Not many people give a second thought to their pee before flushing it down the loo and yet, medically, urine color can tell volumes about a person’s health.

Ever wondered why doctors and medical experts ask people are asked to give urine for tests in time of illness or why some experienced medical professionals can make an instant diagnosis of an illness just by looking at a clear glass of the patient’s urine?

The truth is that the fundamental details of your urine, it’s color and odor, and how often you urinate, speaks volumes about the inside of your body.


Thing like foods, medications, and illnesses, which affects your body directly also affects your urine turn out and this is easily detected through urine color.

Human urine may take on a variety of unique colors, which vary in ranges from different variations of golden yellow color to deep honey or amber color and even light straw color.

The aim of this post is to teach you what each urine color means, what it says about your health and your body,


8 Major Urine Colors and What They Say About Your Health

As outlined just above, the different colors of human urine can tell a lot about the body’s health. Indeed, if all is perfectly normal and healthy in you, the color of your warm urine should be a pale yellow to gold. Anything else is not right, something is definitely wrong within your body.

Below, we take a close look at a list of the 8 major urine colors in medical science and what they say about your lifestyle and your body’s health.

Urine Color and meaning
If all is perfectly normal and healthy in you, then the color of your warm urine should be a pale yellow to gold (Urine Therapy).

1. Transparent, Clear or colorless urine

Is the color of your urine is transparent or as clear as clean water? This just means that you’ve been consuming (drinking) a lot of water or watery stuff lately and need to lay off it a bit. with perfectly funtioning kidneys, there is really no cause for alarm here.

Your Urine and your health are one and the same

2. Pale yellow urine.

With your urine running a pale yellow in color you should be pleased because this means you are perfectly normal and healthy. Your diet, all you are eating, is good and you are well hydrated. Nice!

Your Urine and your health are one and the same

3. Transparent urine color or clear Yellow. urine

If the color of the urine you are passing out is transparent or just a clear yellow then you are perfectly normal.

Your Urine and your health are one and the same

4. Dark Yellow urine

When the color of your urine is dark yellow, it means you are perfectly normal but there might be the need for you to drink a good amount of water soon. Simply put, you are somewhat dehydrated but not critically so.


5. Brownish yellow urine color

This urine color is an early warning sign of dehydration but can also be a sign that some kind of liver disease has taken root in you. You might also get this manner of urine coming out of your body after some heavy drinking.

Your Urine and your health are one and the same

6. Pinkish red urine

Omitting the following foods completely from your diet could result in this urine color.- Tomatoes, carrots, beetroots, blackberries. But on the downside, this could be a sign of a tumor somewhere in you or even Kidney disease. Cases of serious Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) have been known to produce this symptom.

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7. Green or Blue 

This is a very odd urine color indeed and the first thing to look for is the presence any manner of artifical dyes in your food or any medications you’ve may be taking. However, this urine color can also be a clear sign of rare genetic disease, and so if the color remains after a short time, go see a doctor.

Your Urine and your health are one and the same

8. Foamy or frothy urine

Regardless of what urine color you’ve been passing out, it certainly doesn’t matter if it’s clear or odorless, if your urine always appears to be foamy and/or frothy, it may be warning signs of protein in your urine. Protein in human urine is an indication of kidney disease.

Your Urine and your health are one and the same


Now we know a bit more about our urine. Take a good look at whatever urine you pass out next time before you plush it away down the loo. (urine color and urine therapy)

Note, the theory about urine color talking volumes about the body’s health also applies to the odor and even the taste of urine. All of this fall under Urine therapy, an age-old therapeutic remedy to cure all manner of illness that has been in use in the Orient for hundreds and even thousands of years.

You can read all about this issue right here.


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