Urine Therapy is an anti-aging remedy so powerful it is referred to by many knowledgable people as an anti-aging miracle worker.

Any supplement or food with the ability to boost the body’s health levels high enough to induce complete resistance to a host of illnesses and diseases can slow down the aging process very significantly and so that food or supplement is referred to as an anti-aging superfood or supplement. When that superfood or supplement is so potent it works in an all-action kind of way, there is only one to describe it – an anti-aging miracle worker!

Drink waters out of thy own cistern, and running waters out of thy own well. – Proverbs 5:15 (ASV)

These words are that of wise King Solomon of ancient Israel and they are perhaps proof positive that the incredible therapeutic qualities of urine have been known and exploited since prehistorical times. The ‘Yogic and Tantric books’ (revered ancient religious and clear historical records of Asia which date back to the 5th century) contains several more mentions of urine’s unique therapeutic qualities. Indeed, for more than 4,000 years, mankind has made use of his own urine to cure the illnesses and diseases which have tormented him and one amazing side effect of this is longer life and superb health, always!


A Basic Introduction To Urine Therapy

The oral consumption (or topical use) of urine to treat diseases and illnesses is known as urine therapy. The practice is considered strange by so many people, which is one reason it’s not so popular, at least not in the western world.


Urine Therapy: Nature Makes A Case For Itself

Did you know that some of the most astonishing healing remedies of nature are to be found in the weirdest of places such as in weeds, those parts of foods we normally throw away as completely useless and, yes, animal urine (both human and animal.)

  • *Aloe Vera, the most amazing healing plant in nature, is actually a weed that grows richly in the desert regions of North Africa.
  • *One pound of natural honey, another wonderful healer, is produced by the actions of more than 50,000 bees vomiting half-digested nectar right out of their stomachs and into each other’s mouths, over and over again!
  • *Quite a number of wonderful supplements for better health are made from the useless outer barks or peels of grapes, bananas, berries, and even tuber crops like yams!

Though unrecognized by the modern (western) world today, urine therapy has been firmly established in Asia for several generations. The Chinese Urine Therapy Association is one with more than 100,000 registered (and active) members on the Chinese mainland alone, even more elsewhere in Asia. A lot of these people are aged over 70 years of age but still quite physically fit, full of strength, and hale and hearty! Some of these elderly people even claim that they haven’t been ill in decades, the elderly president of the association is one of such!

Just across the southern Chinese border is the subcontinent called India. Here, both human and cow urine therapy have been well used for generations. In most villages and rural settlements, people live very healthy and disease-free lives by consuming several cups of their own urine or even that of a domestic cow daily! Just recently, the BBC NEWS featured a rare documentary on the subject and the focus was the story of a 36-year-old Indian man, Clement Paliwal, and his four friends who actually drink and bath cow urine every day to stay completely healthy. They have been at it for more than five years and the result? Perfect health! Not even a cold in five years!

These youthful looking men in their 30s are cowhands at a small farm in a village in Udaipur, Rajasthan, western India. Clement claimed to have turned to cow urine therapy after modern medicine failed to cure the acute lung disease that had him catching coughs and colds so very often.

Cynics may coin this up to the fact that the Hindus (the major religion of India) worship their cows as the holiest of creatures on earth but this does not account for the miraculous healing powers displayed by cow urine.

In India, both cow and human urine are a major ingredient of most medicines – facial creams or sprays, ear and eye drops, joint pain ointments and several other such ointments, it’s even present in antiseptic liquids. The drinking of fresh urine is a trend so popular that major Indian soft drink brands are cashing in by selling packaged ‘purified’ cow urine at prices even higher than vegetable oil!

Interestingly enough, the overall health benefits of cow urine are inferior to that of human urine and this brings us to the main subject – the incredible health and anti-aging benefits of human urine.

