Nokia Launches New Smartphone


Earlier this summer, there was much excitement around the world about the relaunch of the Nokia classic 3310, the newspapers and social media were agog with the news. ( Nokia 3 )

Well, they can now get ready to go at it again and those who love to be owners of the latest devices in the market can soon go back to shopping because Nokia is at it with the release of an all-new smartphone.

Of course, HMD Global are the culprits here, who else will make something so exceptional like the 3310 under the Nokia brand? HMD Global are the sole owners of the license to Nokia’s brand, and it looks like they are quite reasonable people too because the phone, despite its wonderful features, is a bargain at just £119, which makes it about $170 at current exchange rates.

HMD has chosen to use a pure and neat version of Google’s smartphone software so the newly released device is not an overload of unnecessary software as is the case with many Samsung devices which carry apps such as ‘S Voice’ and that miserable ‘kindle reader’

The Nokia 3 which has got a Nokia Stereo Headset, is set to become HMD Global’s platinum level flagship, a high-end workhorse model to rival the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 models which are from Samsung and Apple respectively.

The Nokia 3 will go on sale right around Christmas and we can all expect it to have the usual balance of value, class, and functionality that has set Nokia apart as a popular choice in the past.

Among it features are a five-inch HD touchscreen which fills up the front of the phone. There are three illuminated Android control keys hidden in the polycarbonate case just under the screen, and as for storage, the device offers 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded by as much as 128GB with a micro-SD card.

The camera of the device is unique. On the back is an eight-megapixel wide-angle camera and its autofocus just like the one in front of the device, which is an eight-megapixel selfie camera located above the screen.

Other significant features of the device are its 4G LTE to enable fast internet activity and browsing both by mobile as well as Wi-Fi, the latest NFC technology so one can carry out contactless card payments via Android Pay and there is the powerful Bluetooth.

If you are a Nokia phone lover who has always wanted a phone that equals the iPhone 7, well, you got your wish and given its rather low price tag, you can’t complaint unless, of course, its t voice your displeasure at having to wait till December to get the phone.

Nokia phones are well known for their durability and long battery life. If the Nokia 3 is the flagship of the lot, one can only wonder as to its durably and strengths.


From all indications, the phone will be available in the United States around December and then it will be made available elsewhere in the world.


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