Which Of These Is Nigeria’s Biggest Problem Right Now?

Nigeria, the giant of Africa, faces so many problems right now, but which is the biggest? Which can be called the worst of the lot?
The once admirable that is Nigeria seems to have become the laughing stock of an underdeveloped continent where the likes of Kenya, Ghana, even Cameroon, and Congo are better in everything from a steady power supply to stable currency and economy.
Recently, due to the ever-evolving crisis in the country, Nigeria looks like a house built from a pack of cards, ready to collapse at any moment, with a single touch. Below are some of the factors responsible for this.
1. NEPA                                          2. INEC                                       3. POLICE
4. FULANI HERDSMEN                     5. JUDICIARY                               6. PDP
7. APC                                            8. BIAFRA                                   9. ARENA YOUTHS
10. BUHARI                                   11. ARMY


Now let’s take a brief look at some of the issues mentioned above.


With third rate countries like Congo and Cameroon dishing out uninterrupted power supply to their citizens 24/7, Nigerians in most part of the country can barely boast of up to half an hour worth of electricity per day. In some region of the country, particularly in the southeast and northeast, electricity is a fairy tale parents tell their kids about. Interestingly, NEPA or PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) as its now called, has come up with the ‘rationing method’ where only the area in which rich people and business reside enjoy the highest power supply …about 15 to 20 hours a day.  Despite the erratic power supply, somehow, at the end of each month, NEPA always show up with huge bills for everyone. Usually, they always manage to bring the light a bit in that very week they bring the bills.  NEPA is seen by many Nigerians, including Actress Omotala Jalade who took to Twitter to voice her anger on the issue some time ago,  as the greatest legal fraud in the history of Nigeria with the full backing of the government, complete with stamp and the national coat of arms.


This institution is responsible for conducting elections in the Nigeria. Ever since Prof. Jega was removed as its head, INEC, Independent National Electoral Commission, has been nothing but trouble to Nigerians. Nt only is their voting system in shambles but their corruption level is so high. Indeed, this institution is now arm-deep in bribery and corruption and this is most evident in the going-ons in Rivers state.
Greedy, incompetent and corrupt politicians no longer bother about trying to win the hearts of the people, the masses, they just win the hearts of the INEC officials through bank alerts for huge sums of money and … BOOM!!… corruption is in office for the next four years with their hired supporters celebrating wildly.
According to the EFCC, piles of bribe money are also distributed to INEC officials in large traveling bags.


According to my extremely wise grandmother; ‘If you want trouble in your life, go to the police and report anything’. Twenty years after that old lady’s death, God rest her lovely soul, one would think the situation would be better but no, it is worse! The Nigerian police are a terror to the average Nigerian whose basic human right they violate with a free will that is alarming. In a highly populated city like Lagos, police brutality occurs at least once every five minutes. As for the bribery aspect, it is a second salary to the police, their exclusive right. They now block roads to collet this bribe from every motorist. In some cases, there can be more than three police roadblocks one the same road and sometimes within twenty years of each other, all colleting and pocket bribes at gunpoint but once there is a sign of armed robbers, they are the first to vanish. A good example of this is to be found at nights along the busy Olojo Drive in Ojo local government area of Lagos state. The local government secretariat is there along the road and so is the famous Alaba Electronics International market. The distasteful scene is there in the day but worse at night during rush hour periods – the offices of the law become as aggressive as common thugs.

Every Nigerian has a worthy example of his or her own regarding this matter of police and bribe, that’s for sure.

Did you know that Nigeria has the highest number of overfed fat bellied policemen in the world? Little wonder crime is so high. The masses of Nigeria swear by the incompetence and brutality of the police and their hatred for the police force is such that no one will even risk helping a dying policeman by the roadside for fear of being arrested for the crime in the first place, which is how most people end up spending years in jail just waiting for trial. And then there’s the terrible torture of citizen which is done under the excuse of ‘carrying out investigations’. These, sadly, are very real where the police are concerned.


Ever since their kinsman came to power as president, Fulani herdsmen have been a terror to Nigerians, the second Boko Haram according to some elements of the Nigerian Senate. In parts of the country, they have wiped out whole families and chased off whole tribes from their homeland, all in a bid to allow their cows eat up ready to harvest fam produce and gaze on farmland instead of the regular grass. Benue state, Kaduna state, Delta State, Edo state, Enugu state, and Rivers state…these are among the states worst hit by Ak 47 rifle throttling Fulani Herdsmen. Large bands of these heavily armed Fulani Herdsmen invade farming communities, killing, raping and wreaking havoc to farmland, committing all sorts of atrocities.
One asked, how many Fulani herdsmen have been arrested and jailed till for any of these crimes? Answer; None. Sometimes they get caught and paraded by the police but then nothing is ever heard of them again.
They government of President Buhari has always said that making food available to all cheaply was a major part of its agenda, but how they plan to do this with Fulani herdsmen killing off all farmers and laying waste to vast tracts of farmlands, no one knows. The Nigeria police in some areas like the Southeast no longer touch Fulani herdsman because they eventually walk free in the end. A few weeks ago, there was an outcry on the Niaraland, a popular Nigerian forum, after the story of the Mobile Anti-crime Police in Rivers state refusing to arrest a Fulani headsman caught burglarizing a house and arrested by a mob of youths. The police allegedly said a call always came form above to release all Hausas and Fulani herdsmen form jail so there is no use in arresting them.
The Nigerian Army whose ranks are predominantly of Fulani and Hausa make up, has never moved decisively against Fulani herdsmen, rather they move against frustrated indigenes who take up arms to defend themselves against Fulani herdsmen. This was evident in Benue state and Enugu States.
With their devastation of the food producing regions of Nigeria, Fulani Herdsmen are directly responsible for the high price of foodstuffs all year round. Benue and Delta state are recognized food baskets of the nation. Hundreds of farmers have been killed in those areas alone within the last two years.


