Okra is one of the most nutritious vegetables in nature. It is also among one of the most delicious and widely enjoyed foods in the world.

Popularly called “lady’s fingers” in most parts of the world because of its long slim shape, Okra, in the countries of Europe and America, is also known as “gumbo, gumbo or, in Spanish speaking lands, quilombo.

In India, it is called “Bhindi” and “bamies” in Arab and eastern Mediterranean countries.


WARNING! This Delicious Vegetable Leads To Permanent Infertility


Okra actually originated in Egypt. It has been cultivated in that dry Arab country since the 12th century. It spread throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Europe and was actually one of the first vegetables to be cultivated in North America where it is enjoyed mostly as a stew thickening and sweetening ingredient … “gumbos.”

Indeed, whichever continent you find yourself on – Africa, America, Europe or Asia – there is an endless variety of soups and stews being made with Okra. Even special delicacies are not left out! Stalks of Okra are fried whole and sliced to make delicious looking and tasting delicacies in many lands.


WARNING! This Delicious Vegetable Leads To Permanent Infertility


Food specialists would have a field day telling how highly nutritious Okra is. How wonderful it is for your health, overall body development, and maintenance. Okra does have a vast wealth of nutrients that is nothing short of amazing. It’s rich in Vitamins of all kinds, carbohydrate, water, minerals, and protein.

But before you go feasting day and night on Okra, know this. Numerous studies carried out over the last two decades have shown that Okra can cause infertility in men and women both. In extreme cases, it can cause impotence in men.

Okra contains a unique substance known as “GOSSYPOL”, which prevents the motility and even production of sperm by blocking too many enzymes that are extremely important in the metabolism of energy in sperm-producing cells and even sperm (the fluid itself).

Interestingly, doctors in China have been using Gossypol for many years as a male contraceptive. This is a result of clinical research conducted in 1986 to map out the true effectiveness of gossypol as a contraceptive. Other health experts in Brazil conducted another like research in 1990.

The results showed clearly that gossypol induced low sperm count in men and also lowered the motility of sperms. Most interesting was that it also made a percentage of the men completely and permanently infertile and, in a few rare cases, even impotent.

WARNING! This Delicious Vegetable Leads To Permanent Infertility

Effects Of Okra In Women

In women, the Gossypol triggers menstrual irregularity. Experts link it to hypokalemia and damage to red blood cells within turn lead to hemolytic anemia.




Eat Okra and be healthy but never consume it in high amounts. Stay away from it completely if you have any of the following health issues….

  1. Anemia
  2. Athletes
  3. Erectile dysfunction
  4. Men from families with a history of infertility.
  5. Men undergoing medical treatment or investigation for Infertility.
  6. Women with irregular menstrual circles.

WARNING! This Delicious Vegetable Leads To Permanent Infertility
Acknowledgment Article published in consultation with Dr. Danielle McMahon (MD), Private Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA.


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