Urine Therapy Benefits - Methods and Best Practices To Cure Chronic Illnesses and Diseases 

Urine therapy benefits, the results from the treatment of illnesses and disease through the oral consumption of urine is the most effective treatment remedies known.

As a universal cure for diseases and illnesses, urine therapy has lived up to its reputation for over 4,000 years.

With over 8,000 known diseases of different complexities besieging mankind today, medicine, modern and traditional, are overwhelmed. They offer little or no remedies to a vast majority of these diseases and in cases where one does exist, they often have limited effects or even terrible side effects.




Comprehensive introductions and foundations on urine therapy are to be found in the above article  — Urine Therapy: The Anti-aging Miracle Worker. Without this introductory knowledge, you will not understand or appreciate this article. Have a good read of both articles, try out something and your life will never be the same again.


Outlined below are some of the main illnesses and diseases afflicting mankind today. They are incurable, according to orthodox medicine but Urine therapy does have an answer.


With approximately 500 million people now living with one form of this disease or the other, diabetes is ranked among the top five killer diseases in the world. Diabetes induces several other chronic diseases and it has completely defied all cure.

Urine therapy is the only proven way to control and eventually cure this disease. So easy and safe a method, urine therapy cures all the other complicating illness too – hypertension, heart disease, kidney failure, gum disease and diabetic retinopathy, etc.


This disease is one of the deadliest and most infectious on earth and it doesn’t respond to any known medication.

HIV gradually but progressively destroys the immune system, leaving the body completely defenseless against even the weakest of illnesses and diseases. The health of an HIV victim slowly degenerates until death from one complicating sickness or the other. Doctors merely try to slow down this destruction of the immune system with Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) as medicine has no cure for HIV/AICS.

The introduction of strict Urine therapy quickly brings the entire health deterioration problem in HIV/AIDS patients under firm control and slowly improves the body’s energy levels. With this control in force and other complicating illnesses held at bay, urine launches a dedicated attack on the very virus that brought about the whole problem in the first place – the Human Immune Deficiency Virus. And so is the disease cured.

Urine therapy fortifies the immune system and slowly begins to induce an increase in CD 4 cells. In certain reported cases, patients with CD 4 counts as low as 55 have seen it rise to 800 and above in little time!

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This mental disorder brought on by brain damage during the time of birth is marked by a lack of muscle control and involuntary spasms, particularly in the limbs. People with this disease have twisted legs and hands, which cannot be moved or balanced without help. Additionally, some people with this ailment cannot hear, speak, stand or sit.

Urine has the power to control and cure most brain problems and this is no exception. Children with this disease get cured with special urine therapy. Their physical deformity will be straightened out to a major degree if not completely.

Do not be surprised, Urine possesses the ability to revive dead cells and enhances brain functions including memory and intelligence.

Urine Therapy Benefits – So Powerful A Cure!

Urine has the unusual ability to repair and reconstruct all the body’s vital organs from basic levels including the heart, brain, lungs, pancreas, liver, and kidneys. It wipes the body clean of diseases, defects, and infections. Urine is good for oral and dental health too.

Oral consumption of Urine is a 100% guaranteed cure for the following ailments –brain disease (most), liver diseases, dropsy, bile troubles, jaundice, sinuses stoppages, all manner of STDs, lung diseases, plague and other such poisonous fevers, kidney diseases, and blood sugar problems which lead to diabetes. Applied externally, urine deep cleans the skin and gets rid of all kinds of complex skin diseases — rashes, dandruff, wrinkles, even athlete’s foot.

Urine is the watery part of the blood, and so one person’s urine can actually be consumed by another with excellent results. This is particularly important in circumstances where a sick person cannot produce enough of his own urine to drink or has some kind of poison in his urine. The urine of a healthy person can be drunk (or massaged on the skin) by any sick person. Do not be shocked. This process is basically the same with blood transfusion, they even have the same fundamental rule — the donor must be completely healthy.

