HORRIFYING: Video Shows Cameroon Troops Executing Boko Haram Women And Children

The Evils of Terrorism


Cameroon troops killing women and children.

The horrifying footage of a video showing Cameroon soldiers opening fire on defenseless Boko Haram women and children has come to light online, sparking horror and outrage all over the world on a massive scale.

A full investigation by the human rights group, Amnesty International has already been launched even as the corrupt government in power within Cameroon denies all accusation leveled against it.

In the horrible video, two young females, both with little kids, are seen being forced to kneel down, blindfolded, accused by a baying mob of being part of the dreaded Boko Haram terror group ravaging the region and finally shot by soldiers.

Cameroon troops killing women and children.

HORRIFYING: Video Footage Shows Cameroon Troops Executing Women And Children  – *Boko Haram Terrorist Wives

The leadership in Cameroon’s, military and civilians have all denied that the soldiers involved in the sickening execution are part of their nation and labeled the whole thing “fake news”.

While no one has verified the authenticity of this video, it is not clear as to when or where exactly it was made.

This incident comes as the nation of Cameroon battles the deadly terrorist known as the Boko Haram Islamic extremists ravaging its north region along the mountains studded lands on the border with Nigerian and the rampaging Anglophone separatists in lands to the west.

The horrible video has been condemned by all manner of human rights organizations the world over. It is raging now!!!

Cameroon troops killing women and children.

Amnesty International has sworn to investigate the matter to the end after saying it has “gathered very clear evidence that the executors in the video were Cameroonian soldiers.”

The president of Cameroon, Paul Biya has given orders for an investigation, but the spokesman for his government Issa Tchiroma Bakary has already denied the video.

Cameroon troops killing women and children.

In the video, several gunmen are seen opening fire on a group of helpless women and kids and the whole is hard to deny.

Cameroon troops killing women and children.

Cameroon troops killing women and children.

The terrorists Boko Haram have laid siege to Cameroon and its neighbor, Nigeria, for quite a number of years now in the name of a holy jihad. This has led many individuals to take revenge upon anyone connected to this group.

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The video shows soldiers in a remote rural region blindfolding two young women, with little kids by their sides and strapped to their backs.

A soldier is seen slapping one of the women severally in the face, speaking in French: “You’re BH, you will die today.”

Cameroon troops killing women and children.

The soldiers then opened fire on the women and children in the presence of a watching mob.

Afterward, a soldier there laments in French what a heavy burden it is to execute people but there is no other option open to them.

The Cameroonian authorities have since pointed out that the camouflage uniforms worn by the soldiers in the video were fake, a set u keyed at destroying its reputation.

Cameroon troops killing women and children.

In 2014 the Boko Haram terror group shocked the world with the kidnap of hundreds of teenage schoolgirls from a small school in the rural town of Chibok, located in northeastern Nigeria.

They struck again in mid-2018, kidnapping a number of schoolgirls from a school in the same region.

This terror group is known to use roadside IEDs and human shields in their launch vicious attacks

Cameroon troops killing women and children.

In addition to the claim of fake uniforms by the Cameroonian government is their claim that the soldiers where carrying weapons alien to the Cameroonian army units based in that area of operation.

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Amnesty International, after an analysis of the uniforms and weapons, dialogue, in addition to witness testimonies, disagrees with the Cameroonian government. The organization insists that the executors were Cameroonian soldiers and calls for immediate action against them on the basis of the cold-blooded crime

Cameroon’s security forces have been plagued with growing issues of human rights violations as the country nears its elections in October.

HORRIFYING Cameroon Troops Executing Women And Children 


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