Woman Arrested For Beating Her Husband Over Church Affairs

Hearing odd stories of domestic violence were woman beat up their husbands never stops amazing one because usually, it’s the woman that gets beaten up, after all, they are the gentle gender.
Well, in the mid-African nation of  Zimbabwe, a stunned Magistrate has this day continued the trial of a 43-year-old woman, who beat the hell out of her husband for having the stupidity to attend a different church from hers.
One can only imagine that Susan Mudzengi felt she was doing God’s work when she turned her hubby, Paul Ndlovu, into a punching bag. And get this, the man is 10 years older than she is.
This incident, according to police reports, took place on the 20th of May.
On that fateful day, Paul got back home from attended his own church, the African Apostolic Church and literally got lynched by his wife with his kids looking on.
The woman is presently up on charges of, first, domestic violence, and next, public indecency.
The court heard that this woman, an ardent member of the Apostolic Sect, was brought up on the extra after she stripped at the police station in a failed attempt to avoid being locked up in the jail after her arrest.
The state prosecutor Mr. Kuvarega revealed to the Beitbridge Magistrate, Mr. Mavenge that the victim is the headmaster of a primary school in the community…. Nottingham Primary School.
This story was carried by the NewsDay of Zimbabwe, and it has it that the victim, on May 20, 2017, got back home from church only for his wife,  Mudzengi to start yelling at him for attending another church, that fact that it was the Apostolic Church really seemed to anger her.
The victim, Ndlovu, claimed to have just finished eating food served by one of his daughters when his wife pounced on him, gripped him by the back of the neck and dragged him to the floor where she sat on him and started raining blows on him with her fists.
The man claimed his violent wife also destroyed his Bible, a bottle of anointing oil and a photo of his pastor, nonetheless, he eventually succeeded to get away from the wife long enough to report the issue to the nearest police station.
The woman was promptly arrested but on getting to the police station and realizing she was to be locked up in jail, became violent.
It is said that the woman stripped completely unclad in presence of both male police officers and several other persons at the police station at the time. She threw her clothes away completely much like a crazy person.  It took the combined forces of several policewomen to re-cloth her after which she was thrown in jail.


This stripping unclad to avoid arrest is quite common in Africa. In Nigeria, it’s so effective that offending commercial motorists do just that and then scamper underneath to lie in-between the tires in other to prevent both arrest and the towing away of the vehicle by road safety official.
Woman police station, in the police station


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