Do you know who Lady Liberty is? Every been to the city of New York and seen that lovely lady towering over it day and night? Many know her officially as the Stature of Liberty.
How did Lady Liberty even get there we ask? Shipping is your answer.

Shipping is actually what keeps the world’s supply of goods at a balanced level. Thousands of containers on enormous cargo ships are always on transit each day from one part of the world to another, one continent to the other. And this is the journey that connects manufacturers to the consumers who need the goods.

At least 70% of the products and items you find in the average household, in the of the kitchen cupboard or fridge; items such as coffee, spice, bananas, have all made an epic trip across the seas or by air to arrive there.

However, not all cargos are that straightforward. Some things are so huge that having them flown by air is completely out of question and even moving them by sea is a mind-bending process. How then, do those things get transported to their destination?

For nearly two hundred years, ingenious shipping engineering (and even unique manpower) have made it possible for some of the largest, heaviest and most cumbersome cargo to sail to across the seas to the exact point where they need be. Here are some of the biggest things ever to be transported by sea.

Lady Liberty History

In 1885, France’s gift to the United States of America, The Statue of Liberty or Lady Liberty as it is now commonly known in the United States finally arrived its New York destination from France.

A very significant gift but one that arrived 10 years late because among many things, engineers had to conquer the problem of how to get an iron and copper sculpture 93 meters tall and 200-tonne in weight from Paris to New York.

These images show various stages of the original construction in Paris of the Statue of Liberty and it does bring home its sheer enormity. Note how the people are dressed.. that is Paris of old.


Built in Paris by sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi with the help of sculptor. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, creator of The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Lady Liberty was to be America’s symbol of independence and freedom to commemorate the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence.The answer to getting The Statue of Liberty to its New York destination was certainly by sea and a big ship but still more ideas where needed to ensure the arrival of such an important icon.

Lady Liberty was separated into 350 separate pieces, packed up into 214 solid wooden crates and, by sheer manpower, carefully loaded onto the French frigate “Isere.”. After the long and hazardous  journey across the Atlantic, Lady Liberty arrived her destination in New York Harbor on June 1885

Lady Liberty was painstakingly rebuilt atop her Amerian-built pedestal, gaining her place as one of the most prominent icons in the world and a famous tourist attraction.

Today, the statue of Liberty stands mighty and proud on Liberty Island.


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