Prostate cancer is a most horrible disease that afflicts the prostate glands in men; a terrible disease that befalls at least one in every six to seven men. So what are the symptoms of prostate cancer and who does it affect?

Though this disease, prostate cancer, is particularly common in older men, young men can also be victims.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of Prostate Cancer are not clear-cut; it almost never presents any signs whatever until its too late. However, sometimes it does give warning signs, and if ignored things could become really complicated.

Below are some clear-cut symptoms of Prostate Cancer. If you, a man, notice any one of them, then your next port of call must by your doctor.


6 Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Here are six obvious symptoms of Prostate Cancer a man should never ignore.


1. Difficulty In Urinating

Certain people see the passing out of wastewater from the body through the genitals as urinating while others term it as peeing. Whichever way you see it if you are a man and you are having problems doing it or your stream of urine is rather weak or slow, go see the doctor.

According to the words of Dr. Ash Tewari, MD, chairman of the department of urology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, in a recent interview relating to the issue “Even if you experience slowness in urine flow just on one occasion or even two, do not ignore it, such a thing is certainly not normal. Go to the hospital and see your doctor for an immediate checkup,”.

Most toilet problems and conditions in men are most likely caused by a host of other conditions such as STDs and UTIs rather than cancer, still, there is no such thing as being too careful.

Do you have the urge or need to urinate more often, particularly at night? Do you experience loss of bladder control on some of these occasions? All these issues can are usually clear signs that something’s not right ….something is seriously wrong somewhere.

Better safe, as they say than sorry. Go See your doctor immediately.

6 Symptoms of Prostate Cancer


2. Body Aches

This particular case manifests in the form of pains within the body, particularly the bones—the ribs, spine, and hips. No man should ignore such symptoms as it can actually be your body alerting you to the presence of cancer within the prostate glands. Recurrent pains and, or, stiffness in the lower section (region) of your back, your ribs or hips, the upper thighs too …these are all symptoms that indicate that the diseases, Prostate Cancer, has not only taken root within your body but may have spread.

6 Symptoms of Prostate Cancer


3. Blood In The Urine

This is yet another condition that can very easily be mistaken for an STD. If you are a man who suddenly notices blood in his urine, or experience difficulty in urination – does it burn, hurt or is it just painful to urinate? Go see your doctor at once. Why? The position of the prostate gland is very close to the bladder and the urethra, a cancerous tumor (growth) pressing against it may bring about any of these unusual urinary symptoms.

6 Symptoms of Prostate Cancer





4. Impotence

Here is one sure sign of this disease, prostate cancer, which most young men ignore. Have you been having a normal sex life but suddenly develop trouble having an erection? Is ejaculation rather painful instead of pleasurable? Have you ever found blood in your semen? Go see your doctor.

Note: Almost all issues relating to sudden erectile dysfunction is a danger signal for late-stage prostate cancer. You are most likely beyond an easy solution.

Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer


5. Lack Of Appetite

Hey, we are not just talking about the worry that comes after a positive diagnosis of Prostate cancer, we are talking about one of the earliest signs that Prostrate Cancer has taken root in you.

Though seemingly ordinary, the loss of appetite is certainly not normal and can actually be an early sign of this disease, Prostate cancer. Do not overlook this symptom.

If you find that foods that usually have you salivating suddenly become tasteless or do not look so appetizing, be careful to look for any two of the signs specified above. If you find even one of them in you much less two, go and see your doctor.

6 Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

6. Pains In the Testiness

According to Dr. McMahon, she once came across a particular case where a patient complained of pains in the tentacles and then a thorough examination of the region revealed mid-stage prostate cancer.

“This is an odd symptom of prostate cancer, yes, but clearly one nonetheless”.



Prostate cancer is a horrible disease that hits without presenting any clear symptoms, and so men need to be careful and watchful in other to catch this disease in its early stage. Look out for the signs of prostate cancer in yourself on a regular basis.

Are you a woman, monitor your man, look out for the symptoms of prostate cancer in him when his complaint of impotence or tiredness severally.

Watch closely for any of the symptoms of prostate cancer mentioned above. Once you find even one, go and see your doctor to clear you. Do not clear yourself.

6 Simple Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer A Man Should Never Over Look


Special thanks to Dr. Danielle McMahon (MD) for her contribution to this article… 
6 Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer


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