The flu, or influenza, is a widespread viral illness which produces a high temperature, sore and painful throat, a terrible headache, running nose, dry cough, and pains in the muscles. Flu remedies are what comes to mind next. 

We all know this illness pretty well, how widespread it is and how it comes during the winter months when all is cold and frosty but did you know that healthy foods can keep it at bay?

Influenza can sometimes be fatal and so when we come down with the illness or even notice the symptoms, we go running off to see the doctor for medications and not healthy foods.

Well, this is what a guy on Facebook claims to have done recently. Allen caught the flu, he did, and then he went off to see a very learned doctor.


Healthy Foods vs Orthodox Flu Remedies

Now, according to Allen, this learned doctor, in his wisdom, prescribed three different things for him to take and told him they would make him completely fine and fit in 5 days. But unfortunately, those three things were three different sachets of drugs.

Drugs? Allen is one of those people who hate the oral consumption of drugs with a passion and so he had a big problem on his hands.

Moreover, the timeframe for recovery, the 5 days, it didn’t suit him at all. He had to be fit and well for an event at the office on the fourth day.

Strange and Simple Way A Man Cured Himself Of The Flu Under 2 Days | Natural Flu Remedies


Healthy Foods To The Rescue


Allen says he was pondering his problem when he suddenly remembered the accidental way he cured a similar condition last year.

He’d had appetite issues then and so had eaten only oranges for a time…. he had eaten 5 kilos of oranges in just two days and drank 5 liters of water over the course of those two days. That was how he cured his flu then without even realizing it. Talk about healthy food!

He decided to do things that way again this time around and so one particular healthy food it had to be.

Hear what he said….


I ate a lot of oranges and drank a lot of water. I drank so much water I started pissing like a horse every second until my urine became colorless.

Indeed, he ate the arranges like before and drank the water like before only this time he did it with a vengeance. And wonder of wonders! He was feeling much better by the afternoon of day two!

Strange and Simple Way A Man Cured Himself Of The Flu Under 2 Days | Natural Flu Remedies

By the third day, Allen was back in the office, all good and new.

He is now calling this trick his ‘personal Orange Therapy’ for the flu. And guess what? This works for other illnesses too, its all about healthy foods getting in you.

Allen never visited a drug store to get those prescribed drugs. He never took them.

Oranges: The Simple Way to Cure The Flu Under 2 Days | Natural Flu Remedies

Oranges are definitely one healthy food with a grudge against illnesses in your body! Want to know another? Pure natural honey!



A doctor who studied medicine for years in a prestigious institution told Allen he would get well in 5 days by ingesting 3 different drugs into his system but he achieved the same goal with oranges and in just 2 days! Talk about a very special healthy food!

Orange is rich in natural Vitamin C and so, in conclusion, natural Vitamin C is the death of the virus which causes the flu. What does that say for our total belief in drugs and hospitals?

Those doctors and pharmacists you patronize whenever you get ill are actually businessmen after a peculiar and the number one secret of business is to keep your customers coming.

When next you have the flu, instead of running off to the doctor, why not give Allen’s orange therapy a try to get well in 2 days rather than 5 days.

Strange and Simple Way A Man Cured Himself Of The Flu Under 2 Days | Natural Flu Remedies


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