Giant Ghost Ship Full Of Cannibal Rats Washes Up On California Beach

A huge ghost ship full of cannibal rats has washed up on the shores of Califonia and it is believed to have arrived there after a spectacular journey at the bottom of the ocean.
The ghost ship which is believed to be a missing Russian vessel, Lyubov Orlova is filled with vermin which eat one another while searching for food.

The Ghost Ship Is First Found Deep Underwater

A satellite image and accidentally set-off distress beacons first revealed remains of a 295ft long mystery object moving deep under the ocean.
The length of the object was exactly the same of as the Russian ship which went missing while it was being towed from Canada nearly a year ago. The object went missing several times but has now washed up ashore on a beach in Califonia, USA.
Daily Mail reports that the liner is 40-years-old and experts believed that would be likely filled with disease-ridden rats even before it washed up ashore on Califonia.


The Lyubov Orlova, is a liner built for 110 passengers but was deserted by her crew in Canada during a debt row and was consequently impounded in Newfoundland in 2010.
In 2012 the liner was being towed across the Atlantic to the Dominican Republic to be dismantled as scrap when she came loose from her tug and sank in the Canadian territorial waters.
The Canadian government decided to drag her far out to sea and abandon her there.
Ever since then, shipwreck hunters hoping to cash in on her $800,000 value as scrap have been searching for her but unknown to them she was on a seafloor journey around the North American continent towards Califonia which is actually in the Pacific ocean.
Two distress beacons were triggered in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in March 2013 and a satellite spotted something that appeared to be of a similar size to the ship weeks later but it disappeared again.
Technically, the ship has never been found, partly because it looks much different now and no one can explain how it traveled from Canada to Califonia under the sea and not on top of it.


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