For more than five centuries, traditional healers, the world over, have used human urine effectively both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, but it wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that the first western doctor took the bold step of publicizing the facts. The credit goes to John W. Armstrong, a talented British naturopath. He introduced urine therapy to the western world as a unique system of alternative medicine. Though greatly successful in his day, as indicated by thousands of thankful patients, the death of Dr. Armstrong put an end to all formal recognition for urine therapy. Even so, the use of urine for diagnostic purposes is completely accepted by medicine even till today although the therapeutic use of it (as a cure) is not. This is very baffling indeed considering that there are more than 8,000 diseases besieging mankind today and science offers cures for less than half of them whereas urine therapy does far better!

There are millions and millions of people around the world today suffering from countless forms of Chronic illnesses and diseases, most of them incurable ailments. Mankind is completely helpless and so dejected like never before. While the ‘already incredible’ number of people afflicted with these incurable illnesses and diseases are ever on the increase yearly, scientists, despite their tireless efforts to discover effective and permanent cures, have failed completely.

But does mankind really need the help of science?

A Wonderful Healing Power Lies Inside You

Water, Air, and Sunlight, the three most important elements of nature necessary for the preservation of life on earth are to be had for free. But nature goes on to provide us with one more ‘free element’, a “DIVINE HEALING TONIC” known to all as “URINE”. It flows freely from our bellies, according to King Solomon.

Human Urine possesses such wonderful healing powers that enable it Control and even Cure all kinds of chronic diseases and illnesses. In that manner nature has provided very special food (milk) in the breast of the nursing mother for the health and nourishment of her newborn child, so also has nature provided matured human beings with a universal remedy for the preservation of health and a cure for all manner of illnesses and diseases.

Urine Therapy: The Anti-Aging Miracle Worker

What Exactly Can Urine Therapy Do?

By far, the most potent and effective natural remedy for the treatment of diseases and illnesses, Urine therapy is also the safest because it produces absolutely no side effects. Urine can prevent, control and even cures some of the worst ailments ever known to man. Diabetes, Arthritis, all kinds of Cancer, Mental conditions, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Kidney failure, HIV/AIDS, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, and Psoriasis, etc. these and many more like ailments are wiped out completely by urine when in full therapeutic mode.

Human Urine is the most powerful Immune System booster for the human body. It fights Nervous Disorders, destroys unhealthy organisms within the body, dissolves and removes harmful toxins and free radicals that have accumulated in the body over time. Used therapeutically, urine even has the ability to revive dead cells and dead tissues in the body and this quality enables it to rebuild the resistance powers of vital organs such as the Brain, Heart, Liver, Lungs, Pancreas, and the Intestine. Basically, this means that urine reinvigorates our body, protects overall health, slows down the unwelcome aging process and ultimately increase our lifespan.

Urine therapy is the only absolute remedy for every disease or illness tormenting the human body, great and small. There is certainly nothing urine cannot cure, prevent or control, even the terrible ailments modern medicine tags incurable are no obstacle. In addition to boosting your overall health, Urine therapy will also boost your eyesight, energy levels, fitness and intellectually abilities, all of which lead to a boost in self-confidence. The end result is always a happy, and illness free, long life.


Urine and Excreta

Many medical experts say that Urine contains excreta, which is downright poisonous, but in the last five hundred years, there has been no record of anyone dying from drinking urine. Consumed orally, urine is not poisonous. When used in pure therapeutic mode, urine is a universal cure for all ailments.

Urine is also known in some parts of the world as the “Medicine of life”, a gift of nature for the sole purpose of preserving perfect health, which then leads to longevity. As a medicine, Urine has no equal, and like air, water, and sunlight, cannot be replicated in any manner, whether traditional or scientific.

The amazing healing powers of Urine make a case against those who doubt the existence of a creator. This healing water of life can only be a gift from an omniscient creator who foresaw the terrible sufferings of humanity in the face of old age and so many incurable illnesses and diseases.

Urinotherapy, as urine therapy is technically called, combines both spiritual growth, mental development, mental health, and physical well-being to bring about perfect health. Urine, “the healing power within you”: is the only true way you can live perfectly and be completely (100%) free from ill health, and chronic illnesses and diseases. Nothing else in science or nature can help you so well.


