At the start of holidays, particularly, the dawn of new years, menswear magazines, brands, and blogs display their most elegant formalwear to would customers…and guess what, all kind of wears with black ties are right in there although people do not dress that way anymore for the new year celebration.

The one thing people fail to understand about formalwear is that it should be the exact opposite of an impulse buy. As a cool gentleman with class and style, you should never put yourself in this position; “Oh no, I have an urgent event coming up and I’ll need a tux, really quick!”.

You won’t have reason to wear it that often, but in truth, your wardrobe should always be prepared for all events, which means a sharply tailored tuxedo should be hanging in there. We are not talking about just being prepared to dress appropriately at short notice but also being prepared to feel and look your absolute best.

It doesn’t all have to be so boring, either. In fact, formal occasions are a good time to have a bit of fun, take a bit of risk and enjoy the unique pleasures of classic menswear.

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Ever given a velvet tuxedo a go?

New York City stockbroker Tyrone Naraine has a few secrets on how to shut any party down, no matter what time of year it is.


Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do a velvet top jacket, but it takes a certain level of professionalism to pull off the full velvet tuxedo, especially when in bordeaux.

Velvet is a material specifically suiting for the winter periods – it’s cozy and warm, feels like wearing a soft blanket against your skin and it looks absolutely magnificent against all that winter light in the day and snowy white landscapes.

This trend is not for novices, mind you. This is a power move that specifically designed for the more experienced male dressers.

Are you a novice in formalwear, you sure need to learn the basics first.


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