Captured Billionaire Kidnap Kingpin Set To Walk Scot Free: See why

It was like a horrible nightmare come true for many Nigerians, particularly the rich, when, yesterday, a lawyer claiming to represent Billionaires Kidnap Kingpin Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans dragged the entire Nigerian Police Force to the Federal High Court.
The billionaire kidnap kingpin has also dragged to court, the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force, Ibrahim Idris, and three others high ranking Police officers. They are all to appear before the Federal High Court in Ikeja, Lagos for the alleged unlawful, or as the suit put it, illegal detention of the crime money bag.


The document of the suit….. image rights; National Helm
This suit was filed in court yesterday on behalf of Evans by his high-powered lawyer, Barr. Olukoya Ogungbeje.

According to the suit, Evans is praying for a court injunction directing the respondents to bring legal charges against him, if any, in a court of law, which is in harmony with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

And herein lies the flaw in this entire case, the reason why this billionaire kidnap kingpin may walk free.

The way the police have put Evans on public trial and indeed, public display is not only a direct violation of his fundamental rights but a bid to hide something else, something bigger. A critical lack of concrete evidence that puts Evans on the spot of any crime either as a kidnapper or drug traffickers.

He’s a criminal alright, but he operates with gangs who do not even know who he is and so the kidnapped victims certainly do not know him either, therefore can’t not testify against someone they never saw before.

It is said that only Evans’ second-in-command can pin him and the guy is not talking.

The Nigerian media and Nigerians themselves, in general, have tried and convicted this man on every social platform, heaping praise on the Nigerian police in so doing but no one bothers to as the one important question… where is some real evidence?

Once, I had a friend accused of robbery and paraded by the police before some members of the public. Here is the truth about these parade of criminals: the police does not always show the evidence in these cases, most often than not, they have nothing except a signed confession gotten after the extensive torture of the victim. What the police does in this situation is look around for something they feel suits the case at hand and place it before the accused as the ‘recovered item or items of crime’.

It’s more than likely that all those guns and ammo we’ve been seeing on the media labels as ‘weapons recovered from billionaire kidnapper Evan’ are actually police weapons or that of other criminal gangs being borrowed for use.

The police have nothing against this billionaire criminal except a bunch of iPhones and some houses. The police don’t even know where all the ‘billions of naira’ belonging to the billionaire kidnapper can be found! Where are the fat bank accounts?

Evans is a very smart criminal who has been confessing like a wizard for weeks now but suddenly, he has gone silent and his lawyer is here with a suit against the police.

Mentioned as respondents to the suit are the Inspector General of police, the Lagos state Commissioner of Police, and the head of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Lagos State Police Command.

The billionaire kidnap kingpin is praying the Federal court to compel (force) the respondents to set him free immediately and unconditionally in the absence (non-existence) of any offense whatever that will warrant his being brought before a court of Law.

Now let’s ask a shrewd question here. Will any man who has a ton of evidence arrayed against him be so bold as to demand immediate trial or release ‘if no evidence exists’ against him?

Looks like the method of torture of prisoners information is coming to bite the police on the ass!

Basically, what Evans has been admitting to reports all along is that he was into crime, kidnapping and drug trafficking but has the police come forth with any evidence to prove this? None of his arrested gang members have pointed a finger directly at him and he claims he has never killed anyone in his life.

For sure, once the trial of this man gets going we’ll start hearing how innocent he is and how the police beat a confession right out of him.

I think the police are worried about this else why the delay in charging this man to court?


Did I mention that 85% of inmates in Nigeran prisons are awaiting trial? Trust me, the Nigerian police have no real evidence against Billionaire kidnap kingpin Evans and he will walk free in the end.

Real evidence, not Facebook, and Twitter account can convict someone. Facebook and Twitter praise seems to be all the police has got right now.

Captured Billionaire Kidnap Kingpin Set To Walk Scot Free: See why


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