One of the most terrible things that could ever happen to a house owner is the appearance of a pest or pests in his or her home, which brings on the erratic problem of pest control, a feat fraught with difficulties. As such, taking preventive pest control measures is something every homeowner should pay attention to.
As soon as they show up in your nice home, these creepy pests get right off to a busy start by creating colonies and from there on, the chances that you are likely going to affect the proper preventive pest control measures to get rid of them all is pretty low.
We typically realize there are pests living with us in our own homes only when it’s way too late, and most often than not, we need to call in the pest control specialists or whatever pest control experts are within our region. However, it’s a lot more convenient to keep these creepy insects and other unwelcome animals out of the house rather than trying to get rid of them after they’ve arrived and settled in i.e, preventive pest control measures.
The possibility that pests could just show up in your home by chance is very low but this not to say it does not happen. However, homeowners tend to make certain kinds of mistakes that attract the creepy creatures to their houses. Below, we take a look at some of these mistakes and how to apply simple pest control measures to get rid of the unwelcome creatures.

11 common mistakes we make that attracts pests to our home | preventive pest control Measures

Below are the 11 common mistakes we make that attracts pests to our home, including the preventives and simple preventive pest control Measures that can be taken beofre or afterward.


The cockroach, bug, or black beetle as it’s called in some lands, is actually the most common pest in the world. It’s strongly attracted to any place or home where it can find some old and decaying food and create a colony. These creatures have a powerful sense of smell and can smell the bad odor emanating from old trash in which food has been dumped from kilometers away. If this trash is in your home or close, they will surely find a way to get into your house.  Cockroaches are a diehard bunch with incredible survival ability. In fact, they are about the only creatures that can survive a nuclear explosion! A cockroach can live for up to a week with its head cut off or even after a direct pesticide attack! This being so, total eradication of these pests from a home, even by pest control experts, is almost impossible and so it is best to stop them from getting in in the first place.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

Cockroaches hate nothing worse than a clean and well-lit surrounding free of old food or trash.
Clean your trash bins on a regular, and, just to be on the safe side, create optimal ways of collecting and disposing of your garbage. Stocking up your garbage in a big bin out in the backyard for a one-time disposal process is definitely not a good idea. Cockroaches and other such pests will surely appear there, one way or the other, and then eventually sneak into your house.


Unless you live in advance lands like the United States, Canada, and Europe, this point may be confusing. People living in these advanced lands, nature-loving people have a habit of setting out birdseeds or other such foods for birds in open containers close to their window. Some people go as far as do this with water; providing the birds with a bath and drink in one go.
It is very important to pay attention to the location or placement of birdbaths and birdfeeders. People often place them all too close to their windows in order to be able to watch the birds easily and sometimes take pictures of them. The downside to this is that, you’ll also be creating a heaven for insects and other pests to feed and eventually come into your house.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

Birdfeeders and Birdbaths should be positioned no less than 10 meters away from your house. Be sure that there is no food spoilage onto the ground there, because that can attract all kinds of bugs and ants from all over the surrounding area. Lastly, do not place birdfeeders and birdbaths on the branches of garden fruit trees. All those pests crawling all over the tree and the fruits you will surely eat is doing not good at all.


Gutters are defined as rainwater channels on roofs or roads. Dirty gutters are heavens for pests. While roof gutters tend to harbor insects, the road gutters are heavens for rodents. Gutters tend to hold moisture and so during summer, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rodents make gutters their home. However, the question here is, where will they go to for food? It’s all too obvious! They will come right into your home, gradually populating it and creating stable colonies.

Prevention and Pest Control Measures

Clean out all the gutters in and around your home every year, particularly during the warmer seasons. Gutters that are clogged with old wood and dead tree leaves are definitely the source of the earthworms climbing right up to the roof of your home. A roof infested with earthworms is awful to behold, trust me, you don’t want it. Always pay careful attention to the cleanness of your gutters and, of course, your roof.


During the summer and other warmer seasons of the year, environmental and health experts strongly advise people not to leave water stagnant around their homes for more than 3-4 days. Why? Many different life forms can start breeding right in there, including fleas, mosquitoes (particularly in tropical regions), and even roaches.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

Cover or fill up all dips and holes were water can collect around your home. Look out for puddles.
Do you own pets? Pay attention to their food bowls and baths, do not overlook old buckets out in your yard. Simple as they appear, these can be a major attraction to pests, a literal breeding for different insects. If you just love gardening, endeavor to watch out for places where water can possibly collect and lie stagnant for a while.