With urine therapy, the donor must be on a healthy diet so the urine passed will be odorless, colorless almost and tasteless. It must be completely fresh too and drank immediately. This method is particularly helpful for people afflicted with certain brain disease like Cerebral Palsy, that makes it somewhat risky to drink their own urine at the start of the therapy. This also applies to people who have undergone treatment for certain chronic diseases like cancer – they’ve got radioactive urine.

People with afflictions relating to poison cannot drink their own urine either became at the introduction of the potent urine therapy, the body will be flushing out all that poisons through the urine as fast as it can.

Warning! Do not attempt urine therapy without adequate understanding of its applicable methods. Knowledge of these methods has been set down by traditional healer/experts through generations. Some of that knowledge is what is found here.


Urine therapy has the ability to prevent the spread of Cancerous Cells and effectively, wipe out cancer. Unlike Radiation or Chemotherapy, urine therapy kills all poisonous material in cancerous cells without harming other healthy cells, no side effects either.

Chemotherapy, the best treatment medical science can offer aside for surgery, has terrible side effects, and it is not ‘cell’ selective either. Chemotherapy destroys other healthy cells along with the Cancerous cells, inducing too many complications – hair loss, chronic stomach aches and vomiting, different infections, terrible nerves and muscle pains, white and red blood cell decrease, etc.

Interestingly, tests have proven that patients who undergo Chemotherapy may also use Urine Therapy to reduce unwelcome side effects with the added benefit of fast recovery due to a quick fix for all damage done.

Warning! Anyone undergoing Chemotherapy must not drink his or her own urine within 48 hours of the radioactive treatment. Drink urine from another healthy person.

Doctors do not recommend any treatment to people diagnosed with advanced or terminal stage-4 cancer because it is believed that they cannot withstand the side effects. Doctors kill off the last hopes of these desperate patients and prescribe them palliative medication (superior pain relievers) to manage the terrible pain till death. The opinion of palliative Chemotherapy is just as useless.

People who are sentenced to death in this way should turn swiftly to urine therapy for life. You may opt for Palliative Chemotherapy and run urine therapy with it.

Urine, in addition to diminishing the unwelcome side effects of the Palliative injections given to cancer patients, will eventually cure the disease.

Other Illnesses, Anti-Aging, Urine Therapy, Dosage and Triggers

Below is a guide to the treatment of some common ailments with urine therapy.

Urine Therapy Triggers

Triggers, in urine therapy, are special supplements or foods necessary for two reasons. One, to guarantee your body produces the right kind of urine for you to drink. Two, certain foods have the ability to condition (arm) the immune system quickly and perfectly for a showdown with some particular kinds of diseases. For instance, the drinking or direct massaging of urine on the skin when you’ve got an acute bacterial disease like gonorrhea will give you serious problems beginning with sore throat and skin rashes, not to talk of the terrible bitter taste and smell. A trigger is needed to get you past this problem swiftly otherwise a few days of healthy eating is strongly recommended before the start of urine therapy.

Urine therapy requires one eats light and very balanced diets at all times. Sugars, trans fats, and heavy oils, alcohol, junk foods, get rid of them already and replace with healthy foods.


Prevention is always better than cure. Living a very healthy disease free life requires a full harassment of the awesome anti-aging benefits of urine therapy. Drink 3 glassfuls of your own fresh urine each day, all the rest of your life. With a daily intake of nutrient-rich diets and foods such as fruits and vegetables, it is very possible to reduce dosage after some time to just two glasses or even one glass a day, particularly if you have a demanding day job and can’t keep rushing off to the toilet for a drink!

Trigger: Fruits and vegetable. Eat well of these foods for a whole day before embarking on urine therapy.

Persistent Headaches and Pains

These disappear quickly enough, never to return, with the above dosage. For a quick fix, drink 4 cups of urine each day for 2 days. In chronic cases, headaches and pain are most likely a sign of a deep-lying illness so continue with dosage until symptoms disappear.

