Visiting Grandma’s house when I was young always meant feasts of fresh pies and food, lots of love and stories, all of it in a spotlessly clean large home. In fact, I vividly recalled exactly how she schooled us on some of her best house cleaning tips, lessons on how to keep things neat and tidy. It all began in the kitchen on to the bathroom and the bedrooms, Grandma had cleaning tips and insights for every part of the large house.

Today, I’ve come to the conclusion to share the best of these house cleaning tips to maintain a clean and tidy house.  Read through as they unfold and in the end, let’s have your opinion.

Grandma’s 12 Best House Cleaning Tips You’ll Wish You Had Known About Earlier

Here we go. Below are age-old tested and trusted house cleaning tips.


Always Clean Up As You Cook

For many people who love to cook, the pain of cleaning up afterward is the hated part which most do not go through with. All the piles of dirty pots and dishes, the mess, it just keeps growing in a heap on the counter, calling for your attention. I do the cleaning after eating, this is the number one reason we give to avoid this cleaning up aspect each time you get through cooking but chances are that you’ll never get to do them because you’ll feel tired after all that food that has your belly full.  The dirty dishes and pots just keep piling up, cluttering the kitchen and your mind.
Grandma suggests that we always make cleaning up as you cook a habit. Throw away anything that you won’t need any more such as vegetable peels, seeds, and empty cans, declutter and scrub down the countertops.

Grandma’s 12 Best House Cleaning Tips You’ll Wish You Had Known About Earlier

Stained Table Linens – Renew It Not Get Rid Of It

It doesn’t matter if it’s just another meal, a holiday dinner or Thanksgiving, table linens play a significant role in making things feel just like a special occasion. Not only do they add style to your table, they also complement the silverware and other stuff. However, with time and use comes stains, yellow and brown stains will begin to show up on the linen. To easily renew the stained linens, Grandma instructs that you soak them in a bucket of hot water and drop in four black tea bags. Let the whole thing be for about twenty to thirty minutes then remove the linens from the mixture. Let them dry to set, then wash them out in cold water and whoa, you got brand new looking linens!

Freshen Up The Dishwasher

The basic function of the dishwasher is to clean, and so it does make a lot of sense to keep it clean at all times, right? One trick to use in keeping your dishwasher sparkling clean and completely odorless is to pour a cup of white vinegar down into the bottom of your empty dishwasher and carefully run through a cycle of running water. Alternatively, sprinkle one cup of baking soda all around in the bottom of your dishwasher and let it sit overnight. The next morning, run an empty cycle of water through it and then relax and enjoy the stark cleanness! Did we mention that this kills off all harmful bacteria too? They are the ones that cause the odor and stomach upset at times.

Home Cleaning Products – Make You Own

It’s a lot more convenient and so easy to get ahold of store-purchased cleaning products but did you know that most of these cleaners are have toxins in them and so are very unsafe. Instead of purchasing store sold cleaners which have been commercially manufactured for profit and not safety, why not make your very own cleaners?  There are quite a few top performing cleaning products that require ingredients from your storeroom. They’re easy to make, extremely effective, super cheap and perfectly safe. These cleaners can be put to use in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or washroom, there’s a special natural cleaner for almost everywhere. Homemade cleaners are better than any of the ones you’ll find over in the store but most importantly, you’ll be saving so much money. Just try a sliced line on your post and see the effect.


Freshen Up the Air In Your Home Naturally

We all love to go home and find the whole place smell inviting so nice, don’t we? Artificial air fresheners are not really healthy due to their chemical content but try using a natural air freshener such as vanilla extract and your place will begin to smell amazing. To effect this natural air fresheners all you need to do is soak a modest piece of cotton ball with vanilla extract and rub it all over a light bulb that has been switched off a while. Now turn the light bulb back on and when it heats, the entire room will smell just great.