A Universal Remedy For poisons and Distempers

A distemper is an animal disease of viral nature with the ability to spread very quickly to other kinds of animals. One good example is rabies, which is spread by dogs to humans. Whether the infection is within or outside the body, Urine wipes it away. Urine is actually an antidote for all manner of poisons; it destroys them quickly and completely as well as all resulting disease. VIT, PITT, KAFFA,– urine therapy takes them out.


Digestive and Immunes system booster, and Energy booster

Urine enhances digestive functions, improves overall energy levels and strength in unique ways. Urine cures different kinds of chronic diseases and enhances general body functions by flushing out all accumulated waste matter in the body — free radicals, and toxins, stimulating (boosting) the immune system and cell defensive mechanism. Faced with the venomous bites of insect, urine works even more wonders.

Are you a pregnant woman suffering from weakness and other kinds of complications or do you just have excessive menstruation or some bizarre tumor in the Uterus? Your own urine will amaze you with what it can do! Urine attacks everything bad in the body, from brain and eyes disorders to cancer and even worms in the intestines, fevers and all sorts of skin diseases.

Simply put, Urine therapy is perfect health and long life in capfuls or rather glassfuls. It is a completely painless and drugless system of treatment that completely purifies the bloodstream, inducing overall good health and an increased lifespan.


The Amazing Composition Of Urine 

Urine contains very unique proteins and antibodies, essential hormones, Vitamins, Minerals, Salts and certain chemical compounds, all of which are very crucial for optimal body maintenance and growth. The unstable salts present in Urine readily neutralize the powerful acids and radicals, poisonous matter in the body, thereby completely destroying the foundations of most Illnesses and diseases.
In 1975, Dr. A.H. Free, a founder of Miles Laboratories, published his little-known book Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice. In the book, he notes that not only is urine a sterile compound within the body (which is purer even than distilled water), but “it is now recognized that human urine contains thousands of compounds that are beneficial to health. Below are just some of the urine constituents mentioned by Dr. Free and the amount of each a human passes out each day.
  1. Alanine, total ….. 38 mg
  2. Arginine, total ….. 32 mg
  3. Ascorbic acid ….. 30 mg
  4. Allantoin ….. 12 mg
  5. Amino acids, total ….. 2.1 g
  6. Bicarbonate ….. 140 mg
  7. Biotin ….. 35 mg
  8. Calcium ….. 23 mg
  9. Creatinine ….. 1.4 mg
  10. Cystine ….. 120 mg
  11. Dopamine ….. 0.40 mg
  12. Epinephrine ….. 0.01 mg
  13. Folic acid ….. 4 mg
  14. Glucose ….. 100 mg
  15. Glutamic acid ….. 308 mg
  16. Glycine ….. 455 mg
  17. Inositol ….. 14 mg
  18. Iodine ….. 0.25 mg
  19. Iron ….. 0.5 mg
  20. Lysine, total ….. 56 mg
  21. Manganese ….. 0.5 mg
  22. Magnesium ….. 100 mg
  23. Methionine, total ….. 10 mg
  24. Nitrogen, total ….. 15 g
  25. Ornithine ….. 10 mg
  26. Pantothenic acid ….. 3 mg
  27. Phenylalanine ….. 21 mg
  28. Phosphorus, organic ….. 9 mg
  29. Potassium ….. 2.5 mg
  30. Proteins, total ….. 5 mg
  31. Riboflavin ….. 0.9 mg


Why Is Urine This Powerful?

The main reason urine is so powerful or potent is because it comes from within you. When you are sick doctors need a small sample of your urine to run tests that show precisely what illness or disease is brewing inside your body. Interestingly, the immune system does just the same thing, and then, much more! After the tests, while the doctors give you loads of drugs which will have heavy side effects, the immune system merely shifts into higher gear but without the side effects.

When you eat richly of balanced diets like urine therapy requires, your immune system starts to function at full power, producing specialized antibodies to any kind of illness or disease brewing inside of you, however, complicated. The immune system bombards your bloodstream with these antibodies and they are right in there in every drop of your urine.

