International Space Station captures fast-moving ‘UFO’ Entering The Earth Atmosphere (Video and photo)

An astronaut on an ESA space station has captured and published videos and photos of a mysterious and unidentified flying object plunging deliberately into Earth’s atmosphere, sparking widespread claims that it is an alien spacecraft.
Earlier this month on November 6th, the European Space Agency’s, Astronaut Paolo Nespoli shot a clear video of a bright blue ball of light outside the Earths atmosphere, prompting his learned scientist colleagues to give it the ridiculous description of a ‘fireball’.
But once the video was released, alien hunters the world over insisted it was it was alien in origin and seized upon the opportunity, which bears clear proof of alien life, to accuse the international space bodies of both the NASA and the ESA of a massive cover-up.
Image of the spaceship just before it dived down into the Earth’s atmosphere below.
Below is the video of the event as it happens, leaked from the ESA. Watch it and make up your mind.
I’m not a direct believer in aliens with cutting-edge technology far more advanced than that of mankind and superfast spaceships that move faster than the speed of light but I watched the video more than five times and it changed my mind before the fifth time.
Tyler Glockner, CEO of the YouTube channel SecureTeam10, has wasted little time in accusing both ESA and NASA of hiding proof of the existence of aliens in a YouTube video which has now been viewed more than 500,000 times. Tyler points out that the fact ESA released a statement on the issue so quickly after the unusually clear sighting proves beyond doubt that it’s trying to cover up the truth about alien visits to our planet Earth.

Watch the video here

Such events as this alien spaceship visit are what alien hunters have clamoring about for decades and we label them crazy people.
A screenshot from a YouTube video by SecureTeam10 showing the mysterious object circled in red (Picture: YouTube/secureteam10)
Tyler asked:  ‘Why did they do this? Why were they so adamant about publishing this when they’ve never jumped on a story so fast? ‘I don’t think it’s a meteorite at all.’
The video shows the fiery ball of light traveling at about 89,478 miles per hour when it struck Earth’s atmosphere, this speed is about twice as fast as most meteorites, states the ESA.
International Space Station captures fast-moving ‘UFO’ Entering The Earth Atmosphere (Video and photo)
Tyler Glockner made two points which any smart person who watches the video would realize instantly. He points out that no natural object would be traveling at that kind of speed. He also pointed out that the speeding light ball’s trajectory, as it hit the Earth, was too steep for it to be a meteorite, moreover, it was lacking a characteristic bright tail.
On both counts, Tyler is perfectly correct! Just watch the video with an open mind, that fireball definitely has some intelligent pilot within it.
The unidentified object was traveling twice as quickly as most meteors when it hit the Earth (Picture: YouTube/secureteam10)
Interestingly, ESA’s space scientists offered a less thrilling description of the mysterious object. Detlef Koschny, co-manager of the Near-Earth Object (NEO) division of ESA’s Space Situational Awareness team, put it this way:


‘It looks like a bright meteor or fireball. ‘One can see the fireball illuminating the clouds from above, so it must have been close to them — and close to the Earth’s limb. It also seems to show a little tail.’
These NASA and ESA guys are supposed to be super smart, in fact, some of the world’s most intelligent people work for these two agencies. They hire only genius level people as a rule. When they are this dump you can bet there’s a cover-up somewhere. It certainly would be easier on them to deny the existence of alien life rather admit that there a race of space being out there with technology so far ahead of ours that they are hard to track even though they have been visiting Earth with their spaceships for decades as UFO hunters insist.
The sighting, which is unusually clear to the whole world like never before, has split the alien-hunting (UFO watching) community wide open. One prominent extraterrestrial hunter who questioned the claims of SecureTeam 10, is Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual:
Nigel says, “I’d rather believe the ESA than SecureTeam10 any day. Even if it was debris, it doesn’t turn it into an extraterrestrial scout ship filled with tentacled aliens on a mission to invade our planet, which is what SecureTeam10 imagines every time they see a blob of light filmed by NASA cameras.’
The ISS, an old space station, is humanity’s only permanent outpost in space and, over the years, has found itself at the core of many alien conspiracy theories.
The Bible, the holy book of the Christians, points out that the ‘Universe is full of different principalities and powers’. Some may see this as proof positive that aliens do exist while others may not.
I repeat, it is best you watch the video and draw your own conclusion. That ball of light was by no means ordinary.
International Space Station captures fast-moving ‘UFO’ Entering The Earth Atmosphere (Video and photo)


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