Many of us love to grill, procuring special grill equipment to feed our pleasure. The garage is where we usually pack away this grill equipment, always ready for use. Unfortunately, not many people like to clean their grill equipment after consuming all that tasty barbecue dishes. Consequently, grill equipment is a wonderful place for ants, cockroaches and other insects to feed and create colonies. Those bits of meat and fat that fall onto the metal parts of a grill and get stuck are what they feed on but not right off, though. With repeated use, it becomes quite impossible to clean those bits of meat and fat out and the insects will get wind of the sweet smell from miles off. Believe or leave it, they will come rushing down to your home to know exactly what kind of refreshments you’ve got left for them in your garage. From there, they will definitely find their way into your house.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

Even if you cannot do it on regular basis, at intervals, endeavor to wash out the grill equipment through with liquid detergents, locate and scrape away those bits of fats and meat stuck to the metal.


Everyone knows that cockroaches and ants have that so-called exoskeleton. This means that you cannot actually squeeze them to death all that easily. Consequently, these creepy creatures squeeze into the narrowest of places and so easily get into your home through very tiny holes. Interestingly, these creepy pests have tracks which they follow at all times. If you are having trouble with pests the main thing to change is your entrance mat. Insects make their homes under the old mats, from here they create or find routes into your house, and organize their colonies and graveyards. Go right ahead. Take up your old front mat and take a good look at the underside.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

Health and environmental experts recommend changing the front mat at least once per year, particularly during spring. The moisture and warmth of spring makes the underside of your front mat a suitable home for pests.


It is always best to eat fruits before they go overripe. If at any point you feel that some fruits in your home will not be eaten, then get rid of them all. The mistake here is when we dump that overripe fruit, that brown banana, into the garbage bin because it will be practically impossible to prevent ants, cockroaches, and particularly, fruit flies from getting down for a bite on the “prey”. These tiny but very nasty creatures (fruit flies) will find their way into your house at all costs, whether it’s coming down chimneys or crawling through small gaps and cracks. There is no way in the world you will ever stop them from getting at that rotten apple, rotten oranges or old banana.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

If there are no means by which you can dispose of these rotten food or fruits right away, just put them all into an air-tight plastic bag and tie it up as tightly as you possibly can.


Armchairs and Sofas, due to their makeup, are the most common dwelling place for nearly all known house pests. Most of the second-hand furniture being sold online, regardless of the website, are all pest infested in one way or the other. If you ever choose to save some money by purchasing a fairly used sofa, call for cleaning services or pest control experts to apply or spray on some special type of pesticide on to it.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

It’s a lot better to avoid purchasing any fairly used furniture at all, go for brand new ones if you can afford it. The issue here is not just having to avoid the big pests such as ants and cockroaches, even mice. There are billions of different microorganisms living within used furniture, which can be very harmful to your health and even ruin the cleanness of your house.


All up-to-date vent systems have the microcell nets feature for protection against even the tiniest pests. However, with use and the passage of time, these nets become worn or even torn in places. This causes loads of troubles for house owners because it is right through those leaky vents that insects will come crawling into the house, particularly during the autumn.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

Keep a close check on the ventilation system of your home and change the accessories at regular intervals rather than wait for them to wear out. Beware of low ventilation door placement as they can turn out to be highway routes for mice and rats to come waltzing in and out of your home. Call in pest control, do all you can to prevent all those pests from entering your house. This measure is very important because the presence of rats and mice in your home not only affect the comforts of your living but equally endangers your health, overall safety, and self-confidence.



Damages do occur in the flooring, roofing, and siding of our home. Left unattended to, these cracks and leaks can be yet another way in which pests get into your house. All that’s needed is a little crack in the wall of a good home and that is good enough to let in a colony of ants. As soon as these creatures get in, they will use the heat insulation of your home to organize their permanent housing units. There are quite a number of insect species that can live in such conditions as in your home. Additionally, where will they be getting their food from? It’s all too obvious – all of them will go shopping free of charge in all over your house and cause you a lot of discomfort and troubles.

Preventive Pest Control Measures

To avoid the trouble of these ant colonies, make sure to have any leaks, cracks or holes in the roof, walls, and flooring of your home fix as fast as possible. If you encounter a few ants here and there in your home, it is most likely there is a colony in existence somewhere in your home already. Call in pest control services right away.

11. Leaving Bushes Too Close To The House

It’s not just normal kinds of bushes as in bushy surroundings as in homes out in the countryside. What we are talking about here is also those bushy gardens you leave around your home and backyards. These kind of bushy surrounding is a haven for insects, rodents and dangerous animals such as snakes which make their homes in the undergrowth. From those gardens, they will come right into your home in search of food and thereby, harm you directly.

Wrapping it up: Preventive Pest Control Measures

Clear out all manner of bushes around your home. If you cannot maintain a garden anymore, get rid of it. Sometimes, it is even best to spray these gardens with pesticide just to be on the safe side so call in the pest control experts when you notice pests in your garden, there are probably others.
Try to implement some of the Preventive Pest Control Measures we have discussed here. Not only will it save you a lot of money but time too, and, of course, your home.


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