How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips From Dermatologists

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips From Dermatologists

When talking about the very best of natural skin care tips and practice in any senses, the topic of how to take a shower correctly is really the last thing that pops into one’s mind but it seems that that actually the way to go.

A group of American dermatologists have come up with astonishing statistics and facts that show that a good shower is quite important for skin health. But they did not stop there.

These American experts have outlined special tips for a better shower and claim that your skin will actually thank you afterward for applying one of the best natural skin care tips and remedies there is. What we are talking about here are scientific researched backed natural skin care tips. Very few products can beat this.

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How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips From Dermatologists

We all love a body healing shower for its day-starting, muscle-relaxing, head-clearing powers. However, what you do not realize is that this nice long, hot shower that kicks starts your day is not really doing your skin any good.

According to experts in the hair and skin care world, bathing very hot water constantly can actually be terrible for our bodies. A friend of mine, Dr. Danielle McMahon, a beauty censorious medical doctor, got a number of dermatologists to talk about their opinions on the absolute way to take a shower and the result? Well, read the stuff for yourself.

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


The number of times you should take a shower each day should depend on your activity level. There is no concrete rule here. However, if you’re not that active, you ought to cut back on showers to a few times each week. Careful now, you don’t want to cut back the showers so much that skin infections set in or you begin to smell like an old garbage dump.

For people who work out, taking a shower in the mornings and then another after the gym is quite fine. However, Dr. Jessica Krant, a board-certified dermatologist with the American Academy of Dermatology, say that in that in this case, one should be careful not to take too long in the shower. “The learned doctor believes that in certain conditions, there may indeed be a reason to shower just two times a day, but he insists that those should be very short showers.”

And this takes us to… short showers.

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


Constant exposure to water can lead to dry hair and skin. By taking longer showers, we apparently “gives all that water a good chance to allow any artificial cleansers present, to be more damaging than normal.

Dr. Lauren Ploch and Dr. Krant, both board-certified dermatologist with the American Academy of Dermatology, both insist that the shorter a shower, the better.

They advise that people with extremely dry skin and/or atopic dermatitis should never shower for more than five minutes. In fact, they should keep the shower last lesser. They should also stay active throughout that short period and avoid standing under the water for minutes at a time.”

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


The natural oils of the skin are stripped away by hot water and this damages the skin faster, so when taking showers, stick to cool or lukewarm water.

Dr. Krant points out her that certain people advocate the use of extremely cold water in showers or baths for the purpose of invigorating the circulation. As keep your body away from extremely hot temperatures, you may use water at whatever temperature suits you best.”

Note: the process of dipping the body in extremely cold water at sub-zero freezing points is used by athletes as a natural permeance enhancement.


The human Hair is actually made up of dead skin cells and so it just doesn’t require as much washing and cleaning as the rest of the human skin which is very much alive.

The regularity with which you wash your hair should depend upon your hair type. Read this article How Many Times Should I Wash My Hair. Washing the hair too often will result in drying, a problem that is particularly bad for anyone with colored hair or gray hair, which tend to be a lot drier.

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


Due to the modern craze for expensive and sophisticated hairstyles, most of which are carried for too long, a lot of people now wash their hair less often. This has become such a trend, particularly among women, that dermatologists insist that some people are overdoing it. Little wonder why scalp buildup of dandruff is commonplace with people scratching at the scalps beneath their fancy hairdo like monkeys who never wash at all.

So many people neglect scalp washing so they don’t dry out or mess up their fancy hair, carrying it so for days or weeks on end. This will definitely lead to a buildup of scalp oils, which in turn will lead to redness and flaking. The itching is as a result of the accumulation of dust and dirt on all that oil.

Dermatologists say that we must take care to wash our scalp at least on a weekly basis.


Your face, legs, and arms do not always need soaping, particularly when you are indoors all day. When taking a quick shower, pay attention more to your groin, underarms, and feet.

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


According to some experts, certain traditional soaps are so powerful that they can strip the skin completely of its natural oils. Dr. Doris Day, a good-looking, board-certified dermatologist over in New York, advice that we use only products labeled as “cleanser,”. A moisturizing body wash falls right into this category.

According to the learned lady, these cleansers will inject the moisture right back into your skin.

Dr. Krant pitches in here with an advice. He says that if you haven’t ever had problems with irritated or dry skin, then the traditional soaps are fine for you. To everyone, his or her own is due.

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


Unlike with the cleaning of a wall, showering from the top-to-bottom (head to feet) allows the soap work its way slowly down. If you are prone to acne, dermatologists suggest you wash your face, chest and your back after conditioning your hair.

Generally, the advice here is that people with sensitive skin such as acne prone skin. Should use shampoo and conditioners. Allow the conditioner or shampoo sit while shaving; afterward rinse the conditioner off, then cleanse the skin. The lady dermatologist in New York is speaking here, mind you.


It is best to soften the hair before you shave it off, but hey, don’t overdo this. No long showers to ‘really soften’ the hair!

Dr. Krant that shaving should be done at the end of a short or brief shower so the hairs are of the body damp but not very swollen from the effect of too much steam and heat. Of course, you would never notice it but hot water does cause hair swelling and this later leads to ingrowns when the shaved off hairs dry and shrink back to size below the skin surface.

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


Each time you finish taking a bath, carefully pat your skin with a soft clean towel instead of rubbing it vigorously all over. Rubbing your freshly cleaned skin can cause irritation and induce itchiness. Patting yourself dry also leaves some of the water on your skin, and that water is sealed in with the moisturizer you rub on after each shower.

However, you must be sure to dry some particular areas of your body – the skin folds, the groin area, the underarms, and in between toes – to cut down future risks of infection and rashes.

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


Be sure to apply a good moisturizer right after each shower. Do it within three to four minutes after stepping out of the shower. According to Dr. Doris Day, doing this quickly enough helps create a special barrier that prevents “transepidermal water loss” and this keeps the skin healthy and plump.

All three dermatologists recommend moisturizing your skin twice a day. And get this, they advise we do this whether we shower or not, particularly if you’ve got dry skin and also during the winter.

For people having dry skin, dermatologists suggest a cream-based moisturizer rather than a lotion. However, for everyone, they suggest fragrance-free products. In other words, you need to cut out all that chemically perfumed rubbish.

Dr. Ploch gets more passionate here by adding that people with dry skin, should opt for moisturizers containing ceramide or alpha-hydroxy acid moisturizers. This faults the thinking of so many that just any moisturizer will do. Amazon is a good place to buy moisturizers.

In Conclusion

There is nothing simple about the human body, not even drinking water or bathing with it. To live long and do so in a healthy way, we need expert advice e and lot of it.

Stir clear of hot water when you shower and you will be fine.

How To Take A Shower Correctly – Natural Skin Care Tips


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