Giant Spider Found In Ear Of Woman Hospitalized With Severe Headache

Spider in ear

A Woman went to the hospital with a severe headache only for doctors to find a giant spider tucked away in the depths of her ear.

The giant spider was very much alive and had lodged deep within her ear canal, making its home there.

The 49-year-old woman who is also a mother had been complaining ceaselessly to family members of a severe headache before being taken to the hospital. On close examination, doctors discovered the creepy creature within.

The medics eventually pulled the spider out of the woman’s ear only to discover that it had spun a thick web deep within the ear canal!

I’ve heard of many ear invaders in my time, from cockroaches to simple bugs but this one beats all. A spider goes into the ear of a living person and builds a comfortable mansion for itself there even without that person realizing it!

Asked how the giant spider could have gotten into her ear at all, the woman says it mostly likely crawled in at a time she was asleep outdoors at her home.

The woman is an Indian named Lakshmi L. She has refused to revealed her surname to the media but says she started experiencing great discomfort in her ear soon after sleeping outside at her home.

She adds that she tried endlessly to wiggle her finger around in the ear hole and even tried getting her daughters to shine a flashlight into the ear to a desperate bid to find the source of all the discomfort and pain but nothing worked. The source of her problem was not identified.

Lakshmi say she continued to live with the discomfort for a time until the pain not only increased but appeared to reach her skull itself –  that was when her husband rushed her to the hospital.

This bizarre incident took place yesterday in the heavily populated Indian city of Hebbel.

The doctors had to pour some liquid ‘medicine’ down into the ear canal in order to dislodge the firmly established spider and eventually pull it out.

Several Indian media outlets carried this news but since my famous right ear can’t understand a word of Hindu or Indian and my left ear was no better off, I had to wait on the English media houses to deliver, and sure enough they didn’t fail …UK Metro and Daily Mial carried the story.

It is reported that a certain Dr. Shivaswamy was in charge of the operation on the woman.

While the doctor admits not to be shocked at a patient showing up in the hospital’s emergency room with a foreign object in the ear, he is certain surprised that it was a living spider of impressive size, and was moving right inside the ear canal.

Lakshmi says she was terrified when the doctors came back with the diagnosis of a huge live spider lodged deep in her ear and the tactics to be employed in getting it out.

Come to think of it, who wouldn’t be? One gets sick and goes to the hospital, a diagnosis of an acute headache or fever are what should follow not ‘giant spider’.

Luckily, the whole operation went fine and doctors say she suffered no permanent damage.


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