It started about a year ago with reports of the growing preference of sex dolls as companions among Chinese men. And the news broke that these men were actually marring the dolls legally

In the beginning, a lot of people assumed that the men marrying these sex dolls legally as wives and treating them as real human being, thei4 life partners, were crazy but then one of the strangest events took place.
A 31-year old super smart Chinese computer programmer, who works for the world’s largest artificial intelligence builders and telecommunications giants, Huawei, in the city of Hangzhou, China, built and married to the woman of his dreams… a female lifesize robot in the image of a woman, complete with artificial intelligence and the ability to speak a few words.
The First Real Doll-Man wedding
Mr. Zheng Jiajia told news media at the time that he took this drastic step after six frustrating years of different failed relationships with single women. He claimed he now had no regrets as his new s*x doll wife was100% perfection.
Zheng’s mother claimed that her son informed her one day that he was bringing home his bride to be and she was all for it. But she never expected the bride to arrive in a box!

The trend picked up from there and thousands of Chines men began to take artificially intelligent s*xdolls as girlfriends and wives.

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A group of very intelligent young engineers over at China’s University of Science and Technology stunned the world with the production of a super smart, lifelike s*x doll in 2017. The amazing thing was not only its sheer perfection but that this doll was able to engage humans in complete conversations and was extremely submissive and seemingly to please.

When the leader of the smart tech engineers who created the s*x doll, Xiaoping, spoke directly to this doll, it replied, “Yes, my lord, what may I do for you?”

The s*x doll was nicknamed “robotic goddess” …the future of womankind.

The New Super Smart S*x Dolls That Are Replacing Human Girlfriends and Wives

That s*x dolls would actually replace girlfriends and wives in the lives of so many men is something no woman would ever have thought possible. But that is exactly what is happing in the world right now  Unless you are living under a rock, you must have noticed the crazy on all social networks about men buy this super smart, super lovely, and super submissive s*x doll.
According to the marketers, she comes a virgin
Women from all walks of life on social media have kicked against this trend of men rushing to purchase this s*x doll. The price of the doll has gone up overnight. Just one of these s*x dolls of full specs costs thousands of dollars and yet sales are still climbing.

Over in Dortmund, Germany, the world’s first s*x doll brothel has been established by 29-year-old Evelyn Schwarz. The s*x dolls are imported from Asia at costs of $2000 and above. They come in different shapes and sizes and the brothel charges a staggering €80 (£71) per hour on any man who wishes to sleep with any of the s*x dolls but this high price doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone. Men book each doll up to 12 times a day and the brothel is already billed as a huge success.

The S*x Doll Hotel

Why Some Men Love S*X Dolls Better Than Their Real Wives And Girlfriends

Many ladies on social media have professed confusion as to why men are all being driven crazy by s*x dolls. Below are a few reasons for this.
  1. Most men love submissive women and the modern woman is not that way. But the robot dolls are designed to be exactly that way!
  2. The dolls obey a man’s every instruction whereas most women do not.
  3. The dolls are designed to say things a man wants to hear the most during periods of intimacy. Very few women pay attention to such things.
  4. Most men do not function well sexually with troublesome or bossy women. A s*x doll is neither. The s*x dolls are designed to be completely meek.
  5. Most women nag, nag and just keep nagging. Something that kills off the libido of most men. A s*x doll never does this.
  6. Most women are so inpatient during periods of intimacy it border on rejection. A situation which kills a man’s sexual urges like water kills off a fire. The   s*x dolls are designed to be ever patient and even encouraging.
  7. A man is sexually stimulated by what he sees and smells. A  s*x doll is designed with this in mind while most women ignore it. This exactly one reason that brothel in Germany is so successful. The dolls are well perfumed and perfectly positioned.
I could go on and on but this will do.  Women, go over to Youtube and watch one of these  s*x doll lovers talk about their ‘delightful experience’ and you will realize you have been doing a lot of things wrong.
Men, you should be talking to your wife about your sexual needs and not be running off to sleep with dolls or other women.

But we are human beings. We never change, particularly our female folk. The  s*x doll has definitely come to stay.

The S*x Dolls Take Over — The Lessons In It For Men And Women.


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