The endless Ivy league theories and principles surrounding wealth creation and wealth management are not all there is on how to become wealthy and stay wealthy all through life. In fact, some of the wealthiest people on earth who went from grace to grass actually started out the simple way – by developing very simple habits and doing regular things that keep money in their pocket even as more come in.
You find descriptions and testimonies of these things all the time but choose to overlook them. Go take another look at the biographies or life stories of very wealthy people that have made it from grass to grace on a permanent basis. Begin with the world’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates, who dropped right out of Harvard, which is arguably one of the best universities in the world, to start his first business in a garage; then work your way down the chain.
What we are basically pointing out here is that if you want to know how to become wealthy, if you want to become wealthy and live a good life, have enough money to support luxurious living in time, you need to build certain simple habits. Begin with everyday things you can do to increase the size of your bank balance.

Do I need a particular skill set or education to learn how to become wealthy?

You don’t need any skill set to learn how to become wealthy. The knowledge contained here speaks for itself and its simplicity is plain. These are steps that even people that started out with poor with small grocery stores use to get rich, go ask the billionaire family that owns the US shopping mall giants, Walmart.



How To Become Wealthy – Eleven Tips

Below are eleven tips on how to become wealthy. These are important things and habits that can make you wealthy in one way or another, no matter what it is you are doing and wherever you are coming from. Embedded are common mistakes people make with money and how to avoid doing the same. Read and take note.

How To Become Wealthy – Eleven Tips

1. Get A Job That Suits You.

To start with, find a job that will stimulate your interest and bring out the best in you – do exactly that which you love and know how to do best. No one makes it in life doing what they hate. What you’re gunning for is frustration, not success.
Even if you’ve got to begin at the very bottom and work your way up the ladder, you’ll most likely enjoy the experience, developing unique skills and dedication that will get you noticed by many, your bosses included, this means you’ve got a bright future and bigger pay package coming up sooner than most.
In some cases, the high rank and pay rise never quite comes and so you may need to move on to other companies. That experience you get working your way up will become invaluable here and stand you out even a crowd of other workers.
Notice how successful people always get in with the right companies that offer opportunities to climb to the top and climb to that top they always do, because they are doing exactly what they know how to do best.

How To Become Wealthy – Eleven Tips


2. Never Stay Put In The Wrong Location

While a fair paying job and a nice office in a big city is something we all can live with, sometimes, the real money and opportunities are not there but competition abounds. We need to know when to leave that job which has gotten you nowhere in 5 to 10 years. If need be, leave that the big city of flashing lights entirely and move on, even if to a smaller city.
You would be amazed to know just how many people cling to the big cities and stressful jobs despite earning ridiculously low incomes and heading nowhere fast. Many in those big cities don’t even have any jobs at all. So many people are afraid to make the big move out of their comfort zones while others just eat their little pie the way they are served it. This is one reason the rate of unemployment and employee frustration in large cities are so high.
You may have grown up in that city, in that location, your family and friends even live all around you but there is no guarantee whatever that you will get rich if you stay put. In fact, the odds are against you because you will most likely be doing what your family and friends are doing, and let me guess, they are not rich.
Ever notice how very successful people always move to join the right companies with tons of opportunities, no matter their location? Some even move their entire families with them, everyone going out of their comfort zone.

3. Get Out Of Bed Early.

Sleeping away valuable time is certainly no way to get rich. Wake up early each morning to plan for the day, it’s the basic unit of your life. I take it you’ve had a good read of the success stories of some of the world’s most successful people as I suggested above? Did you come across anyone who sleeps a lot? If they actually slept so much, opportunities would wa;lk right pass them by and they never would have been so successful.
The real truth here is that sleep is only for those who have already planted the seeds of wealth and groomed them to become trees that bear fruits. All they do then is sleep and wake up to check their bank balance! Hence the axiom goes ‘if you are not making money while  asleep, you are not rich and never will be.’
In whatever you do to make money, work hard at it not sleep hard at it.

4. Set Your Goals Correctly

Setting goals for yourself; both long -term and short -term goals will have the miraculous effect of pushing you straight to a new level. Why? The act of setting goals gives you a better chance of attaining a target you normally won’t reach under ordinary circumstance. It also has the mental effect of keeping you focused on all levels. The act of accumulating wealth requires a lot of focus which opens the door to the determination to get wealthy.

5. Never Stop Reading

Reading is learning new things, accumulating new knowledge. Ever notice how successful men are ardent readers of everything from educative articles and magazines to newspapers?  They never stop reading and so never stop learning or accumulating knowledge too. Take Mr. Bill Gates, for example, this is a man that dropped right out of school and yet he’s at the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology and business, both highly competitive and ever-evolving fields. If he stopped reading when he left school would he be where he is today?
Stop reading things that offer no value, read motivational articles and books. How about books on top level finance, wealth creation and wealth management? You can get one or more such books every month. Your entire outlook on money issues will change with the sharpening of your mental skills. It will certainly help your personal development on a major level.

