SHOCKING! Stepmom Claims Stepson, Husband, And Three Other Men Could Have Fathered New Daughter


The Jeremy Kyle show.. the craziest of the crazy

The famous and highly successful Opera Winfrey talk show in the United States which made talk show superstar, Opera Winfrey one of the world’s richest and most respected women has been copied in several other nations and cultures. One of such is Britain’s Jeremy Kyle show.

The interesting thing about The Jeremy Kyle show, which airs on ITV in the mornings on weekdays, is that it is actually a true version of the Opera Winfrey show in that it brings to light, shocking details about people’s lives, making them say things they never would have said,, all this on live TV and by the share power of the personality of the talk host.




Indeed, though male, Jeremy Kyle is the British version of superstar Opera Winfrey. Though he still lacks the billions in net worth, he possesses the personality and talent exactly.

Watch his show just hours ago, I was left dumbfounded just like millions of other views including old Jeremy himself after a nice lady claimed that she was confused as to her daughter’s true paternity as there was the possibility of any of five different men being the father including her 19 year-old-stepson!

In the family argument that broke out live on British the talk show even host, Jeremy Kyle, who’d heard all kinds of shockers looked horrified at what he was hearing. But one man who looked devastated and remained silent was the father of the boy. The older man sat frozen through most of the show while his son and would-be wife went at each other’s throats

It turns out the teen son actually lost his virginity to his would-be stepmother but didn’t really seem too bothered about such an abomination.

Talk show host, Jeremy Kyle, finally found his voice to say that he had seen and heard a lot of strange things in his 12-year stint as a host on morning TV but never anything like what he was seeing and hearing right then.

The would-be Stepmom, Tasha, was pretty outspoken about the likelihood of her young daughter being fathered by five different men at a go. The audience listened quietly enough to her rants but there was an uproar when it emerged that one of those would-be fathers was none other than her 19-year-old stepson, Jake….. who actually lost his virginity to her.

Jeremy Kyle was speechless as were the viewers including honorme;.

Tasha further revealed that her decision to sleep with her stepson, Jake, was based on her feeling of being let down by his father’s lack of affection for her in their relationship.

‘David broke my heart and I just wanted to do the same to him’, she admitted.

A strange moment came when stepson, Jake, tried to justify his actions by claiming that he did it to prove that his would-be stepmom was a ‘dirty vile cretin’.

Jeremy.Kyle seemed to find his voice then and asked if going near his stepmom at all wasn’t a line he should never have crossed. And that shut Jake up.

David, poor old dad, was eventually coaxed into saying something and he promptly declared how devastated he was to learn that his son had been bedding his girlfriend but said all was fine.

Poor old dad was spared further embarrassment when the DNA test was concluded with lightning speed and it emerged that neither he nor his son, Jake, was the father of Tasha’s daughter.



Some people are seriously crazy and they are not all on the Jeremy Kyle show!


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