Looks like this a year entertainment celebrities will go to war and the battlefield certainly seems to be a lifestyle as displayed on social media.

Lovely curvy Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim and super-curvy Ivorian actress Eudoxie Yao both donned the same dress, exactly in the same color and displayed their photos on social media for fans.

The whole thing seems to have turned into some kinda voting competition as to which actress look more attractive in the outfit.

Actress Juliet Ibrahim wore hers for the bygone Soundcity MVP Awards whcih took place on January 12 while Eudoxie Yao shared a photo of herself in the same dress a couple of days later.

For those who do not know it Ivorian Actress, Eudoxie Yao has for some years now held the record as the woman with the biggest hips in Africa.

Take a good look at the two. Which do you think kills it more?


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