toxic family members

Dealing with toxic family members and entangled spouses who wish you misfortune or death can be very trying, particularly when they go all out to get you.

‘toxic’ family members can be very ‘evil’ . They mean no Godd and can be extremely harmful, leading to your ruin.

In too many cases, the deliberate and very persistent harmful activities of toxic family members, estranged spouses, and friends we thought we could trust completely have led to our ruin. It has brought much chaos and pain into our lives.

There is noting so devastatingly destructive as an estranged spouse, relative or friend who has turned to an enemy with full knowledge of all your weaknesses and secrets, all your fears and the precious things you possess in life. They will use it against you and you will be completely defenseless against their ruthless onslaught.

Dealing With Toxic Family Members And Entangled Spouses Who Wish You Misfortune And Death

These evil ones come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. They could be entangled spouses, blood relatives or even best friends. For one bitter reason or the other, they change completely to become enemies, toxic fmaily members that do not want your well being and progress in any way. By the fruits of their labor and the words of their tongue, you shall know them!

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The Opinions Of Religion Against Enemies and Toxic Family Members

In many world religions today, Christianity included, dedicated prayers and curses are invoked upon enemies and evil or toxic family members. The leaders of these religions congregations strongly encourage such practices, which are tantamount to vengeance in the name of God. Islam, in its many sects, teaches swift and direct vengeance on one’s enemies, particularly when that enemy falls into the category of the unbeliever or infidel.

They all believe that as long as these evil people are not believers, they will never make heaven and so deserve to die.

The Curse That Is Toxic Family Members

Recently, in wishing his followers a happy new year the leader of one of The Redeemed Church of God, one of the largest church in the world, took to social media to offer a prayer to God on behalf of his followers and all Christians regarding evil relatives and friends. The man of God rained his usual fire and brimstone down on these evil people that are toxic family relatives but lo and behold, who comes to correct him? A woman, a unique Muslim woman.

Najwa Zebian is a Muslim poet and author whose works are to be found on a few Buddhist websites. Najwa had this to say to the lofty man of God who had become one of the richest men on earth through his exploits in religion via his Church. RCCG worldwide.

Never wish them pain, that’s not who you are. If they cause you pain, they must have pain inside. Whish them healing instead. That’s what they need.

For those of you allowing the religious teaching of worldly men who claim to know God’s will, redefine your lifestyle, go figure. The is a poet, a lovely young woman telling a 75-year-old ‘prophet the right thing to do before God, I ask you, who is the real godly person here?

Do not wish your enemies evil, particularly if they are relatives (toxic family members) because their hatred often comes from love. Yes, true love. You may not realize it, but that relative that loves you so much, the ex-spouse, when greatly offended or emotionally wounded, will turn to your most bitter enemy, the kind that cannot go a day without wanting to do you harm.

The Solution Is Love

The ONLY thing needed to make heaven is LOVE. The only thing needed to turn an evil toxic family member is love and reason.

1. Have a Heart to Heart Talk With Them Who Once Loved You

Confront your evil relative or entangled spouse with reason. Gentle words of reason and love work wonders where violence fail. Psychologically troubled people respond better to words and things like a heart to heart talks. This is the mid giving vent to its pain at some level we do not understand and afterward, satisfaction and inner peace are all that’s left.

2. Be Prepared To Make Sacrifices

Remember that they have pain of sorts lurking within them and so seek to make sacrifices to alleviate that pain. This will draw them out even if they try to rebuff your reconciliatory attempts.

3. Listen to what they do not say

Ask them questions to know exactly where it all went wrong. Most often than not, they will not give you straight answers and so you must concentrate on their elusive response to certain questions to find clues.

4. Take Advantage of Festive Periods

Festive periods such as Christmas and Easter are the best times to initiate reconciliatory moves. Knocking on the door of your enemy with a nice gift on Xmas day will most likely get you a smile and forgiveness even before you ask it.

5. Never Pay Back Evil With Evil

Paying back evil for evil is a cycle that will certainly result in a continues and very active state of enmity. You will forever be looking for what to do to harm your enemy and they will be sure to return the favor in severalfold. The question here is, when will the endless vengeance end? With the death of one or both of you most likely.


In Conclusion

Although religion may dictate your lifestyle, it’s love that guarantees you peace. Interestingly, it is that same love that guarantees you heaven.

LOVE GOD and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF, NOTHING ELSE. If you can do this as a Christain or a Muslim, whatever your sect may be, heaven and peace certainly await you!

Dealing With Toxic Family Members And Entangled Spouses Who Wish You Misfortune Or Death… What Does Christ Say?

[25] One day an expert in religious law stood up to test Jesus by asking him this question: “Teacher, what should I do to inherit eternal life?”
[26] Jesus replied, “What does the law of Moses say? How do you read it?” [27] The man answered, “‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”c [28] “Right!” Jesus told him. “Do this and you will live!”

In reality, this is so hard to accomplish, such broad-reaching love, particularly in the face of toxic family members. We must try!


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