12 Reasons A Man Should Never Marry A Woman Who Is Not His Natural Choice

Take a look at the women above, make your natural choice and live happily ever after.

There are so many reasons why a man looking to get married should never take on a woman who is not his natural choice or type. While some of these reasons are minor, others are very major and if overlooked the consequence is most often terrible, in some cases, downright fatal.

Almost gone are the days of fixed or forced marriages. Still, for many peculiar reasons, a man can end up marrying a woman who is not of his natural choice. Some of these reasons include heeding to the wrong advice, dating the wrong woman strictly for sexual reasons and eventually getting her pregnant by accident. Succumbing to pressure from family members to get married in a hurry is another major reason why young men often make mistake in the choice of a life partner.
Are you a single man looking for marriage, a life partner?  Make sure she is a woman with all or a good number of the attributes you desire. She must be a woman who suits your natural choice, as close to ‘perfectly’ as can be since completely ‘perfect’ is something that is so rare where people are concerned. This is your natural choice!
The world is full of different women and they come in different shapes, sizes, complexion, and nature. As a man looking for just one out of that many with whom you will spend the rest of your life with, be very careful not to choose one who does not suit your mentality or physical tastes by at least 80%. This will guarantee that you are never a victim of the huge problems that come with a troubled marriage.

single men looking for marriage Make your natural choice

Below are just 12 of the many consequence and reasons why you should never allow yourself to marry a woman who is not your natural choice or type.

Twelve Reasons You Should Never Marry A Woman Who Is Not Your Natural Choice

The following are the things that will happen if you, a man, marrying a woman that is not your natural choice. Read through and learn a lesson.

1. Your Wife Will Never Be Able To Please You completely

No matter how hard she tries or how hard you try to recognize her efforts, if you marry a woman who is not your type, no matter how lovely she is, she will never be able to satisfy you completely both mentally and physically because she is the wrong women and so does not have access to your heart.

The key to ones heart is something that cannot be given. It has to be taken.

Because she can’t get access to your heart, there will always be that spot she cannot touch and this will leave you with a dissatisfaction that will grow with time.

2. It Is Divorce Waiting To Happen

Marrying a woman who is not your natural choice may be fine for a few months or even a few years if you are the strong and firm hearted kind, but the day will surely come when you will see that woman you really want … that woman that suits your natural taste perfectly, making your heart stop by her mere presence and from that moment on, you are in trouble. You will begin to regret your marriage, hate it even, and divorce will be the only way out.

3. You Will Never Love Your Wife

There is a fine line between loving and greatly liking someone. Most people do not know the difference and so often mistake liking someone for loving that person or even being in love.

Love is a thing of the mind, the heart, which we have no control over. It comes and it goes. Most times it stays put forever. It cannot be given and it cannot be taken.

A man can only fall in love with a woman who clicks with his heart, making it tick faster in unique ways. Marrying a woman who is not your natural choice is like denying yourself love legally for the rest of your life.
Looking at another woman does not necessarily mean you don’t love your wife, but looking at that woman with your heart beating faster than normal is not a good sign at all.

4. You Will Become That Evil Man Responsible For A Broken Home With Kids

When your marriage finally breaks up because you can’t stand being with the wrong woman any more or you have been caught cheating with the ‘right’ woman, those people who gave you the advice to marry the ‘wrong’ woman will be your number one accusers and guess what? They will be perfectly correct bemuse the woman will be the innocent victim in the matter. It isn’t a pretty game.
5. Your inability to show your wife complete love will lead to all kinds of trouble.
When you get married, your wife has a right to your love but unfortunately, this is one thing no one can give freely. Love just happens between two people as pointed out above.
A jealous woman, one who feels she is not getting her husband’s love, can be the most dangerous animal in the world.  Many a man will agree here if they can speak from the grave.

