Did you know that poor or bad foods – those delicious fast foods – and avoiding healthy eating habits could actually be robbing your life of so many years?

Fats and sugar-rich foods bring about a major imbalance in the healthy microorganisms of your gut. This, in turn, causes inflammation, damages immune function and, consequently, reduces your lifespan — ages you faster than you think.
The fact that the healthy microorganisms growing in your gut (also called probiotics, microbes, or gut flora) are directly wired to your brain by means of the vagus nerve, is something medical science has only recently become aware of.
Avoiding Healthy Eating Habits And Fast Foods Ages You Faster Than Normal

“The microorganisms found in the human gut are mostly body friendly bacteria and exzymes that work together to break down foods. However, there are still harmful or bad bacteria in the guts and these are often called germs. While the overwhelming growth of the good microorganisms tend to keep the bad bacteria at bay as ordained by nature, foods you eat could upset that balance greatly”                                                                                — Dr. Danielle McMahon

Your brain controls your body’s overall mental and physical functions, and so whatever you eat or whatever lifestyle you lead that destroys the healthy microorganisms in your gut is literally reducing your intellect and overall health. However, a new study has revealed that this could also be robbing your life of many, many years through a different process.
This new study has shown that avoiding healthy eating habits, unhealthy eating and poor dietary habits (eating poor foods) can cause inflammation within deep in the body. How?

Avoiding Healthy Eating Habits And Fast Foods Ages You Faster Than Normal

The consumption of fat and sugar-rich foods (junk foods) lead to a critical imbalance in the healthy microorganisms in the gut, causing critical leakage in the intestines. Bacterial products are wrongly released directly into your system, impairing immune functions, which in turn leads to rapid aging of your body cells and a reduction of lifespan.

‘Unhealthy eating and poor dietary habits could be robing you of many years by causing an imbalance in healthy microorganisms in your gut, which leads to inflammation and damage in immune function’,      — fresh findings reveal.

Scientists at the McMaster University of Ontario, Canada, are to be credited for this new discovery or rather, discoveries. A research was conducted in which two separate groups mice were raised in conditions similar to the lifestyle of humans. One group of mice were raised in healthy germ-free conditions while the others group was conventionally raised (meaning they were raised in the normal way man lives his life today – same poor eating habits).
And what was the result?
While most of the germ-free mice lived a very healthy life that ran well into old age without any signs — minor or major — of an increase in inflammation levels, the other group of mice didn’t do anywhere as good. They died out early after displaying signs of one disease or the other, inflammation levels in all of them were high.
We now know that age is directly linked to a rise in the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (proteins that work to make diseases worse) in the tissues and bloodstream of mammals.
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF), as the most powerful of these proteins is called, was found to have been kept at minimal levels in the germ-free mice even with age. The exact opposite was the case with the conventionally raised mice.
This unique TNF-deficient in germ-free mice was clearly connected to the absence of inflammation, resulting in good health and long life. With conventionally raised mice, which had high levels of TNF, inflammation was high as was ill-health and high mortality rates.
Stir clear of junk foods as well as foods rich in saturated fat and processed sugar.

9 GOOD FOODS FOR YOUR GUT HEALTH – Healthy Eating habits

Below are 9 good foods for your gut health. Consuming them on a regular basis amounts to healthy eating habits.
  1. Kefir
  2. Yogurt
  3. Soya drinks
  4. Kimchi
  5. Sauerkraut (German salad)
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Bananas
  8. Blueberries
  9. Fresh seaweed vegetables



7 BAD FOODS FOR YOUR GUT – Avoiding Healthy Eating Habits

Below are 7 foods that destroy your gut health. Consuming them on a regular basis amounts to avoiding healthy eating habits or better put, poor eating habits.

  1. Dairy milk
  2. Beans
  3. Alcohol
  4. French Fries
  5. Garlic
  6. Chili peppers
  7. Wheat
  8. Corn
  9. All fast foods


Avoiding Healthy Eating Habits And Fast Foods Ages You Faster Than Normal

Kefir, yogurt, and soy drinks are fermented, super rich, probiotic drinks – kefir, in particular, is known be the secret behind the incredible longevity of the natives of the northern Caucasus Mountains (the highest section of the Alps mountain range separating Europe from Asia).

Sauerkraut — German salad — is a super rich probiotic food.
All are very rich in living and active probiotics, which trigger the multiplication and diversification of good microorganisms in your gut and entire body.

Fruits like blueberries, tomatoes, and bananas also promote the growth of healthy microorganisms in the gut and body due to their high minerals and vitamins content – fiber and vitamin K in blueberries, calcium, magnesium, and potassium in bananas, tomatoes are rich in all these vitamins and minerals mentioned.

For thousands of years, fresh seaweed has been the secret behind the superb health of the Japanese people. Until the nineteenth century, the main Japanese diet comprised of just fresh seaweed, fresh fish and boiled rice. This diet was eaten morning, afternoon, evening, and it kept them healthy and fit right into old age. Seaweed is actually the most nourishing vegetables in nature and marooned Mariners have been known to survive for months by just eating it alone. Of course, their skin turns green from all that high-powered chlorophyll!


The Unhealthy Foods

In direct contradiction to these good foods, processed sugars, which become acidic once in the body, are rich foods for bad microbes (bacteria or microorganisms), and this results in the killing off of good microbes, hence poor gut health.
Wheat and corn are somewhat pro-inflammatory if not sprouted (grown) and once in the body, leads to the production of glycation, which speeds up the aging process directly.
In addition to this, corn contains cellulose – a kind of fiber that is almost impossible human being to digest due to a lack a particular enzyme in our digestive system – this causes an imbalance in the healthy microbes (microorganisms) in the gut.
Alcohol, which tends to kill off all and every bacteria in the body except the bad ‘die hard’ ones is simply no good at all.
Present in milk is lactose, which greatly enhances the growth of bad microbes in the gut. Some side effects of these sort of dairy foods are diarrhea, gas, cramps and abdominal bloating. Note here that kefir and yogurt are actually products of milk but better because they have undergone fermentation processes that get rid of the lactose and enhances probiotic content.

Another culprit is fast foods… buggers, cakes, french fries etc.Thes processed foods are packed with sweetening chemicals designed to make you eat more of them but they actually destroy your health in the long run. Take french fries for instance… they are deep fried in oils that supply your body with all the wrong fats and the worst of the bad cholesterol!



People having high levels of inflammatory molecules in their bodies tend to be frail and sickly (highly-prone to illnesses and disease). They become hospitalized and a lot less independent.
They also become highly susceptible to all manner of infections, chronic conditions like dementia (cognitive and intellectual deterioration in the brain), cardiovascular disease (heart diseases and stroke) and even death.
Avoiding Healthy Eating Habits And Fast Foods Ages You Faster Than Normal



Poor foods that are rich in unhealthy fats and processed sugar destroy the ‘good microorganisms’ in your gut, leading to inflammation which affects the normal functions of your immune system, resulting in overall bad health and accelerated aging — you age faster than you think and your lifespan is reduced too.
You are definitely what you eat. Stir well clear of food that do you no good except providing you with a grand entrance into an early grave. Stop avoiding or overlooking healthy eating habits. Bad or poor eating habits and those delicious and delightful fast foods actually do you no good but lots of bad. They age you so much faster than normal.
Avoiding Healthy Eating Habits And Fast Foods Ages You Faster Than Normal


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