The judiciary of most counties have always been a problem but in Nigeria, it’s a terrible problem. Corruption is rift and bribery is king in the Nigerian courts as the richest man almost always wins. Many in Nigeria see the Judiciary as a puppet of wealthy people and the government as has been made clear in the case of the trials for corruption and shocking discharge of Senate president Bokola Sariki. Due to this decay within t the judiciary, most top security agencies like the DSS and EFCC do not obey court orders in sensitive case.
Recently, the DSS arrested several supreme court judges for massive corruption and following the ugly facts that come to light, the Judicial Council of Nigeria was forced to recall the judges.

6. PDP

The People’s Democratic Party, Nigeria’s former ruling party is held responsible in many quarters for the present woes rocking the nation right now as their misuse of power and massive looting of funds is backfiring. Still, they won’t shut up and let the new regime put things in order despite being hit by internal chaos

7. APC

The All Progressive Congress, Nigeria’s current ruling party is in chaos and its members do not know where they stand with each other. Members of this party seem to have split and this is one reason why the party has been having difficulties working together to solve the nation’s political problems.
The Sovereign State of Biafra is the name on the lips of many Nigerians right now, though in other forms like IPOB.  The old nation the Igbos are fighting to reform on all fronts in order to have their own economy, police, army and leadership, away from that of Nigeria in which they have been marginalized.
Some see this as good, others see this as necessary, even more feel Nigeria has no future with other regions such as the Niger-delta, looking to create a nation of their own.
This is the Northerners forum that has given the Igbo’s quit notice in the north. Unfortunately, this has only added to the shaky balance of Nigeria as a nation. Abuja indigenes have now followed suit by giving everyone including government itself quit notice form their native land. Even some communities in South Africa have given quit notice to all Nigerians.
The civil war started exactly this way with the mascara of Igbos in the north but at that time the world didn’t see what really happened but not now. There are cameras and TV everywhere with direct access to a worldwide audience via social media. The world will be watching now, the United Nations have already responded to Areva’s quit notice to the Igbos.
Arewa Youth shave said they are standing by to take over the properties of Igbos fleeing from the North. Nigeria will never be the same again come October 1 when that quit notice expires.


Like with the Nigerian police, the Nigerian Army are a terror to the average Nigerian citizen, violating their basic human rights with a free will that is shocking, to say the least. Cases showing the horrid details of army brutality against helpless civilians are all too common on social media and most times the perpetrators walk scot-free while the victims suffer the trauma for the rest of their lives. Even when caught, the powers that be never dish out fitting punishment to ensure the crime is never repeated instead they first defend their soldiers until public outcry become too overwhelming. They then give the offending soldiers a slap on the wrist as punishment and that’s it. Most Nigerian Army personnel now see themselves as immortal gods to Nigerians citizen who pay the heavy taxes that lead to payment of their salaries, All too common are Nigerian soldiers boasting endlessly that noting will happen if they kill anyone in Nigeria and people run scared. Little wonder the US Senate recently blocked the sale of arms and aircraft to Nigeria due to human rights concerns
The Nigerian Arm which is made up of predominantly Hausa and Fulani indigenes, is useless against the threat of Fulani Herdsmen for obvious reasons and seems to be fighting an endless war with Boko Haram terrorist in the northeast.


When the head is sick, the body is always sick, this we know from firsthand experience as true. Nigeria’s revered President, Mohamadu Buhari, lies ill in a hospital in London and no one will say exactly where or what is really going on with him but someone does say what is to be done in government according to ‘the president’s’ will.

Who is the presidency that always talks publickly on the president’s behalf?

When a gravely ill man in the twilight of his years refuses to relinquish power in other to return home to rest and save his life or allow other able people do the delicate work of governing a multi-tribal nation where everyone is at each other’s throats and corruption is massive, you know the man is being held by someone very powerful or a group of powerful people that rule in his name. This person or group does not care for the suffering of the president or the country he rules but only of the huge gains to be gotten from the power they weld.
Until Buhari gets fully well, dies or gets to the end of his tenure, Nigeria is in big trouble. Unfortunate but true. Already everybody is giving everybody quit notice form their land, the Igbos have give the Hausa and the Hausa have returned the favor. The militants of the Niger-delta are back with fresh demands that are giving oil tycoons of the north sleepless nights…. the Emir of Sokoto state nearly had a heart attack recently after the militants demanded the return of all oil blocks owned by northerners. The Emir of Sokoto owns several rich oil blocks in the Niger Delta, which have made him one of the richest billionaires in the country, richer even that other oil tycoon like Borno born Businessman Mohamed Idimin and former vice-president Atiku Abubarka. The indigenes of Abuja have given everyone quit notice, they want no one on their land, not even the government.
The one man who has the power to do something about all this is nowhere near Nigeria and the powers of the vice-president is being restricted by order of the ‘president’.
God help Nigeria.
The Present State Of The Economy
Amid all the crisis besieging the land, food prices have risen by 400% to a point where it is beyond the reach of the average Nigerian family. Insecurity is at an all-time high and despite the stable currency, the economy is in tartars.
What next? A break up of Nigeria?
That question is best left to Nigerian’s themselves as for me, an Igbo person who’s late father was an active Biafran officer who fought without shoes throughout the civil war and ate raw cassava as meals most times, I will fast and pray for Nigeria because I don’t want to see the horrors my father told me about happen again.
But the trouble of this nation are just too much as are the weighty sins of its leaders and so 40 days dry fasting are in order. I’m in the tenth day now and I’m thin and ill already.


Should I continue?


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