Now, a person might be healthy and normal without urine therapy but once this person falls ill, his blood is promptly bombarded with regular antibodies from a very normal functioning immune system. If for some reason, these antibiotics fail to stop the invading disease or illness at its earliest stage and the person becomes even sicker, the hospital is the next ports of call and there a doctor takes over. However, if that person chooses to switch to urine therapy, below is what happens….

Drinking your first cup of urine causes your otherwise ‘normal’ immune system to get its first power boost, as well as a sample of the failed ‘first generation antibodies’. The immune system quickly ‘runs tests’ of its own and adjusts swiftly to the result; it shifts into higher gear, producing a better and more competent breed of ‘2nd generation antibodies’ which march off to war against the invading disease in your body. As you drink more and even more of your own urine, your immune system gets, even more, boosts and works even better than normal, producing 3rd, 4th and 5th generation antibodies. And so, it goes on until your body gets a higher hand on that attacking illness or disease.

For thousands of years, it has been an established principle in urine therapy has always been that the more of your own urine you consume, the faster the healing effect. The ancients did not really know why, but now you do!

Urine therapy
Read more about urine in this amazing book. The full information is here including facts about Urea.



Main Obstacles In Urine Therapy

Once over the initial idea of urine therapy being revolting, a literal no-go area, the main obstacle in the way of first-timers is the terrible taste, color, and odor of their own urine. Look at the issue this way: when we wash very dirty laundry, the residual (leftover) water is so dirty or even disgusting but with near clean laundry sporting just a few stains, the residual water is still very neat. The point? The color, the odor, and the taste of your own urine depend completely on the things you eat and drink, and whatever diseases or illnesses brewing inside of your body. When you make a habit of eating things like saturated oils, salts and all sorts of junk food, the taste of your own urine will be very bad, the color of it will be a repulsive deep yellow and the smell will be terrible. If you have a bacterial disease brewing within you in addition to all this junk food, the taste of your own urine will be so horribly bitter, you’ll most likely throw up the first time you drink it and be put off urine therapy for the rest of your life. Try to get past this stigma which is of your own doing.

Junk foods and poor diets are to be avoided at all costs. If you choose to embark on urine therapy, light and balanced diets joined with drinking a lot of water and nutrient-rich juices is what you need. This is the only way your body can produce colorless and tasteless urine for you to drink; urine that actually looks and even tastes like ordinary water.

Do you have a long-standing habit of eating poor diets but immediately need to change to urine therapy? What you need is the well-devised solution tagged the ‘trigger method’ by Dr. Danielle McMahon a US-trained medical doctor with a keen interest in Urine Therapy.

The Trigger Method, which has been perfected over several years, sets you on your way to recovery from any disease or illness within 24 hours. How? It gives your soiled-up system a special boost so it begins to produce the perfect kind of urine for you to drink, all within 24 hours. With this method, there is no need to wait days for your system to condition itself!


The Anti-Aging Miracle Worker And Its Amazing Side Effect

At the outset, I mention that urine therapy does not have any side effect whatever. Well, that’s not entirely true. Urine Therapy does have one major side effect and that’s a significant slowdown in the aging process of the body. In certain cases, a reversal of the damages done to the body by the aging process takes place. Illnesses and diseases, free radicals and toxins, poor diets and poor physical fitness levels, an under-performing immune system, these are exactly what brings about accelerated aging in the human body. Urine therapy actually fixes all of these problems and quickly too.

When this ‘miracle worker’ that is urine therapy hits your system, every organ begins to function rightly and the rate at which you age slows down remarkably, your skin, eyes, hair, heart and even the smallest of body cells are injected with new energy and life, and thus you actually start looking younger.

With Urine Therapy, the earlier you begin, the easier it is to preserve your youthful looks.




There is actually no other health or treatment remedy known to mankind that is as powerful and unique as urine therapy. None come even near to it. Try to overcome that disgust and fear of drinking your own urine so you may be able to exploit the wonderful healing abilities of this ‘natural miracle worker’. Drinking waterwell is key to this therey.

Urine Therapy: The Anti-Aging Miracle Worker


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