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Domestic Violence in action

Man Batters Lover Over Badly Cooked Chicken (Domestic Violence UK)

Domestic violence is not about love but hate and rage. A man beat up his girlfriend so badly she needed hospital treatment because he...

The Simplest Way To Avoid Domestic Violence In Any Relationship

Domestic violence is so commonplace these days that most people take it as something very normal in the society. Ways to avoid domestic violence...

How To Avoid Domestic Violence In Relationships And Marriage

Domestic violence is the physical abuse of one partner by the other in a relationship such as courtship or marriage. How to avoid domestic violence...

Man Batters Wife To Pulp For Abominable Insult

Hell was let loose yesterday in a suburb of Ifo, a town in Ogun State as a middle-aged man gave his wife the beating...

Woman Arrested For Beating Her Husband Over Church Affairs

Hearing odd stories of domestic violence were woman beat up their husbands never stops amazing one because usually, it’s the woman that gets beaten...




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