The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship


The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship

Domestic violence is so commonplace these days that most people take it as something very normal in the society. Hence, ways in which one might avoid domestic violence is not a common topic.

The most popular kind of domestic violence is that perpetrated by men against helpless women and guess what? Most of these men that do it are your friends, your neighbors and colleagues. Their wives stay out of sight for days and weeks only to pop up and tell you they were busy with something or the other at home or went to visit with relatives while all they’ve been up to is hiding in the house, nursing the wounds their men gave them after a terrible beating to suppress all previous beatings.

Most of these women endure whatever is thrown at them in that terrible act of domestic violence with the hope that the man will change or things will get better.

“It’s just the money problems,” they say. “Jacob still loves me and I love him so much.”

“What an idiot!” I say.

Listen, there are many ways to commit suicide and in this case, Jacob is one of them. The truth is, a bully is a bully, a sadist is a sadist and a wicked man, a heartless man, a man without principles, they will always stay the same. These kinds of men actually never change but they are among the best pretenders on earth.

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In the beginning, they will act like the nicest gentlemen to woo you, like the perfect lover you’ve been dreaming about forever. They’ll ask your friends what you love and they will do just that to get you. Why? They may love you alright but then that violent character in them will eventually destroy you – domestic violence in action! This will happen while you keep thinking of that love, and then when you are gone or seriously damaged, they will move on to another woman. That’s life.

The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship

The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship 

As a philosopher, who is something of a psychologist with years of experience in the study of people in troubled relationships, I strongly advocate one thing to every woman who finds herself at the threshold of a new relationship to avoid the future problem of domestic violence… try to get you man very angry at least once!

Note now, we are not talking about causal anger, no. What we are talking about here is a blinding rage!

Why you may ask. The answer is very simple. Such a situation strips away a man’s ability to pretend in any manner and brings out the true beast in him. That beast he is trying to hide from you and the rest of the world. It is that beast you will live with when you venture into marriage with that man.

Avoiding Domestic violence and The Beast

Some men can tame that beast firmly, others can’t. With certain men, the beast does not exist in the violent form. But make no mistake, all men have that beast in them and it is it, that beast, that brings on the case of Domestic violence.

Now once that beast comes out in your man during that blinding rage before marriage it is time to take notice of the following things…

  1. Does the beast recognize you?
  2. Is it affected by your love and your presence?
  3. Does it harm or attack you? (Sure sign of future domestic violence).
  4. Does it terrify you so much?

Explanation of The Scenarios Above

The 4 different scenarios that play out above are pretty easy to understand or envisage but let’s explain them anyway.

If you can control the beast in your man, if that beast recognizes you and refuses to do you harm. If it is tamed by your presence or touch, then that man is yours and the likelihood of his ever getting violent with you in future is very minimal or downright non-existent.

On the other hand, if the beast attacks and destroy you. beating you up without mercy for the first time, then consider yourself lucky and walk away from that relationship because such a violent behavior will surely repeat itself and then get worse in marriage.

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Of course, the man will later come up with stories about how he was not himself at that moment and another such pathetic story. But hey, you’ve seen that beast in him, you couldn’t control it and it destroyed you. If you choose to close your eyes to the truth and decide to spend the rest of your life with that beast you cannot control then you are your own enemy and whatever you get in future, you deserve.

The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship

The simplest, most effective and most expensive handcuff in the world is a wedding band or ring. It keeps you locked up in a relationship forever so be very careful how you chose who your cell mate will be in that jail.

The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship

The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship — Case Study

A Twitter user called Zippy has called off her wedding just 5 months to the event day despite the fact that invitations have already been sent out and other such arrangements made, She took this step after her Fiancee beat her black, blue and purple and she ended up in the Hospital for Weeks,
She gives no reason for the assault but says it was so severe that she found walking difficult.
Read for yourself.
Domestic violence in action!

Did you notice her reference to being ‘battered and beaten like a ‘Dog?” That phrase tells you that the man she loved, the one she thought loved her back, the one she thought she had a future with, he beat her so violently and with such reckless abandon that she felt her life was worth nothing to him.

The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship

In a series of follow up tweets, Zippy explains that the man’s family tried to pressure her into keeping the whole thing a secret, overlooking it completely as unimportant and going ahead with the marriage ‘since they had already made the arrangements and can’t call it off!

Zippy refused, saying…better walk out late than tied up forever. 

The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship

Ladies, those of you that have ears, please hear. Those that don’t, please make sure you have a will that gives the properties you will leave behind to the poor. No use giving that car and saving to the man who murdered you, is there? The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship


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