The Devil Letter Of A ‘possessed’ 17th century Nun Finally Translated


After more than 300 years, a letter written in code by an Italian nun said to be ‘possessed by the devil himself’ has been translated.

The nun, Sister Maria Crocifissa Della Concezione gave the devil letter a rather strange title…‘Humans invented God and this system works for no one’.

The letter which was described as more of a rambling was finally deciphered by researchers using a unique software on the dark web.

This nun who lived in the late 1600s believed that the devil had taken over her body and mind and used her hand to write. She wrote the devil letter in question in  1676.

‘God thinks he can free mortals,’ reads the devil letter, then it refers to the dark river of the underworld saying ‘Perhaps now, Styx is certain’.


The letter was found in a convent in Sicily, where the nun had lived since she was 15.

Palma di Montechiaro in Sicily (image credit: Wikipedia)

Accordingly to records, the num claimed to have awoken one day and found the devil letter in her possession, without the faintest idea of who wrote it.

Researchers from the Ludum Science Centre in Catania, Italy, finally managed to translate the coded letter, and this they did by running it through a certain software on the dark web, used by western intelligence services to hack codes.

This software which makes use of Latin, Ancient Greek, Arabic and runic alphabet to make sense of the characters could only make out some phrases in the letter.

Records show that the nun was known for screaming fits and fainting spells at the altar of Palma di Montechiaro convent. She would later explain this by claiming Lucifer was trying to use her, forcing her to reject good.

The Devil Letter Of A ‘possessed’ 17th century Nun Finally Translated

Whatever the case, when possessed, the nun would describe God and Jesus Christ as ‘dead weights’ – a criminal heresy at that that Roman Catholic dominated time, punishable by death or imprisonment.

What a confusion this world is! Antichrist, the devil letter and all.


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