An oil rig and the pioneering spirit on the seas, ever hear of them? Both are massive structures, one a ship and one a home and workplace for special kind of workers.
Still don’t understand? Well, read on.

Just earlier this year, the world’s heaviest cargo was transported by ship from its active location in the North Sea to a new location in the Port of Hartlepool some work had to be done on it.

The Brent Delta oil rig, which is one of the largest of its kind, had been decommissioned, so it was brought to land to be dismantled accordingly and then recycled. From its seabed foundations to its top, the rig measured taller than France’s Eiffel Tower. Only the top side needed to be shifted, but this part of the rig alone, as can be seen in the images, comprising drilling equipment and living quarters for workers, and so weighed in at well more than 24,000 tonnes.

Enters The Pioneering Spirit

In sailing the oceans, the gargantuan Allseas Pioneering Spirit, a vessel with a reach that’s more than the length of six jumbo jets, measuring 382 meters long, weighed in at 403,342 tonnes.

This gigantic ship, Pioneering Spirit might have broken something of a record, but astonishingly there’s, even more, room for extra cargo: her full load capacity is a staggering 48,000 tonnes!

Technically, the ship was only half full.


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