fluency skills in the brain – people diagnosed with brain diseases like coronary artery disease would be glad for this news. One study showed that coronary artery disease is directly linked to a decline in cognitive abilities. In this study, patients who merely listened to music had more than double the rate of improvements in verbal fluency areas as opposed to patients with therapeutic sessions without music.

Enhanced cognitive functioning and improved mental focus in healthy adults is the result of listening to music, so never miss a chance to take advantage of this simple pleasure anytime you can.

How To Become Smarter and Improve Memory

10. Put Your Mind Up Against Challenges

This is among the simplest methods and best tricks to boost brain function – keep on learning! Learning improves the size and structure of neurons in the brain and the connections between them. It’s not just with books, learning can take different forms such as traveling, learning to play a musical instrument, using a complex new tool, learning to speak a foreign language, learning complicated dance steps or even indulging in social and community activities.

Brain aerobics is another method. Challenge your brain with direct mind-training exercises to keep the brain fit as you age. Crossword puzzles, chess, scrabble and other complicated board games, try counting your steps during walking exercise as outlined in section 1 above, anything that gets you thinking fast and deeply will improve your brain. Researchers even claim that surfing the internet stimulates regions of the brain related to decision-making and complex reasoning. Perhaps you should quit watching TV all the time, which is passive, and start using the Web so as to improve your brainpower.

Brain Food and Brain Exercise: The Surprising Science of Eating and Exercising for Brian Power

Get the Book and more information now! – Brain Food and Brain Exercise

How To Become Smarter and Improve Memory


Brain Enhancement is no easy feat to accomplish, but going the natural way, as shown above, the results you get will be nothing short of amazing!

f you wish to boost your brain power and overall mental health, get smarter and prevent mental aging and disease that makes you look and act foolishly as old people do, what you need do is simple.

Take good care of your brain like you would your body and overall health.

How To Become Smarter and Improve Memory


Medical Specialists in consultation – Dr. Danielle McMahon (MD) (Private Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA) and Dr. Laura Zeaman (MD)How To Become Smarter and Improve Memory

Dr. Zeaman is the author of the book Brain Food and Brain Exercisefrom which is article was pulled.


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