How To Become Wealthy – Eleven Tips

6. Cut Expenses and Stay Within A Budget

The greatest problem faced by many people in the race to get wealthy is that they always end up spending more than what they earn.
To get rich you must have to live below your means, never above it. Always make do with what you’ve got, you won’t die if you don’t have more. Set a firm budget and never cross that red line. Always monitor your progress on expenses, how much you spend. Use an Excel spreadsheet or even an app to make ensure you always keep track of where and how the money is going. This way, you have a proper place to refine and review all that which does or doesn’t make sense in regards to your spending.
Cut out unnecessary costs from your life. Cut down your bills as best as you can: the unitality bills are the number one culprit here so be sure to turn off the TV, PC, and lights, plan your meals well and cut down on eating out and cook in to save costs. Filling your life with only that which is absolutely necessary will save you a ton of money.


7. Save The Money In The Bank

Learn to save out of your earnings however little that may be. Even here, you must set goals and a strategy to support those very goals. Try to discover ways that work nicely for you in saving money, and improve on that which doesn’t. Don’t spend only to save what is left. Save first and spend what you’ve got left.
Some banks offer the unique option of creating a separate savings account(s) and linking it to your main account by means of automatic withdrawals at specified intervals. This way money gets into that savings account automatically without your even thinking about it. You are actively making a move to save.
Try this for even better results, increase the amount of savings (those automatic transfers going to the savings accounts) by 1% at intervals. The trick here is that it will be a trivial change, at first, but with time, you will notice a huge difference in savings and a major cut back in your expenses.
Above all things, do not forget that you need a lot of motivation, a very good reason to keep away from excessive spending. Look to something you want to accomplish in the future and save for it. It may be retirement or a comfortable married life, whatever it is doesn’t matter, just save and keep saving, let the money grow.

How To Become Wealthy – Eleven Tips


8. Invest Your Saving Very Wisely

There is more to making good investments than pure luck. A single mistake in investment could yank away a huge chunk of your savings or assets, and this is why most people prefer to keep their money in savings accounts than taking risks with investments.
Here is the thing about savings accounts. A savings account is like a piggy bank under your bed. No successful person on earth has ever made a real profit from savings accounts. The only money coming out of there is what you put and a tiny 5% per annum if the bank is running some kind of promo to get more customers, that’s why its called savings account — it is strictly for saving your money If you must keep that money in a bank account, look into transferring it into a fixed deposit account where it will derive real interest over time. But it’s better to invest outside the back, that really how to become wealthy.
You want to be careful when making those investments, whether it’s on stock or properties, think twice and then one more time. Here, it is very wise to get professional or expert opinions. What better expert than a self-made billionaire?
Billionaire and legendary wall street investor Warren Buffett suggested one puts 10% of his money in short-term government bonds and then the other 90% in a very low-cost S &P 500 index funds. Why? According to the billionaire, if the market crashes, you’ll still be kept afloat by the cash in the 10% bonds rather than being forced to sell off the stock at a bad price.
Smart, right? Well, you’ll never have figured this out if you hadn’t read through this article, so reading things of value is already paying off for you!

9. Always s Avoid Debts

Stay away from debts like the plague. Never take a loan unless for a reasonable project or business venture that will yield profits.
The sad truth about debts is that when you finally clear them up, you still need more money because you actually don’t have enough anymore, and that’s when you go borrowing again. At the end of the day, you’ll end up broken or in deeper debt. No one ever gets rich by borrow to pay off one debt after the other.


10. Spend Less Time Pleasure Seeking

Until you make it big and start earning really big while you sleep, never put pleasure before business. Partying, clubbing, watching TV, etc., they are all good hobbies but ones that consume valuable time. Go online looking for vital information, and leave the useless things and people to themselves.
No one ever gets rich form clubbing except the club owners. No one ever gets rich form pleasure seeking except the hotel owners. The things you watch on the TV or see on social media will only turn your head the wrong way.
How To Become Wealthy – Eleven Tips


11. Always Have Two or More Major Sources of Income

And here lies the holy grail of wealth creation. As billionaire Warren Buffett pointed out indirectly with his advice just above, never put all your eggs in one basket because when that basket gets destroyed, so do all the eggs in it and that leaves you with nothing to fall back on.
Having two sources of income does not necessarily mean having two jobs and working twenty hours a day. Look around, investments abound which you can go into and have professionals take good care of it, they literally run themselves – companies, stock, real estate.
Invest wisely to open up other sources of income. Don’t bank on the income from your regular job alone. Look around, pick on any wealthy man, and I’ll show you a man with at least two major sources of income.



The is an overpopulated planet and every single person wants to be rich. The question of how to become wealthy is on every mind. However, wealth is only for a limited few and this includes those with the wisdom of how to create wealth and manage it adequately. Pay more attention to books and articles on wealth management and wealth creation but don’t stop there, put the knowledge to use right away.


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