Wonders, they say, shall never have an end but it appears that cancer does indeed have an end after all, and that end is not a very painful slow death but a true cure for cancer.

According to the claims of a British woman, a cancerous tumor in her breast has melodramatically shrunk since she began taking cannabis oil. Now, now, don’t get confused here. cannabis is the formal name for marijuana, yes, the same hard drug banned in so many lands, and its oil extract is what we are talking about here.


The Search Begins For A Cure For Cancer

So many have been on this road, seeking a cure for cancer rather than submitting to it, and that is exactly the way this brave lady went. Grandma, Lin Coxon was informed by doctors that she had a 33mm tumor in her breast which had invaded muscle and lymph nodes. They said Lin would need no less than eight rounds of chemotherapy followed right off by a lumpectomy and the consequent removal of all the affected lymph nodes.

Lin Coxon is a grandmother of 10 who has an affinity for the healing and medicinal powers of natural herbs, and so after her diagnosis, turned to Cannabis oil, or rather marijuana oil, for a solution. Lin says she was staggered when she discovered that the cancerous tumor and lymph nodes had shrunk so much there was no need for her to undergo any manner of medical intervention.

Reporting the issue are two of Britain’s top new tabloids. Lin was rocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 28 earlier this year 2017. However, she refused to go in for the tedious medical remedy offered by doctors.

I did some reading in the days that followed and saw there were reports that cannabis oil could have beneficial effects so I decided I had nothing to lose, I had already had a good life.

‘By July 24 I could not feel the tumor before it had felt hard. With my chemotherapy due to start on August 23 I asked if I could have another scan but the hospital said no, so my GP suggested I had it done privately.

‘The doctor at the Nuffield Hospital was staggered when he saw the tumor had shrunk from 33mm to 11mm and my lymph nodes had gone from 25mm to 10mm. ‘He did a mammogram and saw the whole density had changed which was amazing news, so as it was shrinking so dramatically I spoke to my consultant and deferred the chemotherapy.

Simple Way A British Woman Cured Her Cancer with Marijuana Oil – Cure For Cancer

Lin is now taking the cannabis oil on a regular basis and, according to her, the tumor is still shrinking further and is now down to a mere 7mm, all this with no medical treatment. The lymph nodes are also down to 4mm.

Despite this clear evidence of an adequate natural treatment for her breast cancer, even with everything moving in the right direction, the clinician at the Royal Derby still insist Lin should have chemotherapy. She turned them down.

Going public with the news was the next big step she took because she felt it was the right thing to do in a world where so many are afflicted with Cancer and doctors fail to come to grips with it leading to so many deaths. Lin insists that any victim of cancer should give this Cannabis remedy a try, particularly if they are waiting for chemotherapy.

Dosage? Lin takes just a few drops of the oil each day.

Amazing right? Well, you are not the only one thing it. A number of medical researchers have turned their attention to Lin’s case in a bit to find out if it offers any hope to others afflicted with this terrible disease called cancer.



Other Proven Uses Of Cannabis OIl

As mentioned before, Cannabis is actually marijuana, an illegal drug in many lands. Even its oil extract is illegal too, despite it’s widely reported medical qualities. Cannabis oil has not yet been approved for medical use in countries like Britain and most states in the USA but is readily available for sale online as a food supplement.

Other condition such as arthritis, MS, chronic depression, and other illnesses, have been known to be alleviated with the constant intake of Cannabis oil.

According to Dr. Wai Liu, senior research fellow at the St George’s, University of London: ‘Cannabidiol has been shown to target communication signals that are malfunctioning in cancer cells. ‘It may hold the key to understanding how to defeat cancer in some areas. ‘We wish Lin all the best in her treatment which should always be under the supervision of her doctors.’

Dr. Danielle McMahon, a US-trained physician with a private practice who acts as our consultant on this blog, Cannabis is one of the most powerful naturally occurring drug known to man. Used in moderation, it can induce healing of all kinds of ailments, but unfortunately, so many have chosen to abuse this drug due to its ability to alleviate depression by inducing a ‘high’ of sorts. All the qualities present in the leaves of cannabis are to be found in its oil, hence the recommended dosage is never more than a few drops a day.

Simple Way A British Woman Cured Her Cancer with Marijuana Oil – Cure For Cancer


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