11 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life

Simply your life

There is always the coming of a new year or a new beginning but not all of us have a real plan on how to stay afloat and organized. Of course, things like these can be overwhelming to the mind, but fortunately, there are quite a number of ideas on how you can simplify your life at all times.

Below, we discuss some of the best ways to simplify your life that will absolutely help you have a productive existence even if your old life or the last year was not quite good. Take a good look at them and let us know exactly what your thoughts are.

11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life

Below are the best ways to simplify your life.

11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

1. Clean Up Your Clutter

This is more a thing of the mind. A cluttered home tends to induce depression. Endeavor to make keeping your home very clean and well organized at all times a habit. It doesn’t really matter if you break the task up into small bits throughout the week, or do it all up on Sunday, just do it, it will make you feel really good and at ease. Having a clean home devoid of mess can help you become more productive and keep things peaceful since you are not always focused on cleaning up one mess after the other.
11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

2. Live Prudently & Do the Two Week Rule

Live within your budget, it’s one of the simplest ways to have an easy life. No matter how tempting it gets, do not live over your means. Learn to attach importance to things that truly matter and stay satisfied with what you can afford at all times.
For most people, this situation is rather difficult. One easy way to overcome this situation is to implement the tricky two-week rule. If there’s something you desire at all, wait two to three weeks to get it. In that period of two to three weeks, you’ll find yourself giving the matter a lot of thought and probably realize that you don’t really need it that bad after all. I use this method to check impulse purchases and it has saved me quite a lot.
11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

3. Have a To-Do List

Having a life without a plan is a no, no. In other to avoid a lot of stressed create a to-do list to help you out at all times. A to-do list is so important that modern smartphone manufacturers have started adding an app just for this purpose. A to-do list will help you remember what you need to do at any point in time and so you do not get behind. A well-organized to-do list breaks down everything that has got to be done and arranging your tasks in order of days, topic, priority, or concern. It goes without saying that a to-do list is a great way to make your life a lot simpler.
11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

4. Automate All Payments

Thanks to modern technology, automating payments we can now do with much ease. Make use of this procedure to ensure all your bills are paid on time. This guarantees that your mind is clear of the stress of deadlines. Many people get so stressed out just thinking about getting charged extra for making late payments, this is your solution right here. You can automate all payments vis your credit card, get direct deposits into your accounts for your paychecks, and automate all bills. Doing this will not only save you money, it will free up your mind, and help you stay focused on other aspects of life.

5. Cut Back on Social Media to simplify your life

Too many people spend way too much time on the internet doing nothing of real import to their lives. Facebook alone boasts of a billion of these people. Hey, instead of spending all that time on your smartphone, iPad or computer, or, why not socialize directly with friends and family to get tons of mentally and physically benefits?
Did you know that medical studies have shown that people can get anxiety from just being on social media a lot? Ever hear of smartphone addiction? All that fake news, negative vibes and worry that you’re not getting enough engagement on your posts, how is that healthy? Staying off social media will definitely help you have a simpler life.
11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

6. Set Some Time Aside Just for You

Due to hectic and very busy schedules, you may feel it’s impossible to have some time to yourself. This is not the case. The key is planning your ‘self-time’ days and weeks ahead. Having time for yourself is very important because it will keep you emotionally, physically mentally balanced.
Take the time to ponder on your future goals. Being alone does wonders to help one focus on thoughts. Figure out what you want at a point in time and how to attain such a goal. This process is also known as meditation and the Orientals will tell you how very therapeutically it can be, giving you emotional and physical energy for those insanely busy days.
11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

7. Choose To Be Debt Free

To have utter peace of mind and live easily, having a simpler life, always choose to be completely debt free. Just like losing weight or clearing out the clutter in your home, getting rid of your debts can make you feel a whole lot better. If you are careful, you will find that you don’t even need to work long hours in order to pay off your bills or credit cards or those student loans. Your regular earnings can be put to good use and you will end up saving up for your future.

11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

8. Go Simple on Your Clothing

Ever seen Mark Zuckerburg in a suit or any bit of expensive clothing? The answer is no. That man wears the same set of very simple clothes almost every day and he is one of the richest billionaires in the world! Why he dress so simply? Because it gives him a lot more time to focus on other things that actually matter. Note, this is not to say that you have to keep wearing one set of clothing on and on, no. However, keeping your wardrobe simple will definitely help your focus on other things that really matter.

But don’t forget the cost effect. Clothes can be quite expensive. Keeping things simple will definitely save you’re a lot of money.11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

9. Learn Exactly When to Say No

Yeah, it’s happened too many times! You’re stressed out because you didn’t know how to say a firm no to certain people in your life. Even when what is required of you is impossible to accomplish, you always end up saying yes and then go spending time and money you don’t have. It may make you enemies, yes, but you cannot please everyone. Saying no sometimes allows you the opportunity to focus on what you truly want from life. Bottom line, it saves you money and makes your life a lot simpler.
Consider saying no as a muscle in your body that needs to be worked out on.

10. Learn To Think Less About What People Think Of You

A lot of people become quite stressed just worrying about what others think of them or what people are saying behind their backs. They go through a lot to please others and in the eventually end up miserable. One thing we must all bear in mind is that no one, not even Jesus Christ was able to please everyone. In whatever you do, there will be people to see wrong in it. What matters about all is waht brings you peace of mind. Do that which is in harmony with your mind.

11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!

In Conclusion

A careful assessment of what really matters to you and your wellbeing is one of the best ways to have an easy and much simpler life. Sometimes, the screws to turn to achieve these results are small things that do not seem to count but just make the change and you will feel content and happy in life.
I sure hope this was enough to inspire you into trying to give life a go in a different way. Put to use some of these tips and enjoy a simpler life in this new year.
Whether you are reading this at the beginning of the new year or when the year gets old, it not late. Jest get down to implementing these simple ideas and watch your life change.
If you have a different opinion to things, or you see results do let us know! We’ll all love to hear how it goes!
11 Best Ways To Simplify Your Life in The New Year!


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