The All New Snake Eating And Selling Trends In Africa: Rainforest animals

The All New Snake Eating And Selling Trends In Africa: Rainforest animals

Rainforest animals are those animals that live in the jungles that cover certain parts of the world. In third world nations where poverty is king, these animals have become endangered because of the starving populace lean heavily on the forest for both food and fuel (firewood for cooking).

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This is exactly what is going on in Africa right now. The rainforest animals are being killed off and their forest home destroyed.

The Destruction of Rainforest Animals and Their Homes

Most countries in Africa are currently undergoing a period of recession where poverty and hunger, brought on by bad governance, are the order of the day.

Families go hungry on a daily basis and the numbers of people committing suicide due to hardship and failed business ventures are so high.

In rapidly growing nations which lie in the rainforest belt such as Nigeria, one of the most affected by this poverty and bad governance in Africa, a new trend has arisen. This trend is, everything, every animal (rainforest animals) caught by hunters in the bush or the sea is butchered and eaten as food. From whales to dolphins, sea turtles and seals to rainforest animals such as antelope and elephants. Nothing is spared.

The most common prey seems to be snakes, though. Huge tracts of the natural rainforest are being destroyed by the day in the poverty-stricken region both for firewood and to create more land for cheap housing projects and farms.

Consequently, the natural habitats of rainforest animals such as the huge African python are being eradicated so fast, most of these monster snakes now find themselves moving into people’s homes and farms standing exactly where the rainforest used to be. These animals are then shot, killed and butchered for food with sharp weapons.

Sometimes, those who capture these animals eat them but since pythons are among the few rainforest animals considered a delicacy by some African tribes, its flesh is often sold for a lot of money in the markets.

The images you see above are that of a man with a monster python around his neck. He is very poor and so is trying to sell the snake he captured and killed directly to wealthy people in their flashy cars driving along the streets of Lagos state, a state once covered by heavy rainforests which have been cleared away over the last four decades to create the sprawling city of Lagos, the third largest in the world.

Sad isn’t it? But to these people, the rainforest animals are just food and profit.


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