Toilets – Clean Them Overnight

Here is one other priceless tip from the older generation and this time it’s to get your bathroom and toilet looking spotlessly clean again. All you need do is sprinkle some borax around in your toilet bowl and bath and spread white vinegar all over it just before you go to bed at night. When awake next morning, give the toilet a thorough scrub down with your toilet brush and flush, do the same to the bathtub. The borax will soften and remove any stain or deposits and make it a lot easier for you to scrub it all away!

Keep Your Rags

Grandma suggests that you never threw away worn out old clothes. Instead, use them as rags for cleaning up at home. How about you do the exact same thing?  It ’s a lot cheaper and infinitely more environmentally friendly to do this than to purchase and use store-bought rags.

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Make All Countertops in Your Home Sparkle

Of course, you want to know Grandma’s top secret as to how to make your countertop sparkle. Here it is. Get any citrus fruit, preferably a grapefruit, slice it in half and then sprinkle plenty of salt on top of the open cut halves. Armed with this, you can rub away the grime and dirt from every countertop in your home. Once done, rinse away the surface with hot water and then sponge well. The juice of the citrus fruit will clean up your countertops and leave a fresh and very refreshing scent.
Grandma’s 12 Best House Cleaning Tips You’ll Wish You Had Known About Earlier

Remove All Stains From Cooking Pans And Pots

We buy them sparkling new but with use, cooking pans and pots get stains that are sometimes hard to get rid of and so they can almost never be made clean and new looking again. So how does one give these pans and post a nice clean bath that’ll make them look clean and new again? Make a mixture of one part water and three parts baking soda, rub it all over the pot or pan, including the bottom end and leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub off with a non-scratch or soft sponge afterward and see just how clean and bright it looks. Have you got some scorched pans or burnt pots, they this method on them instead of having the bottom forever black.

Your Walls – Clean Them From Top to Bottom

This point is more of a trick or rather simple logic we commonly overlook. We always start cleaning our walls from the bottom up instead of right from the top down. Grandma points out that when you start cleaning at the bottom and get it all clean then go on to the top, there will be fresh dirt running down the wall onto the clean bottom part as soon as you get the top part wet. Technically, you’ll end up cleaning that bottom section over and over again, a perfect waste of good time and energy. Change your wall cleaning pattern today. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom. You can come back and thank me later on behalf of Grandma.
Grandma’s 12 Best House Cleaning Tips You’ll Wish You Had Known About Earlier

Put Dryer Sheets In The Linen Closet

The feel of it on the skin and its smell? Absolutely nothing betters sleeping in a bed made with smooth fresh sheets or wrapping our body up in a freshly laundered towel. However hard you try to preserve your clean linens and other stuff, preserving that fresh scent is always a challenge.
Grandma makes use of the closet to freshen things up nice and easy. Fold in a bunch of dryer sheets and that about it. You’ll be amazed at how wonderful they smell later. Be careful to keep these dryer sheets out of reach from kids and pets – technically, they contain some chemicals.

Practice A Little Prevention

Ahh… and now, we finally come to the last major tip Grandma has to offer. Prevention, they say is better than cure. Make a habit of cleaning up your place with a little effort on a regular basis and it will prevent bigger messes that amount to things feeling hectic and cluttered. Give the floor of your home a good sweep throughout the entire week to get rid of all the dust. Have a new doormat placed outside your front door to wipe off the dust on your feet. Each time after brushing your teeth, clean out the bathroom sink to avoid spots of toothpaste drying in place – you’ll be amazed how far little habits like this and others will add up to make you a cleaner home and ease the pain and stress of having to deep clean the entire place.
Grandma’s 12 Best House Cleaning Tips You’ll Wish You Had Known About Earlier

In Conclusion

As you can see now, the females of older generations do have quite a few cleaning tips and tricks under their sleeves that can make your place feel nice and homey. Apply these tips you have learned from my own Grandma and enjoy the results.  Don’t forget to use the share buttons below to share the article with your friends and family on social media. Leave a comment and let us know if there is any other thing you wish to add or that which we omitted.


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