Warning!!! Phones Cause Deadly Food Poisoning! (A Mother’s Sad Experience)


Phones, yes, the phones we love so much, can be a blessing but it can also be the death of you by way of introducing a deadly food poisoning bacteria into our foods.

This was the case of a Mexican woman who made breakfast for her family like every other morning, but this time, killed them all in the process.

In most third world lands, such as Mexico, Mother’s do not entertain the idea of members of their family, particularly the children, eating outside and so customarily take the trouble to cook for them at home at all times. This didn’t go very well for one Mexican mother just last week, though.


The Phone, The Food And The Food Poisoning Bacteria

Daniella, a mother of two, woke up with the dawn last week Tuesday and hurried to a nearby food market to buy some foodstuffs to prepare her family breakfast like she always does each day.

Daniella (not real name) prepares a healthy breakfast for her kids each day and packs something for them as lunch so they don’t get to eat junk food our, and did so again that fateful day. Her first child, a son, Agustin is eight years old and the other, a daughter, Maria, is just six. The breakfast was eggs and ham tortillas with enough fresh orange juice, a half hour in the kitchen and breakfast was ready to be served.

Daniella woke the kids up and sent them off to the bathroom to take their bath, this was her mother’s routine and that of her grandmother before her, a strict family rule laid down by the women of the family, – you can’t sit at the dining table to eat without at least washing your hands. With Danielle, you had to wash the entire body and not just the hands.


Daniella was setting out the food out on the table when her daughter, Maria came down to report her brother: “Mama, Agustin has refused to come out of the bathroom and I need to go in.”

“Agustin!” yelled Daniella, “quit playing around in the bath and come out this minute!”

Her son obeyed and came out so his sister could go into the bathroom. Daniella told her daughter to hurry up and come to the table to eat so as not to be late for school.

And it was at this time that it happened, Daniella got a text message from her husband who worked nights, and sending a reply took her a while

After Daniella got through with the text message, she went back to setting out breakfast for her kids. Her husband sent more text messages and while Daniella was busy with the food and she took time off to answer all of them.

(food poisoning bacteria)
The kids ate well and were on the move for school on schedule. They arrived the school on time and Daniella dropped them off and headed back home. But alas! Barely two hours later she got a terrifying call from the school.

Her children, both of them, were being rushed to the hospital!

Daniella panicked – what could have happened? Everything was just fine only this morning, only a few hours ago! Daniella called her husband at once and they rushed off to the hospital.

On arrival, the doctors informed them that the children were in critical condition – both kids had an uncontrollable fever which was probably caused by the presence of a bacterium known as salmonella within their system. (food poisoning bacteria)

The doctors made it clear that the food poisoning bacteria had somehow gotten into their food, and was now destroying the organs of the children!

Daniella was horrified at this information, she fainted and was revived quickly by the medical staff. Together with husband, they started praying to God for to save their family.

A battery of tests followed, and then the doctors arrived at the conclusion that the deadly food poisoning bacteria was in the breakfast Daniella prepared with so much care that morning.

Daniella insisted that there was no way such a thing was possible, she had prepared that breakfast herself and it was strictly a healthy diet as alway. After much talking with the doctors, it finally came to light that Daniella had used her phone when serving the kids the meal — the phone! That was the culprit!

Phones: A Heavenly Abode For Food Poisoning Bacteria.

Our phones are mostly made of plastic which is a haven for bacteria. Indeed, our phones are covered with thousands of bacteria which we cannot see with the naked eyes but these bacteria can end up getting in our food and thus lead to fatal consequences! These are food poisoning bacteria.


Sadly, God did not answer Daniella’s prayers. Her daughter died first and her son soon followed suit. The poor woman was left heartbroken, calling herself a murderer for killing her own kids.

Today, Daniella is using every means she can to warn parents about the dangers of handling Phones and food together. The dangers of the food poisoning bacteria, how real and how deadly it is.

We all make this mistake, touching our phones even as we eat. Most people eat with spoons and forks so we don’t know how close we came to death. But there are those cases, particularly in the kitchen where handling of food with the bare hand in necessary. In this cases, we merely transfer the food poisoning bacteria from the phone to our food.

Mothers beware!

Warning!!! Phones Cause Deadly Food Poisoning! (A Mother’s Sad Experience)


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