4 Strange Natural Eye Care Remedies For Eye Problems and Disease


People ask or wonder, are there any natural eye care remedies for different eye problems and disease?

There are too many eye disorders troubling mankind today and big pharmaceuticals companies the world over, are exploiting this massive health flaw profitably by flooding the global health market with tons of eyedrops. 

Before you run off to join the hundreds of millions of dedicated eyedrop users worldwide, there are a few simple things you should know and these include some strange but very powerful natural eye care remedies that are better than the very best of chemical eyedrops. One remedy, in particular, has a history dating as far back as 4,000 years!



The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body and so any serious problem with them has us running in the direction of the nearest medical facility for assistance. Medication for most common eye disorders such as dry eyes, eye irritation or eyes strain, being outdoors in sunny and windy conditions, itchy eyes, sore eyes, pink eyes, irritant eye etc, — even that for some chronic eye disease – come mainly in the form of eyedrops.



  1. Though expensive, some eyedrops are quite good for the eyes but many are bad and even more are perfectly useless.
  2. Eyedrops are one of the easiest and most rampantly imitated medical products in the world. Brazil, Nigeria, China — at least 70% of all eyedrop products from these countries are fakes – if the user is lucky, its mere water with some salt in it. But if it’s expired chemical, rebranded, then the user is in trouble but may never know it for quite a while, and then it’s too late.
  3. Decongestant eye drops, which are commonly advertised as quick relief for dry eye do work, but will then, the long term effect is that your problems will worsen greatly.
  4. Besides eyedrops, there are eye gels and ointments. With very dry eyes, eye gels are better not eyedrops.
  5. Did you know that the chief ingredient in eyedrops is water? Even the best and most expensive eyedrops have water content levels above 85%!
  6. Do you know that certain eyedrops such as lubricating eyedrops are merely artificial tears? These are the same high priced eyedrops recommended for dry eyes and computer eye strain.
  7. Some high performing eyedrops have chemicals in them that damage eye tissue with long-term use.
  8. Not all eyedrops are good for everyone – some eyes are allergic to certain eyedrops, which is why it’s best to get a prescription from a professional examiner before using any eyedrop.
  9. Expired eyedrops can be very dangerous to the eyes. EVEN WHEN IT LOOKS PERFECTLY HARMLESS, DO NOT USE.
  10. Using even a few drops of the wrong eyedrop for the wrong ailment can worsen it greatly.
  11. Eyedrops can ruin perfectly good eyes. It is always best to stir clear of eyedrops when you do not really need them.
  12. Most chronic eye diseases are completely painless, do not induce any change in your vision and show no symptoms whatever until they reach a very advanced stage when it is too late to do anything.
  13. Some ordinary eye problems are signs of a deep lying one.

If you must use eyedrops do so only with the advice of a qualified expert. Go for regular professional examinations, particularly, if you have a close relative who suffers from any chronic eye disease.

You see, walking down the lane of modern medicine with you eye problems can be confusing if not frustrating. Why not give nature a chance to heal you in its strange but powerful way?


4 Strange Natural Eye Care Remedies For Eye Problems and Disease.

Below are 4 very natural eye care remedies for eye problems and overall eye health that are far better than anything at all you can get in a drug store.


Most temporary eye problems are caused by poisons in the eyes or just extreme dryness of the eyeballs. Washing out the eyes with clean water solves the problem quickly. Adding some salt to the water to give it a slightly salty taste like tears, works even better, particularly with dry eyes.

Adding honey to the water gives you a very healthy eyedrop that injects nutrients directly into your eyes and, with regular use, gets rid of many problems.

With red or hot eyes, persistent dry eyes too, opt for slightly cold water to cool eye temperature and get instant relief. The water must always be clean and pure.


2. Human Breast Milk

Surprised? Don’t be. That ordinary milk flowing freely from the breasts of a nursing mother is actually better than most wonder drugs in performance, which is really why it can single-handedly provide nourishment and protection for a newborn child with an underdeveloped immune system for up to a full year!

In one of my circles, nursing mothers squint some of their breast milk into the eyes of both their older kids and husband regularly. The result? Perfect sight! Many moms swear to this.

Breast milk does away with poisons and harmful bacteria swiftly, healing all living tissues.


3. Onions

There is no other food that goes to work on the eyes as fast and dedicatedly as onions (not even carrots). Provided you eat it raw and enough of it, onions will fix your eyes. Make sure to use fresh onions, preferably, white onions – its natures gift to people with bad eyes. Endeavor to slice the onions yourself because doing this will get the powerful fumes in your eyes, stinging and fixing all flaws directly even before you start with the eating of it.

People with eye problem should eat lots of onions and carrots too. They are good for you and better for your eyes.

(CLICK HERE to read more about onions)


4. Urine

For every illness or disease afflicting your body, the immunes system produces antibodies. These antibodies, may not work initially but once you drink your own urine, your immune system shifts into new gear.

Eating a balanced diet and putting drops of the urine you pass out into your eyes, 3 times a day, should rid you of all eye problems and prevent eye disease. If you have not been doing urine therapy but wish to solve an eyes problem with it right away, do this….

*Eat a salad rich with onions and some carrots (the trigger) to condition your immune system for a dedicated attack on that eye problem or disease, whatever it is. Add drops of the urine you pass out to your eyes from then on, 3 or more times every day. Eat well of healthy foods rich with onions for 3 to 7 days, drop your urine in your eyes all through, at least 3 times a day. Even with the worst eye diseases there should be some improvement within 48 hours.

This is a 4,000-year-old power packed remedy so use it with respect!


Modern science has answers for most eye disorders and these are in the form of eyedrops, gels, and ointment. These drugs are often too expensive and come with too unwelcome side effects.

Nature, in its strange but vastly superior manner, offers something better and the best part is there are no side effects.

These 4 strange natural eye care remedies for eye problems are actually more powerful than any chemical eyedrop. You do not even need to have eye issues to use them as they can act to preserve eye health by preventing eye problems form finding a foothold in your eyes in the first place.


4 Strange Natural Eye Care Remedies For Eye Problems and Disease


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