Woman Bites and Holds On To Boyfriend’s Tongue During Break-up Kiss

When one is asked to mention the strangest things he or she has ever come across in life, getting the tongue bitten off during a kiss isn’t one of them. However, that was exactly what happened to a young Chinese man a couple of days, it has emerged.

It happened in eastern China when the police had to be called in to save a 23-year-old man after his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend apparently bit down on his tongue and refused to let go.

Onlookers who saw the whole incident take place said the bizarre incident all started when the man proposed a break up with his girlfriend, a 26-year-old woman. It was the woman who asked for a last kiss and dumb lover boy agreed.

After the women locked on to him like a black widow spider in heat, police officers in the Anhui Province had to rush down and use pepper spray directly on the women before she let go of him.

The Anhui Province police spokesperson has confined the use of the pepper spray on the women to free the man.

On being questioned, the woman’s mother explained to Police that her daughter recently became ‘mentally unstable’ right after being scammed doing some shopping online, and that could be the reason for her behavior.

The parents said their daughter and the man had been in a relationship for several years. They didn’t comment on whether or not they were breaking up.

The incident which occurred on the street of Qianshan in Anhui Province on May 20 has left quite a number of Chinese people scared of indulging in kissing.

Woman Bites and Holds On To Boyfriend’s Tongue During Break-up Kiss

Mobile camera footage which emerged online soon after the incident, shows the couple kissing outside the town’s disease control and prevention center when the man suddenly started screaming and crying, struggling to break free as his girlfriend bit down hard on his tongue and held on.

According to Police, the man, whose surname is Liu, was rushed to the hospital afterward with minor injuries but many who saw the incident insist that he had a badly bleeding tongue.

His girlfriend, whose surname was given as Zhou, was taken home to her parents’ to be looked after.

Police officer Wu Changfeng said: “When we arrived, some passers-by said the couple were talking over issues of a breakup.”

Officer Wu added that the woman’s parents had claimed she had suffered from mental health problems in the past.

“Her parents said she had received treatments in Hefei for five years and then she had fully recovered,” policeman Wu said.

Well, as a wise playboy once said, never trust a jilted ex-girlfriend with you tongue or your ATM card. Guess my Liu never heard of that.


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