The allure of perfect rosy pink lips that shows no sign of dryness or cracks is something that both men and women can’t resist these days. Indeed, everyone wants rosy pink lips but unfortunately, the lips are the most vulnerable of the body during cold seasons such as winter. Due to the cold temperatures and accompanying exposure to the harsh sun and dry winds, the lips dry up, crack and peel off in layers (flaking). This sort of damaged lips is what is known to beauty experts as chapped lips.

Chapped lips are painful to bear and difficult to hide, women are most vulnerable here. Reddened lips that are flaking will bring a lot of physical pain and even affect your self-esteem and confidence.

In this article, I will share with you some really good home remedies which to treat chapped lips pretty quickly. The interesting thing here is that these home remedies for treating chapped lips also make your lips rosy soft and beautiful. Read now these tips for treating chapped lips. Put these simple home remedies to use in treating your chapped lips to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.



The Original Causes Of Chapped Lips

In order to find an adequate cure, it is always best to know the cause of a problem. To effectively treat chapped lips, you out to understand the original factors that led to them in the first place. The following are so of the main factors that destroy the beauty of your lips.



A lot of modern skin care products for the face have a lot of chemicals mixed in with all those natural substances and so the chances are high that you might have allergies to them.



When your lips become too dry, they get damaged.



Constant peeling or licking away on your lips.



Overly exposing your lips to the damaging sunlight.



Exposing your lips to raw tobacco and smoke from cigarettes etc.


Breathing Wrongly

Berating through the open mouth


Vitamins Deficiency

A lack of certain vitamins in the body.

10 Home Remedies To Treat Chapped Lips

The market is flooded with lip care products of different kinds. But why throw away good money when you can get far better treatment options in your very own kitchen? Below are the best10 home remedies to treat chapped lips.


1. Honey and Sugar: Wonderful Home Remedies for Rosy Pink Lips

The mixture of honey and sugar is a paste that will exfoliate your lips, making them very attractive, softer and healthier. To prepare this, mix 2 tablespoonfuls. of sugar and 1 tablespoonful. of pure natural honey. Apply the paste on your lips by rubbing it in gently with your fingers and leave for a couple of minutes then wash off with warm water. Make use of this natural and simple honey paste as often as you can and you will see the result in a handful of days.


2. Glycerin: The Magical cure for Extremely Chapped Lips

Glycerin is well known to be a superb moisturizer. Mix it up with pure natural honey and apply the resulting paste to the lips each night before going to bed. Next day, wash off your lips with warm water. Indulging in this overnight remedy will make your lips supple each morning.


3. Castor Oil To Treating Dry Lips Overnight

When Castor Oil is mixed with certain other natural ingredients, it sure can make a superb treatment for damaged or chapped lips. Interestingly, castor oil still works when applied alone but for faster and better results you need to mix in other stuff like lemon. Add 1 tablespoonful of glycerin and ½ tablespoonful of lemon juice. Mix and apply the paste to the lips each night before going to bed. Leave it on all night and in the morning, wash off with lukewarm water. Do this several times a week for incredibly results.

4. Cucumber Juice To Do Battle With Treating Chapped and Dry Lips

Extracting and applying fresh cucumber juice directly to your lips by rubbing it in gently will ssoothethe damaged dry lips. Do this several times in a day for better effect.


5. Rose Petals: Superb Remedy for Dry and Sore Lips

That lovely rose plant out in your garden can work wonders for you when it comes to treating chapped lips. How? Very simple.

Get some of the rose petals and soak them in pure milk for about 3-4 hours. Make a paste out of the mixture – should be smooth – and apply it to your lips 3-4 times a day and rosy lips will be your reward.

Can’t get fresh raw milk, use Glycerin as a fitting alternative.


6. Natural Oils are Super for Dry Lips Treatment

Coconut oil, olive oil and mustard oil, these are superb examples of natural oils. Apply any of these natural oils to your lips several times each day. Massage the oils in gently with your fingers and see the difference.


7. Aloe Vera: The Wonder Worker In Treating Chapped Lips Fast

Aloe Vera is quite pungent in taste, even bitter, but this is a small price to pay compared to the wonderful things this plant can do and you don’t even have to mix it with nothing. Just go pluck a leaf of Aloe Vera and apply its colorless inner gel on your damaged lips. Your skin will soak up the gel and healing follows remarkably fast.


8. Milk Cream for Pink and Rosy Lips

Milk cream is known to be high in fats but this same quality makes it a superb moisturizer too. Apply fresh milk cream on your chapped lips. Leave it on for several minutes and then was off with lukewarm water. Do this at least three times each day and your damaged lips will heal fast.


9. Petroleum Jelly The Simple Solution

Petroleum Jelly is one of the simplest and cheapest remedies for chapped lips. Rub it in directly on your lips with your fingers about 2-3 times each day. You can take this remedy to a new level. Firstly, apply pure natural honey to the lips leave it to dry. Afterwards apply some petroleum jelly and leave it on for few minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.


10. Water – Stay Hydrated”

Nature is quite incredible. The simplest of all these remedies is just to drink lots and, yeah, lots of water on a daily basis. This will preserve the hydration if your entire body, thereby keeping the damaging dryness that leads to chapped lips at bay. Begin and end your day with no less than 1-2 glass of water.

These 10 home remedies are the simplest treatments for chapped lips. Follow the instruction given here to get the desired result but more importantly, avoid the causes of Chapped lips. Eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water and never make licking your lips a habit.

How To Use Home Remedies to Treat Chapped Lips And Get Rosy Pink Lips

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