Man Batters Wife To Pulp For Abominable Insult

Hell was let loose yesterday in a suburb of Ifo, a town in Ogun State as a middle-aged man gave his wife the beating to end all beatings for what he termed an ‘abominable insult’.
This act of domestic violence took place yesterday evening in a town in Ogun state, western Nigeria.
According to reports, the beating which began inside their apartment overflowed on outside where It took the intervention of several neighbors to rescue the battered woman from his clutches.
The man middle-aged man, Mr. Francis Abiagan, he had endured his wife’s abominable insults enough and was determined to give her the beating he had denied her for years.
He claims to have been provoked by his wife’s maltreatment of his ill mother who lives in the same apartment with them.
The wife, Mrs. Joy Abiagan by name, is in bad shape and is still in the hospital in Ogun State where kind-hearted neighbors rushed her to after she was rescued from her husband’s angry fists.

The Accusations Fly

The housewife, Mrs. Abiagan, has a swollen eye and a seriously battered face as seen in the photo above. She is also having serious pains all over her body.
Mrs. Abiagan accuses her husband of domestic assault of the worst order but seemed most upset that he stripped her naked out in their compound for the world to see.
Ironically, she made no mention of her crimes. According to her, she is completly innocent.
On his part, Mr. Francis Abiagan, was a man with fire in his heart even several hours after the incident. He accused his wife of disrespecting his aging mother in the worst kind of way.
Narrating his story in a down to earth manner to peacemakers. He’s been married for 10 years without much trouble until his mother who lived alone in his village had a stroke and he had to bring her to live with him and his wife because there was no one to care for her. And that was when the trouble all began as his wife never gave his mother a single moment of peace.
He claims that he has put up with all his wife’s siblings who came to live with them at one time or the order and they’ve transformed his life into a living hell. But he brings in only his mother and his wife won’t even be nice to the old woman, refusing to feed or care for her.
He claims his wife was starving his mother secretly for weeks until he finally found out and hired a helper to cook and care for his mother. His later turned around and fired the person.
According to neighbors, Mr. Francis Abiagan is a peace leveeing man who has tolerated a lot of things from his wife, inviting counselors both from the church in which they worship and from the neighborhood to talk to her to change her ways but this has failed so far.
The height of things came when he got home yesterday and learned his wife had assaulted his sick mother physically, dragging her all over the floor and calling the old lady a witch.
Mr. Francis Abiagan is saying that he can endure a lot of things but not that kind of insult to his mother. He is insisting that he has given the woman the fitting treatment he should have given her long ago.
From the look of things, a divorce is on the way.


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