6. You will be unsatisfied all your life

You will never be satisfied with your wife – this point has already been made above. She will always have a fault you can’t overlook easily. Always there will be a reason for you to get angry with her or yell at her and most times these reasons will be very minor or downright ridiculous.
The is the exact opposite of the situation where a man is married to a woman who is your natural choice or type – everything she does is just right and interesting – it is a thing of the mind.

7. You Will Turn Into A Professional Wife Beater.

So many times, I have come across the issue of domestic violence where the man simply doesn’t know what came over him. In 80% of these cases, it turns out the woman is not really the man’s natural choice and that ‘great liking or fondness’ he had for her which made him pop the million dollar question last year has reached its expiring date this year!
The possibility of a man hitting a woman he loves is very low. In fact, it is so low that even the most violent of men won’t do it. One of the most outstanding examples I have come across here is the case of WWE heavyweight Superstar, the Undertaker. This man is one of the most feared wrestler ever. He is one of the most dangerous and violent men on earth and yet a kitten in the hands of his lovely blond wife.
If you marry the wrong woman, you will see yourself turn into a wife beater in no time because she gets on your nerves too and you just can’t tolerate it.

8. You Will Never Really Be Able To Forgive And Forget

Indeed, with the wrong woman, you will never be able to forgive and forget and thus, all her sins against you, minor and major, intentional or error, will always lurk within your mind. They will build up until you cannot take it anymore.
Violence on your part or separation is the result.

9. You Will Never Really Have A Home

The Spanish have a saying: “A home is built on the shoulders of a woman’.
You will never really understand this until you build you home on the shoulders of the wrong woman and end up looking for other places to run to every day.
Ever wondered why most married men find going home from work rather unwelcome? They put in extra hours at the workplace for no pay raise and at the end of the day prefer to go to the club to spend time with friends rather than go home to the wife?
Well, get married to the wrong woman and you sure will find out.

10. The Sight Of Your Own Kids Will Not Delight You

Many times, I have come across men who do not take delight in their kids and the origin of the matter is that the man does not take delight in his wife, the mother of the child. Why? She is not his ‘natural choice’.
There are millions of folk tales that tell of men with many wives and children but always the most loved of these kids are usually the product of the most loved of the wives. It is to those children that the men show the most favor. King David of ancient Israel in the Christain Bible was one such man.
King David had so many children and wives but the child he chooses of them all to succeed him was the one he loved the most. The child was not the most senior prince as the law required but was one of his youngest sons…the son of his most beloved wife for whom he offended man and his God. The name of that boy was later to become King Solomon.
There is a lesson here for all young men. The possibility that you will love the child of a woman you do not love is very low. Hence most men abandon the kids they have with other woman and never look back.

11. Every Day will be hell for you

Marrying the wrong woman effectively puts you in a kind of trouble you have to live through each day of your life. You cannot give her your love even mindlessly, physically or emotionally.
It’s not just saying I love you but it’s acting the part completely. You cannot give the wrong woman something you don’t have to give to her – you love which your heart selfishly reserves for the right woman. But guess what, that woman you married has a right to your love and many a wife has proven downright dangerous and even lethal when denied their rights. But the thing is, you will live through hell each day.

12. Living Happily Ever After Is One Thing You Will Never Know

Living happily ever after is strictly a legacy of couples who are in love. The woman must be your natural choice, fitting you perfectly or else this will never come to be.
Unhappiness every after or an uninteresting life ever after, that’s your lot.


He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing but he that findeth the wrong woman findth a curse.

Young men should endeavor to marry the woman that suits not only their physical desire but their mental desires (character) as well so as the avoid future problems.
If you particularly love tall and fat women, do not go marrying a short and slim model for any reason. That marriage would last.
Ask the opinions of others who have more experience in marriage affairs but do not make the mistake of letting them make the final choice for you because, when it comes down to the basics, your case is unique to you and if anything goes wrong, it’s on you. Marry your natural choice and nothing less.



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