Why Your Husband Is Crazy About The Other Woman And Reedy To Leave You – Relationship Counseling

Why is my hubby crazy about my best friend and ready to leave me? Do I need relationship counseling on the matter?
In today’s world, relationship counseling and offers of relationship advice have become a big business because the commitment of couples to their relationships or marriage vows amounts to nothing.
‘Till death do us apart’ …. that what they say before they go committing adultery with a vengeance. Then comes the marriage problems and before you know it…divorce!
But hey! Did you know that the possibility of a man marrying a woman he does not like in some major way is very low? In fact, if the union turns sour, with a host of very complicated problems later on and relationship counseling comes in, the problem is never far from the woman most of the time.
Well, the answer is so simple.  The woman fails to understand her power and hold over her husband as the object of his attention.
By instinct and nature, a man is strongly attracted to what he sees, what he hears and what he feels whereas a woman is far more controlled in the matter. In the event that his wife becomes less of an attraction, another woman will fill that vacuum created. When this occurs, there is almost nothing that woman or wife can do as the man will not be at that willing to let his mistress go.


In a troubled relationship, people turn to relationship counseling or seek all manner of relationship advice to solve the problems. Here, after a broad survey, we bring you the best of these relationship counseling and advice to set you straight and guess what? Singles can also learn a lesson here for the feature.

Why Your Husband Is Crazy About The Other Woman And Reedy To Leave You – Relationship Counseling

Below are the reasons why your husband is crazy about the other woman and ready to leave you….

1. SHE ADORES, RESPECTS, SUBMITS COMPLETELY TO HIM AND: She makes him her world while you nag all the time…. need I say more? That woman who hangs onto his every word, celebrates and admires him even in his weakness, praises him silly and is very fond of him – now this is the dream of every man alive. Let me let you in on a thousand-year-old oriental secret…. Did you know that Japanese and Chinese courtesans (professional prostitutes) of the first rank are trained from childhood to do just this? We will talk about this better in a later article.

2. SHE ATTENDS TO HIM while you are so busy attending to the children, the house chores, your career and other home affairs, forgetting that he even exists. You raise your voice to him all the time and ignore him so much!


3. SHE IS SO ROMANTIC: She’s crazy about him. “I love you”, “I’m crazy for you…my love”, “I will give my life for you, honey”, “you are my world, my sweat, and love, etc.”. She whispers all this in his ears while you scream at him and talk to him like a common neighbor you meet each day
4. SHE VERY IS PASSIONATE IN BED. While you deny him his matrimonial rights and then on the few days you grant him access to your body, you just lie there like a log of dead wood uninterested, guess what? She drives him nuts in bed! She takes control, energetic, wild and completely wanton, passionate,  so sweet to touch, versatile in every sex position and style, making your own husband scream her name again and again. She makes his sex life so incredible and sensational that he ends thinking of nothing but her all day, even at work…and you wonder why he doesn’t come home to you.
5. SHE BUILDS AND EXPLORES HIS SEXUAL FANTASIES: she knows exactly how to turn him on, build his desires and infinite his lust. By instinct, men are crazy about women who can do this.
6. SHE IS SHAPING HER BODY UP TO SUIT HIS TASTE WHILE YOU ARE SHAPING YOURS TO SUIT YOUR TASTE: one man’s meat is another’s poison. Your husband may love you slim or plump and curvy but you don’t pay attention to what he wants and instead get so fat or too thin through constant workouts to keep in shape. He looks at you and though he is not telling you, he really does not appreciate you anymore.

7. NEVER DOES SHE SAYS NO TO SEX NEEDS. While you are busy telling him how tired you are or how immoral his sexual desires are, she is so eager and ready for him… any time and any day, anyhow, anywhere!

8. SHE SMELLS SO GOOD while you ooze baby poo or some stale body odor all day.


8. SHE COMPLETELY CLEAN WHILE YOU CAN CAN’T ANYTHING CLEAN INCLUDING YOU. You got bushy armpits and legs, wear dirty clothes and leave your hair unmade…your excuse? You have no time for yourself because of the kids or work. Well, cognates, that other woman is turning your husband’s brains by the mere smell of her lovely neat skin and the nice neat apartment he got her.
9. SHE RESPECTS HIM BUT TREATS HIM LIKE A YOUNG LOVER. While you stop being romantic and treat him like an old man. she brings out the lover boy in him, laughing and playing with him in excitement. At 40, she makes him feel 20. This is one reason why men prefer younger women, Men go completely bananas for such woman who play and laugh with them.
10. SHE IS GENEROUS WITH EVERYTHING while you are stingy in all things.
11. SHE PACKAGES HER BODY LIKE A SWEET YOUNG GIRL while you go dressing like his grandmother, all tweed, and shapeless clothing.
12. SHE BELIEVES COMPLETELY IN HIM, while you despise him in many ways.
13. SHE RAINS PRAISES ON HIM, while you despise and insult him.

14. SHE IS ALWAYS JOYOUS TO SEE HIM, HEAR HIS VOICE AND CHAT WITH HIM while you want him to leave you alone or ignore him at the door after he’s put in a hard day work at the office.
15. SHE SERVES HIM WONDERFUL FOOD AND DELICACIES OF DIFFERENT KINDS while your food is tasteless, and critically lacking in variety.
16. SHE MAKES HIM FEEL MORE AT EASE AROUND HER while you make him uneasy with your unpredictable nature and temper.

17. SHE PAMPERS HIM while you pamper the kids.

Why Your Husband Is Crazy About The Other Woman And Reedy To Leave You – Relationship Counseling



Ladies, turn to Relationship counseling or go seek relationship advice for your marriage problems and I bet you that at least 12 of the reasons listed here will pop up in your face. These and more are the very reasons why your husband is so madly in love with that other woman, his mistress who is probably your friend, and will never let her go but will do away with you in short order.

Some troubled women complain they’ve done everything they can, yet their husbands still cheat on them and with a particular woman too. NEWS FLASH, girl, you’ve not done the very thing you need to do. There’s a whole mouthing of things to do to get your husband back and it’s not just sex, it’s you! Yes, you and your home. Indeed, he wants a lot more and you are lacking in all kinds of way, locate the areas and deal with it swiftly before you lose the fight completely.
Because of your stupidity and ignorance, you’ve gotten into a huge competition with the Love-Peddler! Don’t let her win. If she uses love portions of sorts, turn to prayer for your weapons and in no time, you win your husband back. But first, attend to HIS NEEDS in other to make him want HIS MISTERESS LESS AND LESS.

Endeavor to buy and read my book RUTHLESS BETRAYALS, search for it on this blog. It based on the true-life story of a woman who fought evil and the sexual attractions of other women to keep her wayward husband, and she won too.


May God never let you lose your husband to another woman in Jesus name.
Love you so much, girl. Keep the fire in you and all will be fine.


God bless you


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