Trigger: Eat lots of fruits, tomatoes, and berries mostly, or take a spoonful of honey, at least one hour before your first cup of urine.

Urine Therapy Benefits – Methods and Best Practices Urine therapy benefits, urine, urine therapy benefits

Coughs and Cold

Drink 3 glassfuls of your own fresh urine daily. These illnesses, even in chronic conditions, should disappear within 2 to 3 days.

Trigger: A spoonful of pure natural honey. Take it one hour before you begin urine therapy and then twice each day until symptom disappears.

Clear and Sharp Eyesight

First eat well of oily fishes and diets rich in fresh green leafy vegetables, carrots or onions (2 of these foods together will do or, for best result, all these foods together) with a teaspoonful of honey in your drinking water. Drink 3 glassfuls of the fresh urine you pass daily for just 7 days. Put drops of it in your eyes regularly. Improvements should be evident within the first 3 days. For permanent results, use urine as a daily eye drop all your life.

Trigger; Onions, Carrots, vegetables and omega-3 rich oily fishes (salmon or mackerel). Eat well before beginning the therapy.


For gonorrhea, eat one lime orange before starting the therapy. Continue eating one lime each day after that for 7 days – it’s possible to take a lime on alternate days. Drink 3 glassfuls of your fresh urine daily for 14 days. If you drink all or at least 80% of your urine each day, you should be fine in 7 days.

Trigger: 1 Lime orange a day


The dosage with gonorrhea applies here but treatment goes on for up to 1 month. Drinking all the urine you pass daily or at last 80% of it, you should be fine in 14 to 21 days.

Trigger: Lime and Lemon


For treatment, it’s better to turn fully to urine therapy on a permanent basis. Eat a diet rich in cancer-fighting food – tomatoes, onions, oily fishes, blueberries etc. – then drink at least 80% of the urine you pass out until symptoms vanish completely – this method gets faster results. Once cured, reduce to 5 glassfuls a day for at least one week. After that stay with urine therapy for good health.

Trigger: All manner of fruits

Note – Taking just 3 glassfuls of urine a day to fight cancer will result in a longer period of treatment. Bombard your system with urine to be free of cancer in a shorter time.

Urine Therapy Benefits – Methods and Best Practices Urine therapy benefits, urine, urine therapy benefits


This is one of the most difficult diseases to cure even in urine therapy. Urine therapy – takes as long as 3 to 6 months to kill it.

Recommend dosage – Drink 3 to 5 glassfuls of your own fresh urine daily for 6 months. Drink at least 80% of your urine for better and faster results. Keep your diet light and extremely healthy. Pack it full of natural superfoods and supplements, your immune system will need all the boost it can get because it’s going to civil war! The enemies are right inside it!

Trigger: There is a unique trigger for this disease, I believe. Looking to try it out under the right conditions.

Urine Therapy Benefits – Methods and Best Practices To Cure Chronic Illnesses and Diseases 


For a healthy disease free life, the standard dosage in urine therapy is drinking 3 glassfuls of you own fresh urine daily. This dosage is also enough to heal most sicknesses and diseases. Keep your diet healthy and well balanced for best results, which are good health, good eyesight, freedom from disease, youthfulness and longer life. Decades will literally be added to your lifespan and your anti-aging fight will be won!

Urine is the most powerful and most versatile anti-aging substance ever known.

In urine therapy, for faster results, drink more urine. That is how it works. The more urine you consume, the faster the result – this is the reason for strict urine fasting, which is a situation wherein sick people entirely live off every drop of their own urine and just water. Smart people add a little honey to that water. No foods. (3-day urine fasting is most common)

The power to increase your lifespan is now in your hands in the form of knowledge. Use it well. Urine Therapy Benefits – Chronic Illnesses and Diseases 


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