Meet The Sad Lady Who Feels Cursed With The Biggest Butt in The World – Amazing Details

Can you imagine just what the lady with the biggest but in the world looks like? How she feels like.
For this lady, it all started as a pleasant surprise, a thing of feminine pride and joy but has now become a thing of great embarrassment, an infinite agony so much that she feels she is cursed with what seems to be the biggest butt in the world.
This is the story of the 55-year-old Mamashi from South Africa whose buttocks won’t stop growing and has become one of the largest in the world.
She has her home in the town of Khotsong kasi, which is located in Bothaville, Free State, South Africa.
Dubbed the woman with the largest buttocks in Africa when her story first broke out on social media four years ago, Mamashi seems to be on her way to world-class standards as her buttocks just won’t stop growing… and get this; it grows daily!
Mamashi used to find it greatly pleasing when the attention of people, men particular, were drawn to her vast backside but she doesn’t find it so anymore. To her, it is more of a problem as it has made her life unbearable.
She can barely walk well, climbing stairs and get in cars or even outdoor without people making a spectacle of her and this has made her an emotional wreck over the years.


Meet The Sad Lady Who Feels Cursed With The Biggest Butt in The World – Amazing Details

Mamashi now locks herself away indoors all day, which hasn’t helped her weight gain problems one bit.
Of recent, her biggest problem is getting in and out of her bed and the bath. She sees her life as being trapped in a bedroom because she can hardly move around freely anymore so has to lie in bed most of the time, just waiting for someone to come and tend to her needs.
Periodically, Mamashi allows journalists interview her and post her story online in a bid to find the suitable medical solution to her problem but this has not paid off yet. In, fact, the opposite seems to be the case as all she gets are unusual marriage proposals from men more interested in her large backside than in her.
Mamashi first shot to limelight in 2013 after a South African newspaper, The People’s Paper, did an article on her, which ended up going viral. Mamashi’s aim was to find some kind of medical assistance by publicity but all she got were the marriage proposals and they came from men all over the world.
Old photos of  Mamashi. This was how she was in 2013
Even at her age, Mamashi is still very much single and she feels that what she needs is a man to help her with her problem, not one to poke at her backside.
Meet The Sad Lady Who Feels Cursed With The Biggest Butt in The World – Amazing Details
The only other thing she needs more desperately than a good man in her life is a doctor with a solution to her mysterious weight gain problem.

How It All Began

According to Mamashi, her buttocks started getting bigger six years ago after she gained some weight.
She loved it at first, as it made her already attractive wide-hipped figure even more attractive. But then she realized she was in trouble as her buttocks wouldn’t stop growing.
It got to the point that going out became a problem because her very wide buttocks took up too much space in a taxi or a bus and it attracted too much attention altogether. She got called names and made fun of passengers and passersby, even by her own neighbors and it all hurt so much, it made her cry every day.
Indeed, life has not been easy for Mamashi who admits that she has contemplated suicide many times.
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Mamashi has been to many doctors over the years but none was able to help her and the weight piled on onto her buttocks year after year until walking beacme a major problem.
Mamashi now spends almost all her time lying in her bed, just waiting for a relative or anyone to come feed and bath her.
This is the sad story of a woman who was quite beautiful just six years ago with a curvy wide hipped figure that made her proud. And then, without reason, she began to add weight but only in one major area…. the buttocks.
Not even going on a diet or starving herself outright has helped.


“What I really need is a doctor,” says Mamashi.

What do you think she needs? Surgery?
In a few more years this woman will surely be undisputed as the woman with the largest buttocks in the world… and definitely one of the saddest since she is at a loss as to how to live happily with her situation.
Meet The Sad Lady Who Feels Cursed With The Biggest Butt in The World – Amazing Details


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