How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

Each woman, the world over, has a man of her dreams but most of them, for one reason or the other, never end up getting married to him.  

Something this ‘knight in shining armor’, is already a boyfriend but he just never takes that final step in the right direction. What then comes to mind is How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose to you.

He has been watching you for a quite a while and he’s been talking to you in the recent past, likes to be with you to some extent. He seems to be admiring you and you too started liking him of late.

You want him in your life, but you don’t want to openly ask him whether he wants to marry you. Sounds familiar?

Ladies, want to know how to get your boyfriend to propose in record time? Simple, you just need to create the ideal atmosphere so that he will open up and ask you out without you having to do so. In fact, that is the best strategy when you are dealing with a real man who honors and respects you in his heart even without him knowing it yet.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

Yes, most men don’t know what they really want until they get it, or as a wise and matured lady once said, until it hits them in the face.

Once a good-hearted man realizes that a woman he has eyes for has actually fallen in love with him already, the whole game changes in his head.

When you find your man, all you need do to get him is send certain signals and behave in a particular way. That would be enough for any man to propose a woman.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

Ladies, never fear to lose your man again, we are here to share some man secrets with you and you can trust me, ask my mother!. Below are some ways to make a man propose to you fast.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Simple Steps (Best relationship advice)

1. First here and above all things, do not cheapen yourself in his eyes. Things like fighting over him, physically, or allowing him to turn you into a sex toy, that is not really it. 90% of the time, you will lose.

2. Don’t Scare Him: Your man observes you every second, most times without you knowing. He keeps noticing how you react to him when he approaches you or talks to you. You might scare him if your behavior is harsh with him. He might think you don’t like him if you behave like that.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

3. Create That Space: A woman just needs to create the ideal space and environment for a man. Give some undivided attention, Lots of it actually. That’s it. Once he senses that, he will propose you naturally. Men generally try to sense a woman’s feelings through her behavior.

4. Give Positive Signals; Signals like looking into his eyes, smiling or feeling shy when he comes to talk to you, all indicate that you like him and such signals will make him propose you fast.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

5. Make Him Feel Comfortable: This one is really important. Unless a man feels comfortable in your company, he will not propose to you. So, ensure that he is at home in your company, at ease and free to be himself. (relationship advice)

6. Display Interest: If you don’t display interest in him in any major way, why would any man propose to you?. Show that you too are interested in him by asking him questions about his family and life in general. Note here please, this is not to say you must like all he likes. Don’t even try, you would be presenting a false from and when he finally finds out the odds are that he will hate you to some degree for it.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

7. Smile Often: Smiles indicate positive feelings. During your conversations, if you keep smiling, he will understand that you are positive towards him. This one is wisdom as old as time.

8. Praise Him: To get a guy to propose fast, never lose an opportunity to praise him as that will make him understand that you do think about him. These are reasons enough for him to get ready to propose to you.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

9. Take care of him as best as you can be out of wedlock: A grown man can’t always look after himself completely. Sometimes he actually needs to be comforted like a child. You would be amazed at the stories some of these highly experienced prostitutes will tell. Some men actually pay them to be held, cuddled, talked kindly to. Other men just want to be listened to and told they are doing the right thing. In the United States there certified female Psychologists, ready to sleep with a man and do these things. No sex is involved.

10. Buy him little gifts: sweet nothing. If you need tutoring here them we have a long way to go. It is best you give me a call.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

These are the steps on how to get your boyfriend to propose fast. There is no better relationship advice in courtship. Read This special book here on this blog to help you on your Way.


Lillian was a single mom and divorcee with a kid from an abusive marriage. When she finally met her knight in shining armor, he too was a divorcee, but wary of relationships and hateful of women.

He was an ex-womanizer to boot. Lillian tamed him with pure love and extreme patience and in the end, he went on both begged to marry her, he tore the earth down to have her and then could not do without her. People called her an evil witch but he called her love. He becomes the happiest man in the world with her as the undisputed mistress of his heart and home.

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose – 10 Steps

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