Top Lawyer Sues Italy and Israel Over The Execution Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

A top Kenyan Lawyer has filed a case or rather, an appeal, before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), praying the court to revisit a prior case concerning the execution of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Both this new appeal and the initial case were brought before the court by the same person, a senior Kenyan lawyer named Dola Indidis.

A former Spokesman of the Kenyan Judiciary Association, Mr. Indidis, is a lawyer with lots of experience under his belt which is why most people though he was just fooling around when he first started talking about prosecuting Italy and Israel for a crime committed some two thousand years ago.

But alas! it was no joke.

From the time he first started talking about his intentions till date, it’s been 10 years and he’s sued Italy and Israel twice already. This appeal he filed just days ago makes it the third time.

The First Case For Jesus

The first case Mr. Dola Indidis filed against Italy and Israel was in his home country of Kenya and that was in the year 2007. He brought the case before a Nairobi court as a murder charge. The presiding judge who figured the case was some sort of a bad joke, kicked it right out of his court to the concrete sidewalk where he felt it belonged.

But Mr. Indidis was determined in his resolve to get the tyrants behind the horrible death of the son of God punished and so he turned his attention to a higher court of law.

This time he actually went global.

The newspapers of the world were agog with the story in August of 2013 when an experienced Kenyan lawyer sued to get justice for the Jesus Christ via the International Court of Justice.
In his presentation to the court, Mr. Dola Indidis held that the prosecution, trial, sentencing and eventual execution of Jesus Christ was unlawful. He stressed that apart from the injustice, there was a gross abuse of office on the part of Italy, but Italy and Israel were guilty of judicial misconduct and prejudice.
Mr. Dola Indidis feels that there has been a gross violation of the human rights of the son of God by the citizens of both Italy and Israel.
He insists that Jesus was spat on, beaten, taunted, and finally sentenced to death by citizens of Italy and Israel and all the evidence is in the Bible which certainly cannot be discredited and so he would do his best as long as he lived to fight for justice and dignity for the son of God.
Mr. Dola Indidis is prayed the court to punish Italy and Israel for the execution of Jesus Christ in order to atone for the involvement of leaders such as Emperor Tiberius who was ruler of Rome at the time, Pontius Pilate who was the Roman governor over Israel and King Herod, all of who were by law, accomplices in the brutal murder of Jesus Christ.
Mr. Dola Indidis asked that the International Court of Justice to, by declaration, ‘nullity the proceedings before the Roman courts which was not in line with the rule of law at the material time or any other time thereafter.”
The International Court of Justice refused to do as it was prayed and dismissed Mr. Indidis’ case on the grounds that it has no jurisdiction whatever over such cases.
As pointed out, this all took place in 2013 but it seems that Mr. Indidis is not yet ready to give the matter a rest as fresh reports have it that he has set forth the process of an appeal before the International Court of Justice, praying it to revisit the case.

Author’s remark.

Now I ask thee, dost thou thinkest this man crazy or not? Perhaps he’s just looking for any easy way into heaven and a sit by the right hand of Jesus like Barnabas.


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