There are many ways to achieve the goal of a forming a relationship but there is just this one simple step for a better and healthy relationship and most of us ignore it.

At a time in the world where relationships are so difficult to forge and people find it so hard to trust, everyone wants a betterment of the one relationship they have but most times, we are lost as to how to achieve this.

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Simple Step For A Better and Healthy Relationship

The one simple step for a better and healthy relationship is just being intentional. By this, I’m not talking about telling your partner ‘I love you’ every hour and every day or telling them all about how so very attractive and sexy they are. Indeed, never let anyone tell you differently, these bits of sweet nonsense are so important in a relationship that no relationship is alive without them. They go a long way in the achievement of a better relationship. However, there’s is something else, something more important which we overlook all the time and by classification, it is a different kind of way to be intentional in a relationship.

Being intentional in this kind of way can save your relationship with your husband or boyfriend, it can even add some fire to your romance. This one goes far beyond the thoughtful and simple tasks as it requires intelligence and real dedication. It is all about knowing someone, your partner, and how you can make him or her feel needed, heard and loved. Did I mention that it could enliven the romance in a relationship?

So we have now identified that one simple step for a better relationship – being intentional in a special way. The next question is, how does one be this kind of intentional and how can it be beneficial to your love life and your romance? How can it actually lead to a better relationship?


Simple Steps For Being Intentional In a Special Kind Of Way (Getting the Healthy relationship)

So finally, here is your answer on that simple step for a better and healthy relationship. It a bit complex, though.

Listen Carefully At Particular Time and Take Mental Notes

Of course, you already know this is necessary for a better relationship but for some reason, you overlook it. Listening to what your partner says s actually very important in a relationship. It makes your partner feel important, fell loved and wanted. Let’s take it a step further.

Due to that ‘hard, no-nonsense’ streak in the male character and nature, most men convey the idea of being thoughtless, shallow minded and even carefree where serious relationships are concerned. Yet, certain women are so too. A lot of people make the human mistake of assuming this of others.

And then comes the day those seemingly thoughtless, shallow minded and carefree people do something strange to make you feel so loved, cherished and needed.

How does this work?

Monica was a lovely lady in a new relationship with a nice man who she thought was just honest an so simple when it came to romance. He was all about his job and never seemed to mind her that much. She made a post on her Instagram account once, on another person’s trend, saying jovially that if someone were to get her a customized cake for her birthday she would be so happy. Somehow, her man saw that post, waited for seven months until her birthday and ordered a very special cake indeed.

Monika’s reaction? Well, he becomes her one and only and ended up marring him.

Monica says she never knew what kind of man he really until the moment she saw the cake. He had seen the post and they had talked briefly about it. That was it. It was months ago and all was forgotten and then her birthday came up and the cake arrived, exactly as she had dreamed it. He made her dream come true!

Monika says that wasn’t the only time he did such a thing, in fact, her man was intentional on many occasions. He would listen to what she said and what she wanted throughout their courtship and then surprise her with them weeks or even months later.

These things led to a better relationship and then a permanent relationship which Monika has not regretted in 12 years!

The only things this guy was doing so right to win her heart was that he was listening, and the next, he was being intentional, remembering and fulfill her dreams. Simple!

Simple Steps For A Better and Healthy Relationship

Learn to listen to the small and seemingly unimportant things your partner needs or says. Yeah, those things you feel are unimportant, they matter a hugely. You need to remember them, they are the interests and dreams of your partner. Take note and use them as weapons to knock the breath out of your partner.

Doing this will makes your partner think of you as very special and how they will probably never find someone else with this sort of attribute or intentionality you display. Be intentional in this way lets someone know that you cherish, appreciate and love them in a way that simply saying ‘I love you’ can never achieve. It lets them know that you are proud of them and this is very important in achieving a better relationship with anyone. Take the simple needs of your partner into account when learning to be a better person in a relationship. Romance and take their breath away by surprising them precisely with the things they dream of or need, this will not only make your relationship better but take it to a completely different level of intentionality.


How do I apply this in simpler ways?

Let’s say you partner expresses a love for a certain kind of Chinese food. Listen carefully, this kind of talk comes briefly but usually from the heart and they are born of deep longing. Find out all you can, as casually as you can. Let some time pass and then come up with the discovery of a Chinese restaurant that serves exactly the same kind of foods desired by your partner. Do things like this and it will be like giving your relationship a new boost each time.

Where these tips helpful in leading to a better relationship for you? I would love to hear your opinions on it. We would all love to learn if you have anything thoughts to share. Do leave a comment below.

Simple Step For A Better and Healthy Relationship



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