Shocker! Goat Born With Demonic Human Face And Eyes

Residents of a South American peaceful village were left stunned yesterday evening following the birth of goat with a demonic-human face.
The incident which occurred in a farming village in central Argentina left many speechless and caused quite an uproar on social media.
Image of the goat via Twitter
Now, we’ve heard of so many strange and very crazy things in this world — twins born joined together in the head, piglets born with four good eyes, a boy with a new nose grown on the forehead, but trust me, this one beats them all.
This baby goat was born with multiple demonic-human physical features which left even its ever caring owner horrified.
Gladys Oveido is a resident of a farming village in the San Luis province of Argentina. She owns a farm there and lives with her son and his family. She rears goats and yesterday, when one of her she-goats went into labor, a half goat, half human, half demon, was the last thing she expected to see born.
Gladys claims to have been horrified to see the newest addition to her flock. Luckily, the horrific animal was stillborn.
One other feature that stunned people was that the newborn goat had ‘protruding eyes’, this is in addition to its horrific demon-human face.
The entire body of the baby is quite normal. The problem is just with the head, which is deformed in the worst kind of way.
“I can’t imagine how this could have happened,” said Gladys.
Several photographs of the demon-human faced goat were shared on social media just hours ago by a woman claiming to be a daughter-in-law to Gladys.
Although the photo is still yet to go viral on social media, it’s causing an uproar in Argentina.
Local newspapers are reporting that the police reportedly got quite a number of distress calls regarding the dangerous looking animal and quickly dispatched a team of officers to investigate and document their findings.

This is yet another baffling wonder of nature that cannot be explained.

A lot of people will call this yet another symbol of the world in its end time but the truth is, these wonders have always been happening but it’s only recently that every manner of an individual having access to Social media and smartphones made reporting every kind of event all too easy even from remote locations.


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