The Spectacular £1.2million Home On Wheels That Packs Its Own Super Garage – volkner mobil performance


This spectacular house on wheels comes complete with everything, form a state of the art bedroom and bathroom to a hydraulic SUPERCAR GARAGE! (volkner mobil performance

Built by the German supercar giants Volkner, the Volkner Mobil Performance S stands itself our as one of a kind in super luxury home with its special features, most admirable of which are a fully equipped kitchen and sleeping quarters, plus a garage that allows owners bring their weekend rides along
The super garage of the Performance S can easily house expensive cars like a Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, or Mercedes
Acceding to its German makers, the Performance S price tag stands at a whopping $1.7million (£1.2million), but this should put out the super-rich such as millionaires and billionaires who love to travel in their own. Professional WWE wrestlers in the united states of America would find this moto house very interesting indeed as they have to move from one US city to the next each week in other to keep up with their jobs.
volkner mobil performance
The Volkner Mobil Performance S is 40ft in length and inside is a fully-equipped kitchen, sleeping quarters (bedroom), wooden and leather fittings, state-of-the-art entertainment, and a wall that slides in and out to provide extra space.


Of all these wonderful features, the CEO of Vokner Mobil GmbH, Stephanie Volkner, seems more excited about the Performance S’s lavish cooking island, something he claims cannot be found inside most of the motorhome’s competitors.
According to Stephanie, the Performance S is simply a state-of-the-art-house on wheels.
The made-to-order machines take around 12 months to build. Pictured is the hi-tech dashboard
Stephanie says customers can choose from a wide range of fixtures and fittings to customize the bus to their taste – from high-quality leather seats to real wood units and stone tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.
‘Our clients normally have big companies flung out over vast distances and so they want to travel freely. They want to decide when and where they start their journey, where they can go and where they stay. They look at the weather before they start. They want to live in their own, very personal area. Exclusivity is for everybody, very different. Some need a golden faucet to be exclusive.
‘For me, it’s exclusive that the interior has harmony and all the materials are of the highest quality and their processing is at the highest level.’
You must forgive me here for correcting some of Stephanie’s bad grammar above but not all. Her first language is German, not English and she is a multimillionaire beauty of a business executive and company owner who is certainly not interested in going to England for further studies to perfect her English if nothing else.
Nonetheless, we can all forgive this woman given the stunning house she has to sell.


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