Village where all twins babies are hanged (Infanticide)

Village where all twins babies are hanged (Infanticide)

Infanticide, by direct definition, is the act of killing newborn babies for one reason or the other, twins in this case.

Now while infanticide is something most people would connect to a criminal mind today, what if I told you that a whole village indulges in this act on a major scale?

A heartbroken health worker in the capital city of Nigeria has taken to Facebook, to express her pain at the discovery of a village where all newborn twin babies and put to death a few days after birth *(infanticide).

The post which has gone viral has drawn outrage from most Nigerian circles and individuals not only because of its barbarous nature but because such a tradition exists only a few miles from the seat of the nation’s government.

The village of Kaida is located in the town of Gwagwalada, on the outskirts of the city of Abuja. It looks like a regular village in rural Africa, very poor and underdeveloped, but the thing is that unknown to the rest of the world, all newborn twins in this community have to die by handing a few days after birth.

Uncovered!!! The village where all twins babies are hanged (Infanticide)


Apparently, the people of the village of Kaida believe that twins are a bad omen to the community and so have to be put to death by hanging to appease the gods.

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This terrible custom of infanticide would have continued unchecked and completely undiscovered by the outside world if a group of health workers from a non-profit health organization had not visited the village to administer to the health needs of its people and a distressed mother of a new set of twins stepped up to them to give away her babies with tears in her eyes.

Uncovered!!! The village where all twins babies are hanged (Infanticide)

The Window of Escape For The Twins (Infanticide)

The arrival of the humanitarian workers just 24 hours before the scheduled death of the twins left them a window of opportunity for survival which their mother bravely exploited.

Uncovered!!! The village where all twins babies are hanged (Infanticide)

Mother of twins acts to save babies
This area is known as Abuja in Nigeria.

Nkwasi Obim Nebo, a maternal health advocate and humanitarian worker who led a team of PeachAid Medical Initiative medical doctors to the village says the mother of the twins walked up to her seeking help.

She wrote on Facebook: “As soon as we arrived at the community, this woman immediately handed us her newly-born twin babies, asking us to take them away; they were only 2 days old.

“I asked her why she was giving up on her own kids, she replied and said they will be killed in a few days from today if still with her. She heard we were coming and came out just to give us the babies!

“This is her 4th pregnancy, and her 4th set of twins also! Oh yes! You heard me right! Twins are considered as evil in this community since time immemorial, and are killed (hanged) on the third day after delivery.”

Uncovered!!! The village where all twins babies are hanged (Infanticide)

In an earlier post, the Peach Aid CEO had narrated how the Initiative, comprising medical doctors from Garki Hospital, Abuja, and other medical personnel, distributed contraceptives to the villagers.

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“During our health intervention at Kaida Village, Gwagwalada, FCT, we made sure every woman got their choice of contraceptives which will last for 5years, and that the men present also got condoms as many as they wanted,” she wrote.

“We distributed clean delivery kits to prevent infection and bleeding at childbirth; we checked their sugar level, and their blood pressure; we administered Vitamin A supplements for all the children between the age of six months to five years.”

Africa is full of primitive native tribes who murder babies for one r3ason or another and Nigeria has its fair share of this terrible tradition. To make matters worse, Nigeria has the highest birth rate of twins, triplets, and quadruplets in the world.

Since Mary Slessor stopped the practice of infanticide of twins among the Ibibio tribe of southern Nigeria in the nineteenth century, several individuals and groups, international and local, have followed her footstep with campaigns on the rights of twins to life.

Uncovered!!! The village where all twins babies are hanged (Infanticide)

However, the practice persists even today, particularly in remote villages that are cut off from the rest of civilization, such as Kaida.


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