New World Record Set As Antony Joshua Batters Carlos Takam (Fight Report)

History of sorts was made when British heavyweight boxer, Antony Joshua defeated Carlos Takam last night to emerge winner of a fight best described as thrilling and bloody.
By stopping Carlos Takam in the bloody tenth round in Cardiff city’s Principality Stadium, the three belt British champion, Anthony Joshua, surpassed a knockout record set by none other than Mike Tyson.
Before that fight, Antony Joshua and The Iron Mike Tyson both stood at a knockout record of 19-0, but this win now means that the British heavyweight world champion has moved on to a new Knockout record of 20-0 as a professional.
The Nigerian born British champion, Antony Joshua, is now one step better than Iron Mike Tyson, but there’s more! He merely one step behind Frank Bruno’s knockout record of 21-0.
With this newest knockout record under his 3 belts, the British heavyweight world champion has now set up another major summer unification showdown, but this time, much tougher.  Antony Joshua has got his sights set on two more world-class belts held by world class champions. The first is WBC king Deontay Wilder, and the second is WBO champion, Joseph Parker. But first, Joshua has got to go get his nose fixed! Indeed, the British champ took a nasty headbutt form Carlos Takam during the match that left him bleeding from the nose. Still, he never gave up but fought on until the ten round when the referee saw fit to the stop the fight because he was trying commit official murder by hammering Carlos Takam’s brains right out the back of his head.
Talk about iron heads!
Carlos Takam really proved he did have a head made of solid iron last night as he refused to give despite all the blows raining down on his head from different angles, and at high speed too!

The Match Report: Antony Joshua vs Carlos Takam

British Champion, Antony Joshua, was given proper hero’s welcome from the crowd numbering more than 75,000 people. The fact that someone or the other forgot to turn on Antony Joshua’s cool entrance music didn’t seem to bother anyone as they all erupted with choruses of cheers that would have made any opponent feel uneasy at the least.
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The bell sounded and the fight hit. But the two boxers did not live up to all the hype and tension generated, barely a punch was thrown from either man. The fans seemed put off a bit by this because it was so much unlike their hero, Antony Joshua, who usually goes into matches all hot and explosive.
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As the fight went on, it became that Joshua was the better fighter, he rocked Ta Carlos Takam with nicely placed punches but equally fell victim a few, one of which was that nasty headbutt that laid his face open. You see, Antony Joshua was up against an opponent four inches smaller than he was and the opponent was using this to full advantage.
Joshua kept dancing in and out of range but Carlos Takam got in some good hooks at every opportunity. With the blood now pouring from Antony Joshua’s face, he became slow and even more evasive. But then came the fourth round and the British world heavyweight champion exploded into life as if someone had put fresh fuel in his tank.
Antony Joshua moved in with more care this time, looking, finding space and hammering home one uppercut after the next and a point soon came when he sent Takam crashing to the floor towards the end of that round.


All those punches and terrible uppercuts culminated in a series of damages that sent Takam to his knees, but the guy beat the count and, against all odds survived the furious onslaught that followed during the few minutes to the end of the round. The fifth-round saw Antony Joshua go back to work swiftly and a series of well-placed hooks resulted in a nasty cut on Takam’s right eye. The wound began to bleed all over the place and the doctor was summoned to check on it.
The blood was pouring forth from Takam’s left eye, but he wouldn’t; give up and so was cleared to continue. A ruthless Antony Joshua moved in fast to do more damage and a stubborn Takam allowed him, refusing to give in.
The sixth came and it was the same story, Antony Joshua battering Carlos Takam to no end. But then, a point did come in the seventh round when Carlos Takam hit Antony Joshua with a powerful punch that seemed to remind the British heavyweight he was dealing with a man with a powerful crunching right hand. Antony Joshua laid of his job a while and then went back in, hammering Takam’s body to a pulp.
The ninth round came and the doctor was called in yet again. At this point, both eyes of Carlos Takam were looking very bad – they were cut, bleeding, and swelling badly, but even so, the doctor pronounced him fit to continue.
By and by, the ninth round ran on and a mighty left hook slammed into Takam, sending him staggering, but again, he shrugged it off and kept his feet till the end of the round. The tenth round came and it was the same story, Antony Joshua trying to commit official murder with the victim inviting him on. By stoppage time of that round came a fresh onslaught from Antony Joshua on a helpless Carlos Takam who just would give up. The referee had seen enough and stepped in, stopping the fight to the displeasure of the crowd who clearly wanted to see Carlos Takam dead or unconscious at least.
The crowd booed the referee’s decision and even Carlos Takam complained bitterly to Sky Sports afterward. The referee should never have stopped the match they all said.
Given the looks of the fighting style and power displayed by Antony Joshua in defeating Carlos Takam, I think we are looking at a super boxer here, one who will definitely become the first billionaire boxer ever.



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