Woman Arrested By Saudi Arabia Secret Police Over Mini-Skirt

Late yesterday, the video clip of a lovely young lady dressed in a crop top and miniskirt, walking through some ancient ruins in Saudi Arabia went viral after it hit the news that she got arrested by Saudi Secret police.
This information of her arrest was announced in a Saudi State TV broadcast just hours ago.
Her crime? The miniskirt and crop top, of course, what else? Perhaps the trouble was that she was wearing the thing on what many Saudis consider to be holy grounds.
The young Saudi woman is a model of sorts but no one knew of her until now so all that can be determined about her identity is her what the Saudi authorities are letting out, which is just her name.. Khulood.
The lovely lady shared a video on social media, showing herself taking a walk around the historical fortress of Wahhab origins, which is in Ushaiqer, in the remote Najd region of Saudi Arabia.
That Najd region is the original birthplace of the founder of the severe Wahhabi sect of Islam that holds away in Saudi Arabia…. Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. Hence, it is one of the most traditionally honored places in Saudi Arabia, conservative might be a better word here.
According to this miserable looking reporter on Saudi State TV yesterday, lovely Khulood has been apprehended by the Saudi Police for the crime of ‘indecent dressing’.
As of this morning, all the western news media outlets have picked up on the information and social media went nuts.
Interestingly, Saudi citizens voiced their opinion on the issue on Twitter and most are displeased by the development.
Khulood is not the first woman to get arrested for indecent dressing, though, there have been lots of other women before her. Simply put, miniskirt and filmy tops are a capital crime in a country that does not favor women in any way.
Thousands of Saudi Woman who watched the film of Twitter, have praised the model’s bravely but many men have criticized her with even more within the strict Islamic country calling for her to be jailed.
Saudi Arabia’s strict dress code permits women to wear only the ‘abayas’ –  these are mostly black loose-fitting, robes with hijabs that cover the entire body of a woman, leaving only the face and hands visible.
The Saudi citizens went at each other like crazy online over the issue with a series of tweets.
Among those who comment on the video is popular Saudi Journalist Khaled Zian, and in his tweet, he mentioned the return of the infamous Islamic police that made life terrible for so many women in the county.

Zian tweeted: ‘The return of the religious police here is a must.’

Another man followed with a tweet about how miniskirts belonged to France and proper Islamic clothing like the hijab, belonged to Saudi Arabia with the police force of either nation arresting any woman caught violating the dress code set by the law. ’ — It is now a crime for women to wear Islamic clothing like head covering, hijabs, in France but the goverment took that drastic step due to the constant terror attacks it faces.
There were those Saudi citizens who called out the government itself over their hypocrisy.
Mr. Fatima al-Issa, who shared the video, in a simple tweet, blasted everybody and their brothers in the Saudi government for being a hypocrite:

‘If she were a foreign woman now, they would be singing about the beauty of her tiny waist and the unusual enchantments of her liquid eyes… But because she is from Saudi Arabia they are calling for her arrest.’

According to Saudi Laws, it is a major crime for women to wear stuff like mini skirts and thereby exposing their bodies unnecessarily in any manner. Until a few weeks ago, it was a crime for girls to play football or indulge in any major recreative activity. Until about a year ago, it was a crime for women to drive a car and still a crime in part of the country.
Most bizarre of all is that a woman can be burnt alive by her husbandd for certain crime.
Due to the land’s richness in oil, most Saudis are very wealthy and so hiring nannies to take care of their kids is so common in Saudi Arabia that African women from countries like Ghana are converting to Islam and heading there to reap the vast profits of being private nannies,

Did you know that the father of Osman Bin Laden, founder of the terror group, Al-Queda, and mastermind of the September 11 bombing of the twin towers of the world trade center in New York, was one of Saudi Arabia richest men in Saudi Arabia? He was a billionaire real estate tycoon.

The royal family of Saudi Arabia are all counted among the richest people on earth.

Unfortunately, most of these women do not know that any injury that comes to their wards is punishable by swift death under Saudi law.
I didn’t know that either until the video of a woman being beheaded with a long sword by a rich Saudi man, helped by his friends, in presence of the police and government officials went viral months ago. Sorry, I never reported it but the woman’s crime, according to reports, was that one of her wards fell down the stairs and got badly hurt.
It is also a crime to travel through Saudi Arabia with a bible. If caught, the culprit must die by hanging.


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